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9 Unbelievable Advances in Gaming Technology – 2024 Guide

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It is estimated that the revenue to be generated from the video gaming industry will be 37 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. This industry has stood the test of time, and new technology games continue to be rolled out during a season where several others have gone under. Gaming has gone through loads of phases since the first video game was created in 1958.

Of course, the video game technology we had several decades ago is totally different from today’s games. Technology has been the biggest contributor to the growth of the gaming industry. We were lucky to talk to Martim Nabeiro (learn more about him), an expert in the gaming sector, and he highlighted the following gaming technology advances.

1. Amazing graphics

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Gone are the days that gamers had to put up with awful graphics. Gamers can now enjoy the experience in high-definition and get immersed in the game. What about the classics that had not-so-good graphics. Some classics have also been recreated with better graphics.

The casino world has not been left behind as developers have been working round the clock to provide the best graphics. A visit to https://casinoportugal.online/ is a clear indication of how such platforms are investing in graphics. The beauty of investing in graphics is that it makes it easy for players to take various gaming actions.

2. Improved security

Surfing over the internet has always posed some challenges for those who care about personal data. Cyber-attacks are very common in the internet space, as there are people who are always waiting for attack opportunities. Some of the dangers that web users are exposed to include data loss, hacking and identity theft, which can lead to loss of money.

The modern gaming platforms are investing in securing their sites. SSL certificates are some of the essential security measures that such platforms have in place. We can now seem some platforms that use security measures such as fingerprint authentication for mobile users.

3. Cloud gaming

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Many people cannot afford gaming consoles and machines that perform up to their expectations. Some of these games require dedicated graphic cards and high RAM capacity. Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS) is a video game technology that is changing how people game as they are no longer limitations based on factors such as bandwidth and RAM.

Cloud technology makes it possible to stream images and video clips over the internet. Gamers are now renting gaming space instead of investing in expensive gaming machines that may become faced out after several years. Such people can increase the bandwidth and other features from the cloud when a need arises.

4. Mobile gaming

When the first mobile phone was launched, no one thought that they could end up being used for multiple applications. More than 4 billion people are estimated to own smartphones. The gaming industry is banking on this number to reach new heights. Such platforms are now optimizing their platforms for mobile devices and make it easy to browse.

We also have some that have mobile apps that users can download. Such people no longer have to bookmark their favorite gaming platforms as long as they have an app. Gamers can now access a variety of games irrespective of whether they are home, at work or travelling.

5. Voice recognition

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Technology has got you sorted if you are tired of pressing buttons on your game console. Voice recognition allows players to voice commands. The technology has been in the gaming sector for some time now. However, it was mostly limited to the console sector in the past.

We now have computers that take voice commands. The most common use of this feature is on turning the console on or off. Recent advancements now allow players to control gameplay, search on the web and interact on social media from simple voice commands.

6. Facial recognition

We are living in a world where players want to be immersed in the gaming experience. Facial recognition allows gaming machines to scan your face and create an avatar of yourself. Some game consoles will scan your face to unlock your game progress.

Intel® RealSense™ 3D technology is a good example of what facial recognition is doing to this sector. The developers can now create games that adapt to the player’s emotions by scanning more than 78 points on his or her face. For instance, the game can tone down the difficulty levels when it notes grimaces on your face.

7. On-demand gaming

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On-demand services are on the rise in a world where people are looking for ways to reduce wastage. It is already working in areas such as movies and food delivery. The gaming industry is one of the new entrants into this space.

Gamers in the modern world can watch and share live streams. Technology is now allowing video game streaming through various eSport providers. The ecosystem is organized and consists of players, franchisees and advertising companies that are booking slots on the streaming networks.

8. Augmented and virtual reality

Mobile developers are now investing in user experience, and these two technologies are pivotal in this race. Augmented reality combines audio content and game visuals. The combination of the two creates a virtual environment which immerses the player.

Virtual reality creates a simulated world. Thus, it means that the users do not have to watch the activities on a screen. Instead, they get immersed in a 3D world where the experience feels real. The virtual environment will simulate the real world in aspects such as sounds, vision and touch.

9. Artificial intelligence

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It is hard to talk about technology and fail to mention AI. It is the technology behind self-driving cars and smart homes. Game developers are now using this technology to create smart and immersive games. AI is making it possible to automate the creation of games.

We also have games that evolve based on the time spent or actions taken. Combining AI with other technologies such as mobile gaming, is already making it easy to play games on smartphones. For instance, a gamer in a car racing game can tilt the screen to negotiate a corner using a smartphone.

The gaming sector continues to experience the above changes courtesy of the advancement in technology. Developers who fail to observe the trends and incorporate the changes are likely to become faced out.