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7 Common Raiding and Dungeon Mistakes all WoW Newbies Make

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World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games these days. However, it is not a cakewalk for everyone, especially the newbies. New players are more likely to make a lot of mistakes, which we are going to discuss in this article. When you have the right knowledge with you, then you can save yourself from making such blunders.

When you start playing WOW, sometimes the graphics and the overall ambiance seems too much. In order to prepare yourself, it is better to do some research before jumping into it directly. Understand the basics and the terminology that are used in the game for a smooth play.

If you don’t know the terminologies, then it will be tough for you to understand what other players are doing. Let us now check out the common mistakes newbies make while playing World of Warcraft.

1. Clicking

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Clicking to spell everything while you are playing the game clearly indicates that you are a new player. The time of response increases when you use your mouse to spell. Therefore, it is always advisable to use your keybindings for this purpose for faster and better reaction time.

The best you can do is mapping all the spells on your keyboard. It is not a very big task but you should know that every second counts in this game. So, you need to be well prepared all the time.

2. Not remembering the set keybinds

Perhaps the most ideal way to turn into a lot quicker player is to set keybinds and use them with your left hand. It is pivotal to utilize the console buttons, which are reachable with the left hand in light of the fact that, in that way, you can utilize your right one for the mouse.

You have to increase your ability and try to reach all the buttons that are possible for you to become fast. The principle justification behind that is once we become acclimated to it, we won’t contemplate buttons, yet we will press the right one consequently without fail.

The equivalent is with blunders, and in case we don’t set up the keybinds in the most ideal manner, we will commit errors or act too delayed in snapshots of need, and, the most dire outcome imaginable, we would become acclimated to that console plan and will regularly mess up the same way over and over once more. If you want to know more about it, consider checking out https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-mythic-plus-dungeons-boost.

3. Taking help from trade chats

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It is a gigantic misstep to request assistance from the trade chat. Assuming you need to have a great time, then, at that point, it is OK to do as such. It is smarter to ask for anything like jokes, data, and so on.

You should utilize this assistance when you are distant from everyone else and don’t have any gathering to play with. In such a condition, you can believe in the trade chat to get data to battle against your rivals.

4. Spending too much time to gain gold

Cash in World of Warcraft comes in three unique monetary forms – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. From the get go, players will see that getting their first Gold can take a silly measure of time. Be that as it may, their movement through the game makes acquiring Gold a lot more straightforward than previously.

Unfortunately, a few players may believe they’re not doing what’s needed to acquire Gold straight away – particularly in the event that they’re attempting to seek after explicit targets. Fortunately, players can really expand their time leveling up in the endgame to procure as much Gold as could be expected.

5. Vendoring essential items

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Many players don’t know the purpose or use of raptor eggs and spider legs in their bags. They don’t see such items as worthy of keeping them. So they do what anybody would do and offer them to a merchant.

But when they meet some expert or professional, then they get to learn the value of such items. It is not a very big issue since you can generally purchase the fixings from the Auction House to even out your ability.

It’s simply that saving them could set aside huge amounts of money. Then again, you might have cleared a path of more cash offering those things to different players. Ideally, you understand your blunder soon enough and the merchant will allow you to repurchase it.

6. Not paying attention to the resting mechanics

New players may see that their characters will have a gleaming picture and a “ZZZ” status in their levels assuming they stay in a significant city or a hotel. In ongoing interaction terms, this just implies that the person is right now in a Resting state.

Players who log off in Rest will hold the Rested status, and their EXP bar becomes blue when they sign in. From the start, players will not understand what the Rested state would mean for their exhibition until they understand that killing rivals procures twofold EXP while Rested.

7. Keyboard turning

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Assuming you are utilizing the bolt or the arrow keys, then, at that point, it implies that you are a newbie, yet you don’t realize much with regards to this game. The console turning practically in the PVE climate is very alright.

It will be effective assuming you turn with your mouse by utilizing your console. It will be simple for you to make a few changes in accordance with a person, moment bouncing, and considerably more. Thus, the response time contrast will be recognizable.


There are various blunders that newbies make while playing a WOW game for the first time. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than doing it yourself. Check out the common mistakes mentioned above and try not to repeat it over and over again.