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5 Smallest ATX Cases in 2024

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When you decide on the components of your computer, you’ll probably think that the job is over. But, there’s still work to be done and decisions to be made. You’ll need a house for your components, and we are here to help you find one. What most people want these days is a sleek design that won’t take up too much space in your surroundings. This is precisely why we have compiled a list of the smallest ATX cases in 2024. We can only hope that one of the suggestions we have for you would be a perfect fit.  

Small cases make great senses for many reasons. Above all, we have the fact that PC parts are getting smaller with new technologies in manufacturing. Because of this, new computers take as little of your space possible without taking anything from performance. In the past, it was unimaginable to put your desktop on the table without losing 50% of your area, but today it’s possible to do this without sacrificing too much.  

So, if minimalism is what you’re looking for, this is the place to find it. Below we have the list of smallest ATX cases you’ll find on the market. Please, take a look. 

1. Cooler Master HAF XB EVO 

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Cooler Master is a known name in the gaming industry. But, in the past, the brand was mostly focused on creating cooling devices. Now, they have their hands in ventures of making ATX cases for gaming PCs. They are rather good at it, as you can see from this cube model.  

This cube device is the first on our list as it offers everything a gamer would want from a computer case. It can fit plenty in the tank, and parts are easy to access and if need be to add or remove components. What attracts gamers the most is the pair of handles that allow for this case to be easily moved. As you could expect from this brand, this case comes with additional coolers to make sure your system never overheats.


The motherboard tray can be removed.

Has handles for ease of movement. 

Both top and side panels can be removed. 

It can be customized to a great extent. 

Allows plenty of airflows. 


The upper part of the case is not designed to fit fans bigger than 120mm.

It comes with a hefty price compared to competitors.

It is considered a massive product by some. 

2. Fractal Design Meshify C – Compact Computer Case 

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Fractal Design Meshify C – Compact Computer Case is one of the smallest ATX cases in 2024, and for a reason. It is built compactly and is focused on airflow as its main trait. What sets it apart from the competition is the ability to provide top-notch performance.  

The performance we are talking about is enhanced by its airflow design, which doesn’t allow for components to overheat. This case has two fractal fans installed as its primary option. Furthermore, it will enable an additional seven to be added on different ends of the case for maximum cooling effect. Another design trait that prevents overheating and ads up to the performance is its open interior. 

 The manufacturer wanted to make Fractal design Meshify C as traditional as they could, hence its vertical design and black color. Being as it is, it offers plenty of room for all of your components. The option of removing the drive cage allows you to create additional space if the need arises. 


 It allows the installation of three fans.

Its design allows you to add a radiator on top.

Amazing performance all-around. 

Fans come with filters. 


 This model is not compatible with 10.6 inch Deep Motherboards. 

The 3.5-inch drive cage needs to be removed if you opt for a 3x fan radiator. 

3. Corsair Carbide 400C

 What separates this model from the bunch is its price/quality ratio. For a truly affordable cost, you receive a unique and quality product. Other features follow as well, but it’s its design and price that attracts the customers. It is partially made out of steel but entirely created with style. 

 Its design is not fully towering, but it’s somewhere in the middle of the pack. Regardless of the hardware you’re about to use, this case is built to be cool. It has support for three types of radiators. In the front end, it can support water cooling up to 360mm. On the top, it’s a 240mm radiator, while in the rear, it’s 120mm. Your PC will be entirely cooled down thanks to the three coolers and a design created to allow high flow for best cooling results. 

The best part is yet to come, and we’re talking about easily accessible side panels. With panels set like this, you can easily remove and add new hardware, which is something that can’t be disregarded easily as a case option. Furthermore, one of the panels is transparent so you can take a peek at your computer at any time, or show off to friends. In its primary offering, it comes with two fans, which is something that you should be pleased with as a buyer. 


It is designed with style and simplicity. 

Excellent access to the case though side panels. 

It offers support for water-cooling and Long-GPU. 

It can hold even a 360mm radiator. 


Fans can’t be controlled via bays. 

The PSU cover is made out of plastic material. 

Tricky access to the front filter. 

4. Corsair Carbide Air 540

 The brand name probably sounds familiar to you, and it’s for a reason. No, it is not because we talked about another of their products above; it is because of the quality they provide. This model, the Air 540, is one of the best smallest ATX cases in 2024 currently available on the market. The reason is simple; it is a perfect combination of design and requirements from a computer case. 

 This device’s creators paid particular attention to the airflow to ensure the best cooling for your hardware. What separates it from the other cases on this list is the dust filter, which ensures that no unwanted dust sticks too long on your computer. The best part about these filters are magnetic sticks that make attachment and detachment easy. Furthermore, once removed, the filters are super simple to clean. 

 The layout is also a positive side of this case as at the back, you have PSU and drives, while motherboard, GPU, and CPU occupy the main chamber. The perfect working temperature of all components is ensured by the three cooling fans pre-built in this case. The downside is that fans can be too noisy at times, but it’s all worth it for maximum performance. 

 What most people who tried out this case single out are the rubber grommets. Thanks to this, all of your cables are easy to align. All of what we mentioned above makes Corsair Carbide Air 540 one of the best small cases on the market. 


It can support up to six 120mm fans or up to five 140mm ones.

Supports up to four different motherboards types. 

Perfect quality of built, considering it uses steel materials. 

Side panel made out of acrylic glass. 


We can’t single out any right now; this ATX case should be on the top of your consideration list. 

5. CORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB

 There aren’t as many famous names as it’s Corsair in the world of computer cooling. With this model, they decided to go out with a classic style. Considering this, we can say that Corsair crystal 460x is precisely that – a traditional computer case. Thanks to the perfectly built-in fans, customers have enough space to put any configuration they want in place. Its compact design makes it one of the simplest but best cases on this list and the market alike. 

 What makes it so appealing is its compact design, which accommodates two glass panels on both sides. The fans we mentioned are equipped with LED lights, and they give the necessary cold to the rest of the hardware with their Direct Airflow cooling technology. The glass panels combined with this cooling system create security that your computer will be performing to the best of its abilities. 

 Regardless of what type of building you have in mind for your computer, it would look astonishing with three p120 RGB led fans. It is even attractive to female buyers due to its shifting color scheme. Its most prominent positive side is that it can accommodate full specter of ATX motherboards and more than one GPU. It is also equipped to allow access to the water-cooling devices on the top, rear, and back end. 


Side glass panels are top quality.

It comes with three RGB fans.

Perfect cost/quality balance.

Has support for 360mm radiator setup, and coolers tall up to 170mm. 


Upon installing the motherboard, you’ll be left with less space than on some other models. 

Managing cables won’t be comfortable with its cooler and motherboard setup. 

Usage of 3.5-inch drive bays is not made possible if you have large PSU.