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Everything We Know About Street Fighter 6

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We’ve finally reached the point of market saturation when it comes to the fifth iteration of the “Street Fighter” series. We’ve had ‘special’ editions of the game. There’s been an ‘arcade’ edition of the game. We’ve also had a supposedly definitive’ Champions Edition’ of the game. A few months after that was released, and much to everybody’s shock, further downloadable content was made available. Nobody can say that Capcom hasn’t done everything it can to get longevity out of its flagship fighting game, but after four and a half years, it looks like time is finally up. “Street Fighter V” will soon be heading for the retirement home, and it looks like Capcom might finally be reading to talk about the long-awaited sixth edition of the legendary game.

In all likelihood, Capcom has probably been waiting for the arrival of next-gen consoles for the next version of “Street Fighter.”The games aren’t released often, and so one new “Street Fighter” game for each generation of consoles is about the expected level of progress. As the whole gaming world now knows, the latest version of Xbox and PlayStation hardware will appear in time for Christmas 2024, and they look like they’re going to be awesome. Many people expected to see a trailer for “Street Fighter VI” as part of the new PlayStation’s reveal stream, but it wasn’t there. That doesn’t mean that Capcom hasn’t been working on it, though. In fact, we have every reason to believe that they have.

If Capcom has been taking its time getting things right for this next version of the game, they shouldn’t be blamed for it. As well-thought-of as “Street Fighter V” is today, it’s been through a long journey to redemption. For the first two years of its existence, the fifth edition of “Street Fighter” had very few fans. It was glitchy, it seemed unfinished, it tried to charge players for every additional costume, character, and move set that it possibly could, and it lacked depth. The impression it gave was one of a game that had been rushed out with little care or attention to detail, and Capcom’s reputation suffered because of it. Not until the ‘arcade’ edition of the game in 2018 did things begin to improve. The publisher will want everything to work perfectly from the start this time around, and so we understand their caution.

With all of that being said, there are a few details about the game that have leaked online, and we’re happy to share them with you here. Please do be aware, though, that leaks aren’t always reliable, and so we can’t vouch for the authenticity of everything we’re about to tell you!

When Will The Release Date Be?

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All signs point to the game becoming available in mid-to-late 2024. We’re basing this off the annual Capcom-approved “Street Fighter” tournament. The company has already announced that the winner of this year’s tournament, scheduled to be held in December, won’t automatically qualify for the following year. The last time they did this was with the 2015 “Street Fighter IV” tournament, and it was because the game’s fifth incarnation was scheduled to be released a few months later. The smart money says that by the time the 2024 tournament comes around, it will be played on “Street Fighter VI.”

What Game Engine Will It Be Played On?

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The next edition of the game will almost certainly be based around the RE engine. Capcom has already committed to using the engine, upon which “Resident Evil 7,” and the remakes of the second and third “Resident Evil” games were based, for all of its next-gen releases. If the name of the engine means nothing to you, here’s what it means in basic terms. The RE engine eliminates loading times and makes 8K graphics possible. If you have a display capable of supporting it, we’re talking about the fastest-moving, best-looking “Street Fighter” game in history.

Which Characters Will Be In It?

This is where leaks get involved in our reporting! A few days ago, a leak started circulating online of what’s claimed to be Ryu’s character model. If it genuinely is Ryu’s character model, it looks incredible. If it’s fan art, Capcom should give serious consideration to hiring that fan. That’s how good it is! Based on the leak, we can assume that Ryu is in the game, but then it wouldn’t be a “Street Fighter” game if he wasn’t. We can also probably assume we’ll be seeing Ken, Zangief, Sagat, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, and all the rest of the gang from the ‘classic’ era of the game as well. They’re the core of what “Street Fighter” is all about.

Whatever format the new game takes, and whenever it arrives, it has big shoes to fill. As great as “Street Fighter V” was by the end of its run, it still never caught the public’s imagination like “Street Fighter 2” did. That’s the version of the game that inspired the movie, and also inspired the official “Street Fighter 2” game that you’ll find at some online slots websites like Rose Slots. Unusually for a video game, it’s actually been used as the basis for two totally different online slots. When a humble video game touches the public consciousness so much that it’s being used to attract players to online slots websites, it’s officially become a pop culture phenomenon. Maybe no future edition of “Street Fighter” could ever reach that status again, but it would be nice to see Capcom give it a try.

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We know that “Street Fighter” holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers, and the release of the next version of the game will be a big deal when it happens. As and when we receive new information that’s worth reporting on the matter of its development, we’ll be sure to bring it to you right here on our website.

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