SITES LIKE NETFLIXTOP 10 SITES LIKE NETFLIX: Modern technology has brought about a revolution in our lives. In this technology advanced world, distances and geographical barriers have vanished and our earth has transformed into a global village. Information travels from one part of the other to another in a blink of an eye. The Internet is at the forefront of this information technological revolution.

The entertainment industry is hit badly by this revolution. Old methods have given way to new modes of entertainment and the industry has completed transformed into an internet-focused one. Television is being replaced by the likes of a number of video streaming websites. When it comes to streaming video content, Netflix is the leader.

Netflix has some interesting content for everyone and also offers some Blu ray and DVD content along with the biggest video collection that you can stream online. Many people are unaware of the fact that there are many suitable Netflix alternatives out there.

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Here is a list of some of the best site like Netflix


The biggest competitor of Netflix is Amazon Prime. Amazon has been in the business of books and music sales for a long time but it is expanding its reach by offering new and innovative services to its clients and Amazon Prime is the best example for that. Free shipping options and a large viewership makes it the best Netflix alternative. Stream your favorite TV show through this site and enjoy it on any device. Get the best TV shows and movies at the best price.


This one needs no introduction when it comes to video sharing. YouTube is a little different from Netflix but offers one of the largest collections of videos online. It is the biggest video sharing site in the world. There are many options that you can play around with to enhance your video watching experience.


It is the world’s biggest music store that also offers high definition movies. It has a wide catalog of high-quality movies that you can stream or buy to download and watch later on your Apple mobile device. Prices maybe a little bit higher but it makes up for that with superb quality movies and TV shows.


Hulu Plus is in the market to give Netflix a run for its money. With powerful men and media moguls behind it, it is set to make an impact on the video streaming scene. The biggest drawback with Hulu is that you will have to bear the ads because you have no way to skip them but the content variety will is worth the wait.

Hulu Plus is available on a wide range of devices and also has a video on demand feature along with high definition videos. There is a lot of content on Hulu Plus for you to explore and you can also get to pay less for that.


Vudu is the best choice if you are looking for high definition movies and some of them even 3D which set it apart from other websites like Netflix. Another noteworthy feature of the site is that it brings a video stream of the films that are out the same day which is impressive. New TV shows also come on the website very quickly and if you want to get the first look at movies and TV shows then Vudu is the best option for you.


What separates this website from other sites like Netflix is that it is free from the advertisement which is best for those who hate to see ads. They don’t have to pay for removing ads because it is free. Owned by Sony now and offers some of the best collections of original movies from famous Hollywood studios. Don’t have the amount of content Netflix has but a good free ad-free alternative.


How can Google lag behind in the race of video streaming After YouTube (check websites like youtube), they focused their attention on mobile and produced Google play services which not only have videos but also have a huge selection of books, apps, music and more. Google Play Movies and TV is the best option if you want to purchase, download or stream quality content.


The biggest drawback with this video streaming site is that it supports very few devices and even leave out some popular ones in the process. It is a little different as compared to Netflix because it is not a subscription service. It follows a rental and purchase model. You will have to pay for what you rent, unlike Netflix which has a fixed subscription fee.


There is nothing that could make this site different from other sites like Netflix except that it offers some HBO shows. The costs are on the higher side and the movies section is also quite limited as compared to the competition. These are the reasons why this site was placed so low on this list.


Epix is a media channel and offers video-on-demand service on its website. You will have to be a cable channel Epix subscriber to make the most of this site which might put off some users. There is some interesting content available on this site but it failed to match the brilliance of Netflix.