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Types of Casino Bonuses And How to Use Them

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Online Casino Sites offers various advantages for their players. Not only they provide all kinds of different gambling games that players can enjoy. They provide them with all kinds of different bonus gifts as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a regular and loyal player. Online sites value your involvement and the option for choosing them. Their goal is to motivate you to stay playing on their site and different bonuses and promotions are a way to achieve that. 

However, there are truly many different bonus types, and it is sometimes difficult to understand their purposes. In this article, we will cover some basic bonus types that are the most popular choice among all casino sites. 

Welcome bonus for beginners 

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One of the basic bonus types you will get when you enter the casino is the welcome bonus. These bonuses usually represent a combination of deposit bonuses and free spins. However, this is not a rule. In some cases will get a welcome type bonus either from deposit bonus or free spins or eventually from some other type that the casino offers. However, you should know that a welcome bonus is provided only for new players who are registering in the casino for the first time.

However, withdrawing free money that players get is impossible. They need to spend it on the games the casino site offers. Unfortunately, in some cases, the time limit exists as well. Players will need to spend the bonus for a couple of days, by the end of the week, in the next 48 hours, etc. That is the reason why players should read the casino’s policy before they start gambling.  

Deposit bonus

The second bonus type called deposit bonus is actually a gift that an online casino gives you after you deposit money. The most popular type is actually, the sign-up bonus. Additionally, this bonus is a part of the promotional campaign of the casino. However, you can get it as well, after some time. These bonuses work on the principle of covering a part of your deposit. Logically, that part of percent can vary from one casino to another. Yet, in most cases, you can get above or beyond 50 percent. There is also an option to get 100 percent of the invested money. You should know that these bonuses come with certain terms and conditions. For that reason, you need to understand the rules of bonus uses and to take them before the withdrawal.

No deposit bonus

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One of the opportunities that some casinos offer is to get bonuses for free. In other words, there is no need to deposit any money, you will still get them. For that reason, they are called no-deposit money. They are actually the opposite of the previous type. As well with other sorts of bonus, you can expect to see that these ones come with specific terms and conditions. It would be clever to ride the politic of their uses completely.

Loyalty (VIP) bonuses

Luckily, there are not only free bonuses for beginners. If you are one of the regular players in an online casino, you can get an opportunity to become a member of an exclusive VIP club. Logically, a VIP club offers many advantages to all the members. You will get a chance to use loyalty VIP bonuses. As you already assume, they are even better and bigger than the other ones. Other than this, there is one more advantage of this bonus. They do not require big wagering which means that you can receive your winning sooner. Finally, despite that, you can get some additional profits from the casino as a VIP member. As you see, there are even benefits of regular gambling. 

Reload bonuses for regular players 

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There are truly many different bonus types and some of them are even similar. We already mentioned sign-up bonuses. However, there is one more type of bonus similar to this one. In other words, we are talking about reload bonuses. Even though they come with advantages, you can not expect them to cover all 100 percent of your invested money. However, a price of 30 percent to even 40 percent can be covered weekly. If you are a beginner, you should know that this bonus type is not made for you. Online casino sites provide reloads bonuses only to players who made deposits in the past. As you see, this is a gift from online casinos to loyal and regular players. 

Bonus for Free spins players

One more available option when it comes to bonus type is free spins. Logically, this is a favorite option for online spin players. The good news is that all casino gives them very frequently. They usually came in a group of 20, 30, 50, or 100 free spins. You should pay attention to one important thing. Free spins need to be used in a few days from the day you get them. Because of that, be careful not to throw away that opportunity. 

Cashback type of bonus

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In the process of playing some online casino game, you can expect to see that you got some additional money when you lose yours. There is a great chance to be that lucky and to get a bonus that can cover your losses. Generally, you can not expect that reward will cover all your losses, but it will cover 20-30% of it. 

In the right term, that additional given money is called a cashback bonus. If you are wondering how frequently online casino sites gives them, we have good news. Even though there are different types of cashback bonuses, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, there is a big chance that you can get it. There are some rules of using this bonus type in the playing process, so it would be best to read all the requirements before you use it. The good news is that many online sites do not require big deposits when you are gambling.

Other types of free bonuses

We listed a big part of the possible existing bonus that online casinos offer. However, there are many more of them. For instance, you can even get a bonus if you recommend the site to your friend. Moreover, that will be a very big amount of money. Casino sites tend to value loyal players who want to spend more time on the site.