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What Is The Easiest WoW Class To Level Up For Beginners

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The nicest factor of WoW is its ability to give an enduring boost to new players who want to gain a quick pick-up in their game. Their beginner classes are really helpful for studying up the spirit of the player.

As you progress through higher and advanced levels of the game, your skills develop and you get ready for more difficult classes too. Some classes demand a good level of skill-orientation on your part and that becomes possible through training and learning in the beginners classes.

Slowly level up your game and then enter into high demanding classes that ask you to perform like a pro. Do not give up at the first stance. Instead, keep learning through the beginner levels first.

Let’s get you into the complete guide on which beginner’s level easiest WoW class you can go for!

Level Up Your Game

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It is a game that provides you with equal measures of sour and sweet experiences. You lose, you learn, you level up, you upgrade. With constantly evolving in the beginner classes, you get ready for more complex levels here.

Quests and hunts here are more complex, with the time span among quest giver’s enlarged for longer. To avoid forgetting to pick up a follow-up request, make sure to use an online guide that teaches you leveling skills.

Which Class To Go For If You Are A Beginner

The answer to this depends on what your goal is. Your playing style and your inclination towards a particular style would be helpful in determining which class you need to go for. All you need is to first get the knack of playing class.

If you lean towards easy classes and go in the flow with them, your choice of classes would be different. If you accompany classes that get you straight into raids, the recommended classes would differ. So make up your mind and decide your goal at the first stay.

Every class has its own positives and negatives. Trying and succeeding depends entirely on your comfort level in the particular class that you are in. You can enjoy the game without even spending your precious time on the Pros you hire on classic-boost.net.

Easiest Wow Classes To Go For

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The best and the easiest classes to go for are described below. Get to know their power-ups and their lows before deciding. Let’s head into knowing them more!


Paladins are a satisfactory and decent leveling class to start up with. These are very sturdy and do their job in an excellent manner.

If you could get Paladins to group with some other class, your gaming would definitely be better. Your strengths will multiply and that’s the icing on the cake.

While in this class, you should not risk leaving the city if you do not have at least 2 water-loaded stacks. While your foes are alive, heading toward Duskwood is a good option, and Paladins do just that.


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Wanting to access the best leveling credibility in the whole amazing game, choosing a druid class will let you in. Access the “Travel Form’, to boost up. Why is it the best leveling ability? It is preferred and celebrated because of its ability to boost up speed by 40%, which is outstanding.

You always need to pick up the cat and aquatic form. This is mandatory when they are accessible. For combating, go for leveling up as a Feral. It is the best here. You can tank dungeons, perform well to save, and load gold for the further process.


Looking to be in the Priest class, make sure to choose ‘Shadow specialization’. All your healing instances get completed, go, and stick to the Shadow priest, while leveling, as the healer. The prime and crucial aspect here is to grab the wand in the least amount of time.


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The next most easily handleable class stands for the Shamans. Upgrade your form to Ghost Wolves, by continuously playing and reaching level 20. Shamans are tremendous levelers. Your best upgrade would be Storm Strike at level 40.

In this class, you get upgraded shocks and capacities(ranged) and you depend on them a lot. Being alone is the most suitable here because performing in a group doesn’t really boost performance.

Once you get tired or injured, healing is necessary. Drink some water stacks, unskippable, to boost the healing process. Level when you feel like leveling because, in this class, you don’t get a bonus against your alive foes.


Warriors, when combined with Paladins, become the best combination. They are not well enough on themselves(alone). They can do a good amount of damage though. They have a heavy reliance on tools and equipment and it isn’t preferred. Their moving speed increases very rarely.


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Here, you receive a pet permanently with you, which is a great idea. They are so strong and robust. With the affliction built, you can experience great success. At levels 40 and 60, You also get free mounts.


If you want to go with a really good leveling class, probably the best, you should go for the Hunters. There are many reasons. They have a pet. Their speed is exceptionally great, independent of equipment, and many other reasons make them the best leveling class. You can play in this class really easily.

How to Level up Faster?

When starting your World of Warcraft (WoW) journey as a beginner, leveling up your character and accumulating WoW gold can seem like a daunting task. However, with the right strategies and focusing on characters that are easier to level up, you can progress efficiently and build your wealth in the game.

Choosing an Easy-to-Level Class

For an optimal start in the vast World of Warcraft (WoW) universe, selecting a class known for leveling efficiency is key. Powerhouses such as Hunters, Warlocks, or Druids are celebrated for their solo play capabilities, making them a strategic choice for swift progression.


Dive into the heart of WoW by completing quests. These not only shower you with experience points and gold through rewards but also give you access to coveted loot. By following zone quest lines, you heighten your leveling speed and maximize your gold-earning potential.

Gold through Gathering Professions

Embark on gathering professions like Herbalism, Mining, or Skinning. These allow you to collect resources as you traverse through Azeroth and then sell these precious finds at the auction house, promising a steady inflow of gold while you level up.

Monetizing the Auction House

The Auction House is a profitable arena for adventurers. Sell your valuable items and materials here for a hefty profit. By monitoring the ebb and flow of market prices, you can strategically list your items, ensuring maximum earnings.

Fast-tracking Progression by Buying Gold

For those yearning for swift advancement, getting WoW gold from reputable sellers provides an appealing option. This shortcut lets you rapidly accumulate in-game currency, thereby accelerating your character’s development and thrusting you into the heart of the adventure.


DPS classes are replay good for leveling. The classes like paladins, warlocks, and hunters are great to go with. Make sure you get the right healing time and learn first. Start from the beginners level, which is the easiest, learn skills retention and orientation, and only then step up for pro levels. Do not soil to higher levels at the very first and then give up hope for not being able to perfume better there. Learning is the key!

We hope the article was helpful enough and you will choose wisely.