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How Adult Doll Sales are Skyrocketing Because of Social Distancing – 2024 Guide

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We have all experienced how hard times can get with the recent implementation of social distancing. While certain industries record a decline in productivity, others like sex doll services are skyrocketing because of the specific nature of contemporary times. Sales of adult toys and accompanying equipment are on the rise and the trend does not seem to be changing its direction any time soon.

Sex gadgets are designed to assist their user to get where they want in a faster way than they could get there on their own. As a fast car would help you get to your objective faster than a bicycle, so would a carefully designed sex doll make you reach climax more easily than you could do it with your own effort solely. Since different people enjoy different things, there are multiple models and variations of sex dolls specially crafted to fit the needs and wants of their users. Therefore, it is easy to compare various models of adult toys to different types of cars. Hence, you may choose what attributes your doll companion will be endowed with, as you would do when choosing the car with the special characteristic that suits you the most.

In times like this, it is reasonable that people search for means to help them overcome the actual situation. Therefore, the rise in the demand and sales of love dolls and toys is not surprising. Social distancing is one of the recommended ways to fight the pandemic and it creates new trends people follow to save both their close ones and themselves. The logical continuation of things is that they do whatever it takes to remain safe, while they have fun at the same time. Therefore, even certain couples exercise the use of sexual aids in order to remain safe while they spend their mutual time in the bedroom.

The singles are definitely not excluded from the sex doll equation. Namely, times are not only difficult because of the pandemic and social distancing, but also because of numerous lockdowns implemented to prevent as many people from getting infected as possible. Hence, single people tend to go out and socialize much less than it was the case before the pandemic. To ease their solitary moments and enhance their solo game, many individuals seek salvation in modern products of the adult industry which provide them with moments they would otherwise spend on their own.

Realistic Experience

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One of the main reasons for the skyrocketing of the sex dolls is their looks. Not only that but the chance to make your sex doll according to your preference. You can choose literary anything on your new sex toy, from the color of the eyes and hair to skin tone and facial hair. There are absolutely no limitations as long as you are willing to pay for the service. Apart from being able to make your own ideal love doll, you may also select from the palette of different models that have already proved their worth with thousands of satisfied customers. Most of the users choose to pick the attributes for their sex doll by themselves, so they pick the size, shape, and other features according to their desire.

Incognito Mode

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Although the adult industry is present in and around our lives for quite long now, people enjoy their privacy and they do not give up on it that easily. This is one of the game-changing features of sex dolls delivery since the manufacturers and distributors of the goods of this type cherish your privacy and do not share your personal data. Also, they discreetly wrap up whatever you decide to purchase and deliver it to your doorstep, so you do not have to worry if anyone will condemn you for the type of fun you enjoy.

There are numerous websites on the network offering their adult products such as sex dolls and different services globally, so you can check sexyrealsexdolls.com to see how the real deal looks like.

The Feel

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Although the warmth and mere occurrence of the human body will hardly ever be adequately replaced, new models of sex dolls have come as close to the real thing as possible. You have the opportunity to experience the amazing characteristics of models whose skin is made from thermoplastic elastomers, a material that feels warm on the touch and if you were to touch it in the dark you would have misplaced it for the real skin. This material actually represents the mixture of melted rubber and modified plastic working together to mimic the real human skin. Therefore, the feeling you get when you get close to your doll companion resembles the real touch of soft skin.


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The magnificence of the product is that it can be ordered for the pleasure of both genders. This is the feature that was not that represented in the near future since the majority of models made were intended for the male audience. This is not the case in contemporary times so both genders can enjoy the benefits provided by sex dolls.


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Although adult toys nowadays resemble real persons, the cost of their maintenance has nothing to do with living beings. They do not eat nor sleep, they do not drink water and they do not use the toilette, so you will not have to spend money to keep them in good condition. On the other hand, you will have to help remain clean and fresh in order to prolong their life longitude and secure the pleasant moments you share last longer.

Whether you are a solo player or you have your significant other, there are multiple ways you can have fun with the usage of love dolls designed to suit your needs. If you had any doubts regarding the nature of love dolls, you have at least learned the basics from the aforementioned content. On the other hand, if you are an experienced user of the benefits provided by the adult industry, renewing the materials could prove useful for your future sex doll experience.