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5 Awesome Student Services you Absolutely Need to Use – 2024 Guide

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Many college students take the free amenities provided by the institution for granted. It’s probably because many people don’t see the value of a service if they’re not paying for it. Services like career coaching and counselling get offered for free in colleges when they’re painfully expensive in the real world.

Since college students hardly know what it means to live in the real world, they don’t realize how much they’re taking for granted. Taking all the student services seriously saves you from having to spend a lot of money on your growth once you graduate.

As a student, you may buy research paper right here after research paper. The college accords you many useful services that you don’t even have to pay for. You qualify for all these awesome resources by virtue of being a student in that institution.

Before you can make sure of these free services, you have to ensure that you’re familiar with the student services your institution offers. Find out as much as you can from the various college departments so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Let’s look at five awesome student services you should check out and make use of before your time in college is done.

1. Career counselling

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It’s not uncommon to hear young kids chant about the professions they want to specialize in when they grow up. However, when one is finally an adult, the path to follow isn’t as clear as it used to be when they were young and clueless.

Career counselling is an essential facet in every institution of higher learning because it’s no secret that many college students struggle with career choice. When you attend career counselling workshops, you get educated on how to choose a career path that would suit you based on your academic performance and personal interests.

A good number of college students graduate without eve attending a single career counselling workshop. That is why you see many adults paying for career couching because they have no idea what their interests are.

To save yourself the hassle in future, register for all the career workshops offering in your school and make sure you attend all of them. In the beginning, it might seem like the speaker is touching on obvious career pointers.

However, over time, you will begin the see the value in attending the workshops. Such programs teach your things you will never encounter in textbooks. The beauty of the workshops is that you get to learn about careers from individuals with years of experience.

This might even provide excellent opportunities for networking, so you have an easy time finding a job when you graduate. Exploring your motivations and assets gives you a competitive advantage because you’ll know what you’re bringing to the table.

2. Campus healthcare

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Did you know that once you pay your school fees in full, you’re eligible to free healthcare while on campus? Rather that running to a chemist outside campus each time you’re unwell, why not visit the campus healthcare center.

The lines might be long sometimes, but you can use this opportunity to interact with students you have never met. You might even make a new friend while you wait for your turn to get medication.

University healthcare centers have telephone consultations in case you don’t have to queue, and you can even book an appointment, so you don’t interfere with your day’s schedule. The healthcare assistants are dedicated to ensuring that each student is healthy enough to attend lectures and do assignments.

Are you having trouble deciding on the kind of contraception you should use with your partner? Or maybe you have trouble managing your anxiety. Whichever the case, your campus nurse will give you a comprehensive rundown of all the medication options available to you. This way, you can make an informed decision concerning the preservation of your health.

You will get access to healthcare assistance who will put you at ease so you can talk about your issues without feeling judged. Doctor-patient confidentiality guarantees that no student will know what you are struggling with. So rather than suffering in silence, walk into your campus healthcare center and talk to one of the nurses.

3. Networking Training and Events

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Every college student needs to think about building their professional network while they’re still in school. Starting early allows you to graduate with a clear path to follow. Last-minute planning is the worst because the competition for beginner job positions is usually high after graduation.

Attending events that train you on networking while you’re still in school gives you the arsenal you need to plan your moves. Standing out from the rest of the graduates makes you a suitable candidate for job positions.

Companies are always on the lookout for graduates who are fast on their feet. You need to prove to potential employers that you’ll bring a fresh perspective if they add you to the team. Graduates will tell you that networking never comes easily; every candidate needs to work for you because of not, you’ll be terrified by the real world when you step out of university.

Working on your networking skills while you’re still in college will make interacting with the big fish less intimidating. The bolder you are perceived in the industry, the faster you rise and achieve success. Sign up to networking workshops while you’re still in school and learn how to approach professionals, both offline and online.

4. Student Counsellors

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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your academic responsibilities? Do you ever think about giving it all up because you’re not built for the pressure? Many college students attest to feeling overwhelmed by university ever so often. So what is the solution to this?

You don’t have to be alone with your feelings. Student counsellors provide avenues for you to share your struggles and find suitable coping mechanisms you can adopt. The student life is unlike any other, so it’s no surprise that it can feel overwhelming sometimes.

Thanks to student counsellors, you can talk about your feelings and overcome them. Whether you can to talk about your financial struggles, exam pressure, relationship issues or your health struggles, student counsellors are always there when you need them.

Every college student should work on a strong support system they can fall back on when things feel like they’re falling apart.

5. Language Center

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Did you know that having an extra language on your CV gives you a competitive advantage when you’re job hunting? The language center will help you boost your employability even before you graduate. If you’re an international student, the language center will help you learn the local language so you can communicate better with fellow students.

Wrapping Up

Investing in your personal development while you’re still in college ensures you graduate, knowing exactly what you want in life. As you know, it takes people quite some time to figure out who they are and what their heart’s desire is. These services will help jumpstart this self-discovery journey early so that you don’t spend your youthful years grappling with self-identity.