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Can You Use Sunglasses Frames For Eyeglasses

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While many believe that sunglasses should be worn explicitly if they are bothered by sunlight, the real answer is that you should also wear them if the sun does not interfere with your viewing. Why? Sunglasses are made not only to protect from sunlight, but also from harmful UV rays that can cause photokeratitis, pinguecula, and permanent retinal damage.

Fortunately, today many follow fashion trends, and various forms of sunglasses can be found on sale, so we are sure that everyone, with a little effort, can find the ideal ones for themselves. We know that the lenses on eyeglasses can be changed. But is that possible with sunglasses? That is, is it possible to use a sunglasses frame for eyeglasses?

The answer is – yes! It is up to you to choose the ideal shape of sunglasses (because it is a far better choice) and take them to your optician who will install prescription glasses. This is the perfect way to combine quality, practicality, and to always be in trend.

Do more expensive branded glasses always provide better protection than cheap ones?

Yes, because you can’t produce quality sunglasses that provide maximum protection from UV rays for little money. Larger glasses are a better choice because they not only protect the eye but also the delicate skin around the eyes.

It is important to make sure that the glasses have one hundred percent blockage of both UVA and UVB sun rays. The natural protective mechanisms of the eye filter up to 90 percent of harmful sun rays in adulthood, while in young children the situation is reversed, only about 10 percent, so the risk of damage is much higher.

It is extremely important to emphasize that you should also pay attention to eye protection in children. Toddlers need to get used to wearing sunglasses from an early age. Find more at quivedo.com.

How do I choose a frame that fits my face?

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The shape and size of the glasses depend on the shape of the face as well as the size of the head. For example, large brown or black frames are perfect for people who have an oval face shape. Since this is one of the best shapes, you can wear almost any pair of frames you like.

Darker lenses will accentuate your cheekbones. Cat-eye frames, round frames, square frames, and pilot frames are options you can explore. If your head is smaller, the frame should be smaller and vice versa. Smaller frames or cat-eye glasses fit perfectly for people with a heart-shaped face.

Also, smaller rectangular glasses and frameless glasses will fit you well. The round frame is reserved for those with a square face shape, and people with a round face choose rectangular ones.

What types of spectacle lenses are there?

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The selection of spectacle lenses is really large, so it is good to seek the advice of an optician when choosing sunglasses. Various shades of lenses can improve your vision in certain conditions. An experienced optician will help you choose the shade that best suits your needs.

Spectacle lenses that block blue light

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You can see these goggles on skiers, hunters, pilots, and boaters. Blue light is thought to impair vision and cause certain eye diseases. These glasses enhance the necessary contrast. Imagine a skier going down a trail without sunglasses as the sun’s rays bounce off the snow? Sounds impossible, and it probably is.

Polarized lenses and anti-reflective layers

This is another type of lens that reduces glare, so skiers and water sports enthusiasts like to use them to prevent reflection.

Lenses with a mirror effect

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The mirror effect is achieved by an extremely reflective coating, which is applied to the lens surface of the sunglasses to reduce the amount of light entering the eyes. They are suitable for skiing when the weather is sunny and other activities in bright conditions. Sunglasses, often worn by police officers in American movies, are one example of glasses with a mirror effect.

Lenses with a gradient shade

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These are tinted glasses in which the upper part is dark and gradually becomes lighter. These goggles are perfect for driving, as they protect you from the sun coming from above, but allow you to clearly see the road ahead.

Lenses with a double gradient hue

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These glasses are very similar to the previous ones, with one difference, and that is that both the upper and lower part of the glass is painted in dark, and in the middle are lighter shades. If you’ve had trouble finding the perfect sunglasses so far, we hope you don’t have them anymore.

They are a great choice for those who do not want to have extremely dark sunglasses, but still want to have protection from light and glare from water, sand, and other reflective surfaces.

In which cases should sunglasses have a diopter?

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Always if you have a diopter at a distance, it is necessary to install it in the glasses of sunglasses. This should be taken into account when choosing a frame, especially if a person has astigmatism (a condition in which light rays do not refract equally on all meridians of the eye) when the frame should be avoided to be too curved.

Final thoughts

Choosing quality sunglasses that protect us from harmful sun radiation is very important, and many people are not aware that inappropriate sunglasses can harm eye health. We often focus only on the shape, color, or frame instead of carefully choosing the sunglasses that are best for our eyes.

With cheap sunglasses, their protection from UV radiation is questionable. There is a possibility that the left and right lenses are not exactly the same which can cause blurred vision. Sometimes the material from which the glasses are made, if not of good quality, can cause an allergic reaction on the skin.

And don’t forget: sunglasses aren’t just needed during the summer, as vision needs quality protection all year round.