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Why You Should Hire a Front-End Developer for Your Company – 2024 Guide

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Hello in the world of coding! Nowadays, the sphere of front-end development looks so much better than 10-20 years ago. In addition, it has become much more complex and has acquired a huge variety of very different components. The quantity and quality of both tools and technologies in this area, as well as the availability of training materials, have significantly increased. In previous decades, there was practically no publicly available technical content – then there were no blogs, no extremely useful Wikipedia, and videos and applications that required high bandwidth were rarely used.

But today you can find free videos, blogs, tutorials and well-structured scientific and technical information on almost any topic with a single click of the mouse.

Now, speaking directly about front-end development, it is important to understand that there are three main segments in this area: development for PCs, for mobile phones and for other devices. If you want to understand what is the difference between these segments, then, for example, visit Netflix from your phone, computer and smart TV.

If the question is about the features of a set of tools, for example, some incomprehensibility of CSS, then this is a rather difficult question. In this case, it should be kept in mind that content, sites and applications created back in 1995 continue to be used in today’s browsers. I was working on a reorganization of an e-commerce site that was created 20 years ago, and the site has been functioning perfectly all that time. This is possible by using the web as a working platform, where we can update the code, change the interface and improve the functionality while the site continues to work.

What is the front-end itself?

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The appearance of the site, clarity and ease of use – this is what a modern Internet resource should be like. A competent designer takes this into account. But for the interface to be displayed in the user’s browser and all its elements (links, buttons, etc.) to work, you need to write the program code. This is what the front-end specialist does. The part of the site that the user sees and interacts with is called the frontend, or client part.

To develop the client side of the site, a developer will need at least three languages:

  • HTML responsible for content (page content).
  • The CSS in which the styles are programmed (for example, font size, background color, spacing between images, etc.).
  • JavaScript for interactivity (animation, pop-up menu, etc.).

Why should you hire a front-end developer for your company?

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An ordinary website developer is able, having received a layout from a designer, to ensure the correct display of pages on various devices and browsers. For this, knowledge of the markup language (HTML) and styles (CSS), as well as the ability to work with frameworks (ready-made templates) is enough. He can also “revive” the interface with the help of jQuery plugins, which are a ready-made set of JavaScript scripts.

Filling the layouts received from the layout designer with real data is the task of the front-end developer. In addition to the specified languages, this specialist should understand more deeply the ready-made frameworks and libraries, and know JavaScript perfectly. 90% of sites use this language as a tool for forming the client side. The ability to work with modern engines (CMS) sites such as WordPress, Joomla, 1C-Bitrix is ​​an important skill. It is often necessary to apply languages ​​such as PHP, SQL, Java and C#.

According to ava.codes, one of the most important reasons to hire a front-end developer is that it can really benefit your business. He or she usually has really good creative thinking and many ideas for development.

There are so many possibilities for building good and complex applications. You can entrust your developer to represent your business by creating an interesting and convenient application, so if you are looking for ideas – keep in mind that with the front-end your imagination has almost no limits. Video streaming apps like YouTube or Netflix, user browsing apps, travel apps, climate apps like weather.com, custom content portals like Pinterest or Medium. It even allows you to create sophisticated e-commerce and mobile commerce apps as well as social media apps.

When it comes to electronic commerce or E-commerce, it is actually the process of buying and selling products or services, making money transfers and transmitting data over the Internet. If you trust your front-end engineer to create such a good application, it can become almost the main source of your income.

How to hire a front-end developer for your company?

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When developing software, creating a website, or a mobile application, companies face a dilemma: to hire developers in the staff or to use outsourcing services for software development.

Why is outsourcing beneficial?

An outsourced front-end developer is often a profitable alternative. The fact is that this specialization implies a wide range of knowledge and skills. In addition to the above, you need to have an understanding of server-side methods, i.e. which one is executed when the user clicks, for example, a button. You need to know the logic of interaction with the server and much more. Not every company can afford to keep a specialist who knows all the intricacies of the front-end and it is better to hire a specialist from outside.

At the same time, they can keep the core technology team on the staff. The main tasks that are solved with the help of outsourcing services are to reduce costs, reduce terms and minimize problems with finding and retaining highly qualified developers.

Often companies, even with a development team on their staff, use outsourcing to solve peak workload problems. A periodic request for specialists for whom there is no constant load is also applied. There are also non-economic reasons for outsourcing software developers – for example, a company needs to acquire new competencies or talented people who do not want to be hired.

How to estimate staff costs and find out the parameters for estimating for outsourcing?

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The head of the company, before deciding to create programs, websites, mobile applications with the help of external specialists, is interested in assessing the cost savings in outsourcing software development. This opportunity is provided by the return on investment ratio – ROI.

To calculate ROI (Return on Investment), let’s estimate the additional costs incurred by hiring developers.

These costs include:

  • salary fund
  • labor fund taxes (even if you work with sole proprietors, this tax is implicitly your expenses)
  • room rent and utility costs
  • communications
  • office expenses (paper, coffee, water, etc.)
  • legal support
  • administration (accounting, personnel management, etc.)
  • IT administration
  • depreciation of PC programmers and network and computer equipment
  • medical insurance (the competitive market demands it)

I do not take into account the costs of increasing loyalty and motivation in the form of training, subscriptions to a fitness club, compensation for family relocation, costs of corporate events, kitchen staff and other improvements in the life of programmers in the highly competitive market.

Of course, the ROI of outsourcing services depends on a lot of parameters and it is difficult to give a universal model, but making an express justification of the quantitative benefit is often useful, for example, when the developers themselves sell their services to potential customers of software development.

It is not worth expecting that the cost per development hour will always fall for the customer as the size of the project grows. If you need 30 programmers with skills in demand in the market to make a project faster, most likely all programmers in the city of outsourcing location will not be found quickly. They will hire people from other less urgent projects, urgently hunt from competing developers or subcontract work to partners. All this will be more expensive for the customer.

What countries are the best option to find the front-end developers?

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Our modern infrastructure allows us to hire highly qualified software developers around the world. According to various sources, Ukraine in Eastern Europe, Poland in Central Europe, Argentina in South America and India in Asia are the main countries for outsourcing the front-end development. That is why I will focus on them.


Argentina offers free educational opportunities by investing heavily in schooling. Outsourcing companies in Argentina have experience in software and mobile development, cloud computing and DevOps.


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In Ukraine, although it offers extensive educational opportunities, a significant portion of IT education focuses on extracurricular courses. Overall, more and more IT professionals graduate from universities and private schools every year. In 2018 alone, there were 40,000 IT graduates. Ukraine is also considered one of the best countries for web development outsourcing.


Due to its historical implications, India is offering a Western approach to education. Although literacy rates are relatively low here, there is an increasing focus on mathematical research that drives technology development. India is considered the best country for application development initiatives, and Indian companies are also involved in Microsoft and related open source technologies and projects.


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Information education in Poland is in great demand, attracting students from all over Europe. PHP is claimed to be the most used programming language here, Java and .NET are also widespread.


To sum everything up, I really hope that now you fully understand why you should hire a front-end developer for your company. Whether to hire them in-staff or to outsource the App development – it is your choice.