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How to Become a Professional Gamer? – 2024 Guide

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The cyber sports league first appeared in the United States in 1997. In 11 years, cybersports have become very popular, with competitions taking place all over the world. The amount of prize money in cybersport tournaments can reach several tens of millions of dollars.

Successful cyber athletes develop into real stars. Just like classic athletes, they earn decent fees, generate advertising revenue and win valuable prizes. But it is not enough to sit at home and just play your favourite computer game in order to achieve success.

What are the costs of eSport?

The first thing you need is a good internet connection. Without high speed internet, you will not get a good training session. As for devices, it’s an individual matter. Some players will do well if they limit themselves to a cool mouse.

There is nothing wrong with that, every gamer has his own approach. ESports players often pay special attention to 3 things: quality internet, keyboard, and mouse.

Choosing your game

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The next step is to find your game. There are two approaches here: choose a new game or an existing game. Choosing a game that already has a cyber-sports competition is useful due to the infrastructure and resources available to support professional gamers.

Popular eSports disciplines such as Fortnite, Valorant, League of Legends, Dota 2 and CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) already have a large player base and sponsored tournaments with lucrative prizes. However, it is harder for newcomers to get to the top in these games.

In newer games, gamers have the opportunity to help develop games and metagames, giving them the advantage of flexibility and the ability to use different game styles from the start. The founding players of games such as Rocket League2 and Battlegrounds from PlayerUnknown3, for example, have been the focus of the eSports world. However, there is a risk that the game will not develop into a well-known cyber sport discipline and you will have to choose another game.

Master the game

It’s not enough just to play. The game has to be lived! You need to learn it thoroughly. Memorize all the weapons, learn all the different tactics, know the modes, classes, characters, and keep up with the changes that are added in small patches.

Any information about the project and its features can affect the outcome of the game. Find more information about this or that game will help a variety of thematic forums and portals. You can also get interesting information by watching broadcasts. You can learn a lot by listening to the commentators and watching the professionals.

For example, Fortnite skins https://skins.co/ are conventionally divided into two groups: standard and specific. The chance of getting one depends on the user’s luck. Sometimes a result is obtained with no repeats, sometimes the same option is dropped ten times in a row.

How do I get my first experience of tournaments?

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Most players gain amateur experience at regional tournaments on a local scale. After a while, backyard tournaments give way to bigger tournaments. And then gamers test their skills at away tournaments. As you can see, everything happens gradually.

Before getting to an important tournament, you need to go a certain way. Sometimes you will have to play in small tournaments with no prize pool. In this way, players earn points to qualify. For more details check BoostRoyal NE.

How do I generate income from cyber sport?

The bulk of a cyber athlete’s income comes from prize money, club salaries and sponsorship contracts. Additional income can be generated through media development.

However, this requires creating quality content, actively developing social media pages and continuously streaming video broadcasts on streaming platforms.

In general, there are many ways to make money from it, but everything takes time. In addition to being a true professional, a player needs to communicate with his audience and develop in different ways.

What is the difference between a regular player and a pro?

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First and foremost, the difference lies in the amount of time they spend playing the game. While a regular gamer spends 4-7 hours, a pro spends at least 10-16 hours a day. The second difference is the approach to the game.

While a professional gamer trains a lot and thinks about every action, a regular gamer just plays for fun. A cyber-sports player treats playing as a full-time job. They take it very seriously.

Find a team

This stage can be the easiest as well as the most difficult. A lot depends on your luck. As a rule, teams are found on websites that are dedicated to the game or in thematic communities. When choosing a team, be realistic about your abilities. Experienced players are unlikely to accept a weak player in their ranks.

Playing on a team with a weaker player is also detrimental, as they will drag you down and not teach you anything. That’s where the difficulty lies. A team should be made up of players of similar levels.

This way you can develop together. Also, you should match not only your personality but also your outlook on life. In fact, if you succeed, you will have to spend most of your time with these guys both in the virtual world and in the real one.

You’ll be lucky if the right people find you, or you form a group of like-minded friends. If not, don’t give up and keep looking. Actively create new threads in various communities or forums. The time will come and you will meet the right players.

Don’t forget about real life

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Players should learn to combine their hobbies with their studies or work. So, to speak, combine business with pleasure. Cyber-sports are demanding and time-consuming. Sometimes gamers are so engrossed in the game that they do not notice anything.

That’s why it’s crucial to find a balance between eSports, work, and study. Without harmony, you can’t be very successful in this field. Very often, the gamers who are not interested in anything but games are despised. Such gamers are on the bottom rung of the development ladder. As a rule, they are lacking in intellect and oratory.