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Amazing Games to Play Stoned – 2024 Guide

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The holidays are upon us, which means you are probably facing a few different parties in the coming weeks. Hopefully, at least one of them will put you in a room with a few like-minded stoners who appreciate the merits of the good green herb.

If you do find yourself at a party where everyone is getting high, here are a few games to play to keep the mood light and the weed lit:


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Medusa turned men into stone when they looked at her, and this game will get you stoned by looking at the folks around you. You can play this game with a joint, a pipe or a bong, but it works best if everyone has their own paraphernalia at hand.

Start the game looking at the ground. After a certain count — to be determined by the leader or the group — all players look up and stare at another player. If you lock eyes with someone, you yell “Medusa!” and toke, but if you are looking at someone who is looking away, you are safe. The game ends when everyone has partaken of when everyone is just too high to keep their eyes open.

Taxi or Choker

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Sometimes called “Hold Your Smoke,” both Taxi and Choker are variations of a similar game that tests players’ lung capacity. Taxi involves a traveling joint or pipe; you inhale deeply when it is your turn with the smoke, and you hold in your breath as the rig is passed around the circle with others partaking. If you have to let out your smoke before you get the joint or pipe back, you lose. Similarly, Choker has everyone inhale all at once, and the first one to exhale or need more breath loses.

Different groups will have different penalties for losing Taxi or Choker. Some simply kick you out of the circle, preventing you from taking subsequent tokes, and others play a strip version, where you have to remove an item of clothing every time you choke. You can make your own rules with those who play.

Ash Bomber

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This game requires some supplies and a bit of setup. You will need:

  • A wide-mouthed jar
  • A sheet of toilet paper, tissue paper or rolling paper
  • A penny or other small coin
  • A rubber band
  • A joint or blunt

You cover the opening of the jar with the paper and carefully secure the rubber band around the rim to hold the paper in place without tearing it. Then, you set the penny in the middle of the paper. After you light the joint and take a pull, you either ash onto the paper or burn a hole through the paper with your cherry — whichever your group decides. The joint goes around the group with each player performing the same action. When the penny falls, the most recent person to burn the paper is the “loser” and has to perform some task, as determined by the group. Maybe they have to find a new strain on Weedmaps and buy it for the group, or maybe they have to roll the next joint so the group can play again.

Straight-faced Stoner

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Euphoria, happiness, contentment and giggliness are some of the most common symptoms of smoking good weed — which is what makes this next game so difficult for so many stoners. Straight-faced stoner entails getting a group of people good and high, and then exhibiting the control and concentration to avoid cracking a smile. Everyone starts the game at the same time, and the first person to grin or laugh loses and has to suffer some penalty agreed upon by the group, like

Video Games

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If you have a particularly potent strain with an astonishingly high THC content, you might not want to play a game that entails taking more than one toke — which could set you up for an uncomfortable overdose. If many members of your party would rather take their high at their own pace, you might prefer to set up some digital games to keep everyone entertained. Here are our favorite video games for a high group of people:

  • Katamari Damacy. A classic, Katamari Damacy is a game of brilliant visuals, delightful music and simple controls. There is a version for the Switch, or you can pull out your PS2 and play the original. If your version doesn’t have a coop mode, you can take turns playing every level.
  • Super Smash Bros. Though some players know the combos by heart, Super Smash is a game that is still fun for inexperienced players and button mashers. The matches are short and sweet, so people can swap in to give everyone a chance to play.
  • The Witness. The Witness is an underrated puzzle game that has some of the most beautiful visuals of any video game. Admittedly, this is a one-player game, but it doesn’t hurt to have a bunch of stoners working together to solve the puzzles.

Just because you are getting together to get stoned doesn’t mean you need to sit around bored. There are so many ways to stay entertained while enjoying your favorite pastime, and these games are just a few examples.