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Wrong No Deposit Bonus: How to Spot It – 2024 Guide

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Online casinos attract their players in many ways using various types of rewards. The most common and effective reward is, of course, No Deposit Bonus on which you can read more here. It is the most appealing for Canadian gamblers as they see no pitfall beneath. Moreover, they don’t involve their own money. However, there are plenty of mistakes that players, especially newbies make when requesting for bonuses with No Deposit required.

Canada-oriented online casinos prefer setting these bonuses as the first Welcome offer. It’s much easier to put the rose-colored glasses on newbies than the experienced gamblers. At first glance these No Deposit Bonuses seem exciting, but if you read the terms and conditions, you can change your mind.

The fact is that No Deposit Bonuses can be various. There are two types, to be more exact: good and bad offers. Speaking of the latter, you can protect yourself and avoid the bad bonuses by following the recommendations below.

There are red flags “waving you” at online casino sites. You should keep your eye on the signals once you stumble upon the No Deposit Bonus online casinos.

Regulated Online Casinos

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Welcome offers are the biggest, the most attractive. This is ok if you can’t resist them. However, it’s advisable to bear in mind one thought: too excessive welcome bonus is wrong. Let me explain what “excessive welcome bonus” means. This offer does not require you to make a deposit, of course. Besides, it gives you a pile of free spins and free cash for good measure.

These excessive offers lead to only one way out. You will be left there without winnings, money and positive emotions. Simply put, the casino site is fraudulent. There is no single unlicensed online casino that will give you so many rewards at a time. The best suggestion in this situation is to stay away from these casinos and go for the well-reputed gambling sites.

You’d better join a licensed online casino that is regulated by specific gambling authorities. The trusted casino sites are likely to have less attractive bonuses, but it’s more reasonable to play the certified games with real payouts, right? Besides, if you face some problems with the regulated casino, you can contact the operating authority for help.

Wagering requirements

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Although the casino site can be fully licensed and fair, its No Deposit Bonus can have high wagering requirements. It can refer to the fixed MIN bet amount, MIN number of spins and so on. It’s not recommended to claim such rewards due to the little benefits that a player receives in the end.

Then, what is a fine wagering requirement that is quite reasonable to meet? It’s the requirement with minimal number of spins. For example, if the No Deposit Bonus Terms say: wagering requirement 20x, and lower. It’s half normal to see the 20x and 35x wagering requirement. And you should never trust and claim a reward with the wagering requirement of 40x and above.

The latter is not acceptable for a reason described better in the example below.

Let’s assume that an online casino offers you $40 No Deposit Bonus and a 40x wagering requirement. So, it means you will have to bet a total of $40 x 40 = $1600 before you can actually withdraw the winnings.

Theoretically, it’s possible to turn $40 into $1600 just playing a casino game. But only some individuals can really do this. Others will have to deposit their own money in order to make the initial $40 turn into $1600. This is a big struggle which leads to nothing. Hopefully, this example has shown you why we advise to avoid the No Deposit Bonuses with very high wagering requirements.

Ambiguous Terms and Conditions

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Most players make a common mistake once they see a casino offers No Deposit Bonus. Every casino site applies the Bonus T&Cs which players successfully skip. Probably, they think that if there is no deposit, then there are no requirements either. This is a big self-deception. The gamblers understand it later when they have to pay for their mistakes.

It’s quite clear that players are too lazy to read all the Terms as they are usually very lengthy and hard to understand. If you want to figure them all out, you will need a lot of spare time. The online casinos take advantage of this situation and put much vague information into the article. Besides, some pieces of information can be misinterpreted by the players which again leads to discrepancies between casinos and users.

Online casinos with ambiguous Terms and Conditions “catch” the irresponsible players and resist cashing out their winnings. They simply point out the T&Cs’ clauses that were not met appropriately by the players.

It’s highly advisable to take time and read the Terms thoroughly before you even join the casino membership. Mind that you can always ask the support team about the unclear points of the T&Cs. Alternatively, just close the online casino and switch to another site with better bonuses and services.

Payment Troubles

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There are only two methods to understand the payment system of online casinos. The first method won’t suit you unless you’ve already claimed for the No Deposit Bonus and joined the casino. The second variant is to read the reviews and comments about the casino you’re planning to use.

Search carefully for the real feedback from gamblers and trusted sites related to the gambling industry. The comments can contain much useful information. However, you need to pay special attention to the issues about the payment system. If you see that people complain about slow processing or refusal to pay out, there is definitely something wrong with this casino. You should stay away from it.

All the rosy expectations of the No Deposit Bonuses don’t matter if you are unable to withdraw your recent winnings. The money should be processed quickly, without delays and problems. Otherwise, there is no reason to play at the online casino.

Final points

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Summarizing the topics mentioned above, try to cease imagining what benefits you can get with the No Deposit Bonus. In a best-case scenario, you will get zero winnings and play the bonus through. Still, before you claim the reward, keep in mind the simple rules. Firstly, always check the legitimacy of the casino site. Secondly, check the Terms and Conditions for appropriateness, and, finally, read the reviews and comments about the online casino.