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Most Played and Downloaded Mobile Games of All Time

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Mobile gaming has quickly become one of the biggest sub-sectors of the gaming market due to the ease of access. Now, everyone has smartphones, and people look for the source of entertainment.

Due to improved connectivity speeds, and reliance, we all have our phones with us at all times. Although this wouldn’t have been able to happen without the industry-leading games that started the craze in the first place. Today, we look some of the greatest ones.

1. Subway Surfers

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We can’t have this list without including the most downloaded game of all time, which was Subway Surfers. You as a mischievous set on a train line. Spray painter runs along the track, avoiding being hit by a train, many other different obstacles, including bins and animals, to ensure you go as far as you can to get a high score. This game was quite simple, but sometimes this is better than a complicated game, and it clearly shows that with over 1 billion downloads.

2. Candy Crush Saga

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Next up on the list is Candy Crush Saga, which was quite easily the best puzzle game on the app store for some time, and you couldn’t go anywhere without someone asking you what level you were on Candy Crush. Initially released as one of the first games on the app store and the longevity that this game showed was seriously impressive and again proved why it had been downloaded over a billion times.

Although when these apps were released, the App Store didn’t have that much-advanced technology for app developers to take advantage of, we have now moved on in recent times due to the rapid changes in this digital age.

Other industries have been able to take advantage of this, including gambling sites. Here are sites not blocked by Gamstop, and click here to check them. It is because they now have apps for punters to gamble on the go, and also, with the use of 5G now, gamblers can now gamble on the go without the worry of losing connection.

3. Temple Run

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And now, this game is not as big as the other two mentioned on this list, but still, one of our favorites is that of Temple Run, with over half a billion downloads. Temple Run again was one of the first-ever released on the App Store back in 2011. Again, it was a very simple yet effective game in which you would automatically run through a temple away from the monster.

A player needs to swipe left, right, and jump away from the obstacles to score a high score. There are many versions of this game, and people downloaded every version to get a satisfactory gaming experience.

Gamers continuously invest their time in such a game and passing their free time. Sometimes, it is hard to detect the number of hours; a gamer is indulged in the game. Undoubtedly, many people prefer playing this game with great enthusiasm.

4. Fruit Ninja

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It is a popular and easy game for every player of any age. The game is about slicing fruits that are falling. If a gamer slices more than one fruit at a time, he is rewarded with more coins. It is interesting enough for everyone that many people spend most of their time playing this game.

The colorful fruits look amazing in the graphics. It is inspired by the Ninja technique, in which a person can cut fruits with precision. Many individuals downloaded the app and played it for the whole time. Anyone can get addicted to it. You can play with your friends and score more than they do.

If you want to teach how to play any game, then this is the one that you can make them play. There are interesting sounds and background voices that will let you take more interest in it. If you are looking for the right and easiest game, then you must pick this one.

5. Talking Tom

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There are more than 800 million downloads of this application. There is a cat named Tom, which appears in various themes. It is an entertaining game for kids who like to play and tease the cat. You can speak any dialogue and record in Tom’s voice. There are certain easy tasks that one must complete by the cat.

Initially, you may find difficulty learning the application, but you will enjoy the app once you know everything. Nowadays, many people downloaded it to keep their children entertained. If your children are making a nuisance at home, then you can show them this interesting game. They will like it and start teasing the cat. You can never get bored with such an activity.

You can spend many hours while playing and teasing the cat. It is one of the easiest games that anyone can prefer. It is the main reason for the huge number of downloads. With time, many more themes get updated in the app. People eagerly wait for the themes and upgrade the application whenever they can.

6. Hill Climb Racing

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It is another interesting game for people who love racing applications. In this activity, you have to race the car on hills and cover the distance and earn coins. The path gets complicated when you come to an advanced level. You have to earn a huge score by calculating other aspects of the game.

It can be difficult for small kids. When you start playing it, you will experience entering into it and started racing yourself. It gives an amazing gaming experience. The graphics are also quite simple and good. Millions of people download the game and enjoy it with their friends.

The Bottom Line

There is a list of most played and downloaded games that one must consider for entertainment. Millions of people find these games interesting and entertaining. If you are downloading them, then you are investing your time in the right activities and prevent wasting your precious time.