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Which Class Should You Choose to Play in WoW Shadowlands

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Shadowlands is the eight, latest expansion of the widely-known game World of Warcraft. It is one of the most popular multiplayer online role-playing game which was released in 2004. This expansion is ambitious, quite inventive, keeps things interesting, although sometimes it can seem a bit familiar. It had a lot to make up for given the failure of some of the previous expansions.

However, the challenges keep coming and you can fight in battles, gain rewards and further develop your character in even more interesting ways than before, so at times it can be a bit overwhelming keeping up with all the possible activities. Therefore, if you feel like you need a little bit of push, click here to get some boost and carry services.

So, for all the players out there who want to be at the top of their game – quite literally in this case, you may be wondering which of the classes would be the best option to begin with. It is the most important decision regarding your character as it cannot be changed later on in the game. Basically, it determines the range of abilities and powers of the character, the armor and weapons at its disposal, the potential combat roles, as well as the strengths, weaknesses and the overall gaming style of your character.

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It will also influence the interactions with other players and how you can control it and play. It also has to do with the role you would be playing in a certain team. Namely, as most already know, there are three primary roles in WoW, meaning that you can be either a Tank, a Healer, or a Damage Dealer (DPS). Tanks practically take on the enemies’ attacks and absorb the damage, thus, protecting their allies. The Healers will heal the wounds of their hurt allies and offer them protection. The Damage Dealers (also referred to as DPS) are focused on attacking the enemies and inflicting them with the most imaginable damage.

Whatever class you choose will determine how well you can actually complete the tasks of the role that you would like to fulfill. It is also connected with the race, meaning that not every race is suitable for every class and vice versa. The classes offer diversity in terms of playstyle, so that is why you need to pick wisely – it will greatly shape your gaming experience.

This might be a decision you have been struggling with and we would like to simplify things for you, so below, you will find our thoughts and recommendations regardless whether you are a newbie or a skilled player.

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For beginners, we would definitely recommend the classes in which you can get a chance to test all of the roles. Those classes would be Druid, Monk, or Paladin – and then choose your favorite based on the experience. That way, you will see them in the light of the action, as part if the team and in solo quests, and get to try out the mechanics of the game. After that, you will be able to make an informed decision on which would be the best suit.

If you enjoy venturing into quests, completing outdated encounters, collecting rewards and achievements, as well as pets and mounts, then you should pick Hunters. That way, by getting pets, you could use them either as Tanks and let them fight some insignificant adversaries, or to complete complex and difficult tasks.

When thinking in terms of primary roles, these are our suggestions:

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  1. In the Tank class, Death Knights and Monks are the absolute top choices since they will secure leading positions in the raids, as well for the Mythic + Dungeons. The Protection Paladin might be a good option, too and therefore it shouldn’t be dismissed.
  2. If you like going on raids, then you should choose either between Discipline Priests, Holy Paladins or Restoration Shamans, as in this case, they make the best healers. The Paladins would also prove to be great healers for Keystone Dungeons.
  3. In the DPS class, you should go with one of the following: Warlocks, Hunters, Death Knights (DK), and Rogues. It a lot to choose from, and they will all prove to be quite operative in Raids, Mythics, and in PvP, so really it is up to the rest of your personal preferences and ideas about the game. The Retribution Paladin, Frost DK, Demon Hunters (DH), and Fury Warriors are quite easy to master – something a beginner should consider, and they will be effective and hungry for action. It is also important to note that the DPS can either be Ranged DPS or Melee DPS.

Looking from another angle, here are our class winners:

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Paladins – they are the only ones who have access to all three roles: Tank, DPS or Healer. They are very good in whatever they do, although some do lack a bit of mobility. They are the Jacks of all trades, so you cannot go wrong with any of them. They are great in support in WoW, if that is your thing.

Priests are reliable and fun to play with. The Shadow Priests have a powerful presence and cool moves. This class have two different healing specs and styles – Holy Priests – perfect for beginnings, and Discipline Priests – very hard to play with, making them ideal for players who are searching additional challenges.

Warlocks are also a solid choice in this expansion – just as they are in every other too. All the specs have different game plays, and it will provide awesome DPS. They are durable and mobile, pushing through the damage and destruction they will be inflicting. With their pets, they are the ones for solo quests, and will do pretty well in Raids and Mythic +.

Ultimately, there are so many factors to consider: your own gaming style, your expectations, you likes and dislikes, the preferences in terms or race and roles, the action you are craving, the options that the classes are offering, etc. It won’t be an easy decision, particularly for a newbie, and sometimes even for a returning player.