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What To Look For In A Gaming Laptop – 2024 Guide

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Do you know that the tech market has seen steady growth in gaming laptop sales? Desktop computers reign supreme for avid gamers ever since the games invented.

But, things are changing, and many ardent gamers are choosing to opt for gaming laptops. Why? Well, there are many good reasons to choose a gaming laptop instead of a desktop computer. A gaming laptop is a perfect option when you need something a bit more portable for when you want to play car games.

How to choose a gaming laptop?

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A full-blown gaming rig is a popular choice when it comes to PC gaming. Ardent gamers choose desktop computers due to their complete functionality to run games optimally. But they lack portability. Packed with the same specifications, gaming laptops are a great option as they are portable, and you can take them anywhere along.

But choosing a gaming laptop can be a difficult process. You may get confused with so many options available out there. Bear in mind that gaming laptops are different than mainstream laptops. To enjoy intense games, you need to invest a little more. Before spending hundreds of dollars on buying a laptop, you should figure out what type of games you want to play.

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Here is what you need to look for in a gaming laptop:

1. GPU:

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What draws a line between a gaming laptop and a regular notebook? The graphics card. GPU is an important and expensive piece of hardware you need for your high-quality gaming laptop. If you use a low-quality GPU in your laptop, it will help you save money, but you would not be able to enjoy playing something incredibly intense.

Choose high-quality GPU to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. But do not overlook the memory of the graphics card as you need tons of RAM for doing several things other than playing games on a laptop. When it comes to buying a video card for your laptop, AMD and NVIDIA are two great names. You need to figure out how your gamers were created in order to choose the right graphics card.

2. Storage:

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The next thing you should consider while buying a gaming laptop is storage. Games can take a lot of space on your hard drive. So, it is advisable to buy a laptop that has enough storage. A hard disk drive or HDD is a traditional drive that gives you more than enough room for your games. These drives have been around for decades, but they spin slower.

You can opt for Solid-state drives or SSD that are much faster with their read and write times. With the faster loading time, they are more efficient than that of a traditional hard disk. However, they are a little too expensive as compared to HDD. If possible, then grab a laptop that has both SSD and HDD storage.

3. RAM:

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You want to make a great gaming laptop, right? How can you forget the heart of your computer? A CPU or central processing unit controls anything or everything you do on your computer. Though most of the processing work would be done by the GPU, still CPU will be doing its job. RAM is responsible for dictating how much can be loaded into memory for processing. So, make sure you grab a laptop with at least 8GB RAM.

4. Keyboard:

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You can’t ignore the aesthetics when buying a gaming laptop. Also, you will be smashing the keys during intense gaming sessions so, make sure that the keyboard is comfortable to use. You will be enjoying your gaming session at night as well, so buy a laptop with a backlit keyboard.

With colorful lights, you will be able to play games comfortably at night. They look aesthetically beautiful, too, but these features add to the cost.

5. Budget:

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Here comes the most painful part of any big purchase, the budget. There is no denying that a great gaming laptop comes with a price. You need to spend money on a laptop if you want to enjoy intense gaming sessions.

You need to figure out what you want from your laptop if you re tight on the budget. It will help you prioritize things. High-end systems guarantee you a smooth play, but if you do not have enough budget, then buying a mid-range computer would be the right choice.

6. Screen/Display:

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Why are you investing so much money on a gaming laptop? To enjoy playing intense games in the best quality, of course.  Try to grab a laptop that comes with at least 1600×900 resolution displays. A laptop with a resolution less than this can ruin some games. The size of the laptop screen also matters a lot. The most popular screens are between 15 and 17 inches. Bear in mind that a laptop with a bigger screen will be expensive.

You need a 60 Hz refresh rate to enjoy playing games smoothly. With a less than 60 Hz refresh rate, you may experience a lag, and you would not be able to make rapid movements in the game.

7. Battery life:

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The battery life of the laptop is important when you have to take it anywhere you go. Usually, the battery of a laptop lasts for 5-6 hours unplugged. Keep in mind that you would not be able to enjoy the full performance of your system if it is unplugged.

Summing up:

Buying a gaming laptop is not that easy as there are numerous options available out there. You should determine your needs before buying it. Once you figure out what types of games you want to play, it becomes easy to choose a laptop.

If you travel a lot or play frequent games on a laptop, proper protection is needed. You cannot compromise on storage if you are a hardcore gamer.  You can choose the features based on your requirements if you have enough budget.

Since a gaming laptop is a big investment, so do proper research before investing in it. Read the reviews available on the internet to make sure that you buy the right system for you.