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Best Competitive CS:GO Teams to Eye for in 2024

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Since its release in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has made its mark as one of the most prolific titles in the global professional esports scene. Nearly 100 teams vie for a spot to compete in the game’s Major Championships, where the best of the best players sit on the top stage.

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Let’s look at some of the top teams in the game to date and learn what makes them the best in the league.

Top Esports Scenes in 2024

  1. Gambit Esports
  2. Heroic
  3. Astralis
  4. Natus Vincere
  5. Virtus.pro

Gambit Esports

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After a long hiatus in the CS: GO competitive scene, Gambit Esports is at the top spot in the league in April 2024 with a commanding lead of almost 400 points. The team has consecutive impressive showings since late 2024, getting consistent top positions in most tournaments and placing in the top 8 at the ongoing BLAST Premier: Spring 2024 tournament.

Known as the first CIS team to win a CS: GO Majors title in 2017, the Russian team was originally formed in 2016 with players coming from the team HellRaisers. After some major changes in the team roster, the org was announced that it was holding up its main lineup in early 2019. In late 2024, their academy team, Gambit Youngsters, was promoted to the main lineup after “nafany” and the rest of the crew gave a strong 12-week top 30 ranking.


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ESL Pro League Season 13 winners Heroic Esports is currently seated at the top five spots of the world rankings, rising up in the ranks after a month-long slump. A consistent performer in both offline and online tournaments, Heroic is a major player in the European CS:GO scene, with multiple appearances in large tournaments in the area. The acquisition of Ismail “refresh” Ali and Rasmus “sjuush” Beck from MAD Lions last February 2024 significantly bolstered their lineup, filling invaluable roles in the team.

Founded by former members of the CS: GO org Team X in 2016, this Danish esports organization has gained a reputation as a solid competitor. Despite a setback following the suspension of their coach Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen due to coaching bug abuse, the team has played better than ever, even clinching the number one position last November 2024.


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Astralis is one of the most decorated CS:GO teams to date, with more than 24 first-place finishes and four CS:GO Majors wins, the most for any competitive team in the sport. Boasting a strong 70% win rate, this Danish esports organization has maintained an impressive standing for the game, staying on top for 214 days until March 2024. Despite their dominance, recent matches in the ESL Pro League Season 13 and BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2024 has not been favorable to the grand slam champions.

The team is packed with skilled players with years of experience like Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen and Andreas “Xyp9X” Højsleth, a top-tier lurker in Emil “Magisk” Reif, and an amazing commander in the form of Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander. However, the recent move of Astralis’ key player Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz to Ninjas in Pajamas could cause some hurdles for Astralis to capture the gold this season.

Natus Vincere

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Snuggly positioned at the top five of CS:GO’s global esports rankings is Natus Vincere, staying within the top five for nearly 1600 days. Staying true to its namesake “born to win”, the Ukrainian organization has been part of the CS:GO competitive scene since 2010 and claimed the record of triple victories the same year. Consistent showing performance and a lineup of strong players have kept Na`Vi in the front of the competition, scoring major wins in the BLAST Premier: Global Final 2024 and BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2024.

Another definitive edge that Na`Vi has over the competition is their ace player, s1mple. Oleksandr Kostyliev, also known by his handle “s1mple”, is crowned as one of the best CS:GO players in the world, period. The 12-time MVP 1v2 AWP clutch round against Fnatic in ESL One: Cologne in 2016 cemented his name as one of the sport’s all-time greats.


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Rounding up our list of high-ranking CS:GO teams in Russia’s Virtus.pro organization, claiming the fifth spot on the overall global rankings. Back-to-back wins and top finishes from major tournaments in 2024 and 2024 have cemented the org as someone to watch out for amongst the big names in the sport.

While the team experienced constant roster changes over the years, the acquisition of AVANGAR’s roster in 2019 sparked the upward trajectory VP is enjoying. The addition of Mareks “YEKINDAR” Galisnskis in mid-2020 rounded up the team’s roster, placing them in a stronger position even after the loss of Dauren “ArdeN” Kystaubayev in August.

How to Make Smart Esports Bets

Betting on CS:GO teams and matches are interesting ways to enjoy the games more while adding more to your pocket. Here are some tips to make esports betting fun and hassle-free:

  1. Play with reliable esports betting sites – going with legitimate sites guarantees that you get paid when you win and not lose more when you don’t.
  2. Check your resources before placing bets – before placing a bet for your favored team, make sure you’re updated with the latest information about them. This is so you’re not blindsided by any abrupt changes on the team’s roster, like what happened to “dev1ce” instantly leaving Astralis on April 23. You can also look at sites that offer betting tips and predictions which can influence your betting decisions.
  3. Set a betting limit – placing a hard limit on your betting amount not only helps you bet smarter but saves you a whole lot of trouble when losses come piling up.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an awesome game for spectators, players, and gamblers alike. Watching these top teams play on their level makes the matches look even more amazing, with their high-level strategies and clutch plays that are sure to make milestones. And with the 2024 season only starting, we are sure that these orgs are to make a big impact in the global esports landscape.