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Wiz Khalifa Net Worth in 2024

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Cameron Jibril Thomaz may not sound familiar, but if I tell you his stage name is Wiz Khalifa, you’ll know who I am talking about. Wiz is an American songwriter, actor, singer, but most people get to know him by his rap ventures. Thomaz has been present in the world of entertainment since 2006 when his first album hit the shelves. Show and Prove was an instant success and got him a deal with Warner Bros. Records the following year. His first hit was the song called Say Yeah, but his outbreak and worldwide acceptance came in the years that followed with some hits that are listened to today. With almost fifteen years of career behind him, this rapper made a name for himself, attracting the attention of the public, who, among other things, ask themselves what Wiz Khalifa’s net worth in 2024 is. 

 When you are famous and respected in your line of work, people assume you are also a rich person. This is true in most instances, and the case is the same with Cameron Jibril. In this article, we are going to write about his early life, the start of his career, success in entertainment, and eventually, about the money he earned with hard work and dedication. First, let’s start with Wiz’s early life. 

Early Life 

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The now-famous rapper was born in North Dakota in a town of Minot on the 8th of September, 1987. Both of his parents were employed by the U.S. military. At the age of three, his parents split, and Wiz Khalifa started moving around the world as most children in military families do. After years spent in the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany, Cameron finally settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1996. There he started a new life with his mother.  

Khalifa started working with music and lyrics at an early age, almost instantly after landing in Steel City. There he came up with his stage name while attending Taylor Allderdice High School. For all of you not familiar with what Wiz Khalifa means, here’s an explanation: Khalifa is an Arabic word that stands for a successor, while Wiz is short for wisdom.  

Cameron Jibril was a prodigy, and he was spending most of his time in a I.D. Labs studio where he started recording at a fragile age of fifteen. His first songs were recorded free of charge by studio owners who were impressed with his talent. A man called Benjy Grinberg, an owner of President of Rostrum Records, was the first one to pay attention to Wiz Khalifa and instantly signed him to his label. These events occurred in 2004 when Cameron was only sixteen years old. 


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Like most rappers at the time, Khalifa head-started his career with a mixtape named Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania. What followed was his first full studio album, which went under the name Show and Prove. The mixtape was released in 2005, while the album followed in 2006. The same year he was branded as an “artist to watch” by the famous music magazine Rolling Stone. The recognition brought Warner Bros Records to his doorstep, and he was signed in 20017 by this brand. On July 4th, he released his first album for Warner Bros called Say Yeah. He parted ways with W.B. in 2009 after his second album was stalled. This didn’t stop his progress as he was back in the news with hit single Black and Yellow. This song was an instant hit reaching number one on Billboard Hot 100. This single was sold in 3 million copies. After this song, he went on and published another six albums among which Rolling Papers in 2011, O.N.I.F.C. in 2012, and Khalifa in 2016 stand out. The younger audience knows him best from sing such as See You Again feat. Charlie Puth and We Own It feat. 2Chainz.  

His latest music endeavor came in April of this year. The rapper released a new extended play, which he prudently name The Saga of Wiz Khalifa. On this album, Wiz collaborated with names such as Logic, Tyga, Ty Dolla $ign, and Mustard. Later this year, in Miz featured on a song called Drums Drums Drums together with Travis backer. Below we have what you came for in the form of Khalifa’s net worth. 

Whiz Khalifa Net Worth in 2024

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As we said in this article, we would discuss Wiz Khalifa’s net worth in 2024. The rapper made substantial amounts of money during his career, which spans almost fifteen years to date. With success, he made through the years, cash sticks to him. In every year from 2011, except in 2012, he made double figures in millions. The down year was 2012 when he made “only” $9 million. His best year, money-wise, came in 2017 when he amassed $28 million. Throughout his career, Wiz made almost $150 million. 

Of course, Wiz Khalifa’s net worth in 2024 is lower than that as man has been spending money, sometimes on substance abuse, but mostly on cars and houses. His home in Los Angeles is worth $3 million. As of the writing of this article, Wiz Khalifa’s net worth in 2024 stands at $60 million.  

His work in music and local communities in Pittsburgh brought him not only fame and money but also a broad public recognition. In Pittsburgh, there is a Wiz Khalifa’s day, which occurred on the 12th of December 2012 (12-12-12).

Personal life 

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One of the most prominent relationships Wiz Khalifa had in his life was the one with Amber Rose. The pair started dating in 2011. Their relationship was crowned with an engagement in March of 12, only to get married the following year in July. For a period, Wiz was happily married to the Instagram model Amber Rose. The pair split in 2014, but from their relationship, rapper and model have a son named Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. The reason for their divorce was irreconcilable differences, as cited by his ex-wife. 

In recent years Wiz found his passion for martial arts as he’s been engaged with different styles. In 2017 his focus was on Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Rigan Machado trained him. In the following years, he switched to Muay Thai and Thai boxing. 

We hope you have enjoyed our piece on this famous rapper, and that you’ll be back for more money talks regarding your favorite celebrities.