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The Best and Worst Casino Games You Can Play 

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Some people visit casinos just for the fun and entertainment it can provide. It’s a nice escape from everyday mundane life and does offer a bit of a thrill no matter which games you’re playing. However, most of us enter a casino with the hopes that we might emerge a little richer than we arrived.

Even though we know that the odds are stacked against us and the house has to make a profit. So, if you want to improve your chances to making that happen, you need to be very selective about which games you’re playing. You need the games with the lowest house edge that offer decent odds of winning.

Although every casino game has to bring in a profit for the house, some do a better job of it than others. These are the games to avoid. In this article we’ll discuss your best and worst options. Try to remember the following next time you visit Bestpokies.com or your favorite local casino.

Your Best Table Game Options

The first thing to remember about casinos is that table games are almost always your best bet. Sure, slots can be fun from time to time. But they aren’t nearly as engaging and never offer the same odds of winning. In fact, the slot games with million-dollar jackpots are almost akin to winning the lottery. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by table games. Most are a lot easier than you think to get the hang of.

1. Blackjack

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Playing blackjack gives you around 49% odds of winning, meaning the house only has about a 1% edge over the player. Moreover, this is a very fun and easy game to start playing. Basically, you and all other players at the table go up against the dealer to see whose hand gets as closer to 21 without busting (exceeding 21).

Winning in blackjack is dependent on mostly luck, however there is a bit of skill involved as well. But rest assured, the same thing applies to the dealer as well. Which puts you at almost equal footing. Another pro tip would be to use a blackjack strategy card, which gives the statistically best action you can take depending on the combination of your cards and the dealer’s up card.

2. Craps

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The simple dice game craps is another excellent choice, with odds of nearly 50% as well. In craps, one of the players (the shooter) rolls the dice and the others at the table make bets on the results of the roll.

There are many different bet types players can make in this game with varying odds. For the first roll, the shooter wins if it’s an 11 or 7. Any other number is considered a “point” that the shooter needs to hit before rolling a seven.

Ideally, you must make the simplest bet on the table. Which is basically if the shooter will win or lose their roll. Or you can bet on the pass line wager, for 50% chance to win. Regardless if the shooter wins or loses. As with all games, the more specific your bet, the lower your odds but higher the payout.

3. Roulette

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What the three best casino games have in common is that all of them give players roughly fifty-fifty odds of winning. However, this doesn’t apply to all bets on the table. For instance, roulette is a game played on a 37-38 numbered wheel. Each number has it’s own slot and each slot has alternating black and red colours.

In addition to one green zero slot on the French and European wheels. And a zero and double zero slot on the American wheel. In roulette the croupier (dealer) spins the wheel and stops bets as the wheel comes to a stop and the ball lands in one of the numbered slots.

If you want the 50% odds of winning, you must stick to the simplest and safest bets on the table. These are, black/red, odd/even or high/low numbers. Moreover, just like craps, there are a myriad of other bets you can place. But the more specific you get, the worse the odds become.

For example, betting on a single number has a 1 in 36 odds of winning but pays out 35 to 1. You also want to note, that even playing the best games in the house still gives the casino a slight edge. Therefore, to end up with a profit, you have to play extremely smartly and get lucky as well. Otherwise, the best you will do is break even.

Worst Games

We’re sure this won’t dissuade you from playing them if you’re really fond of the the following games. But that’s ok as well, because casinos are a form of entertainment essentially, and you should have fun no matter what.

1. Big Six or Wheel of Fortune

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You can’t miss the Big Six or Wheel of Fortune because it’s always one of the most popular attractions in the casino. There always seems to be a crowd around them even though they don’t offer particularly good odds of winning.

Basically, you’re betting on the outcome of a spin of the wheel. Such as $1 to $20 or joker. Wherever the wheel stops is what you’ll win. The best odds in this game is around 11% on the $1 dollar bet. While the Joker has 36X payout with a whopping 24% house edge.

2. Slots

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No matter what slots will always be popular. Because they offer something none of the other games do on this list. That is the chance to win millions for bets of just a few dollars. They are also super easy to play. All you need to do is spin the reels and hold your breath in anticipation of the result.

A winning combination could pay you a jackpot worth tens of thousands up to millions. The only issue is that the odds of winning are also one in tens of thousands. Moreover, just like other games, you need to ensure you’re betting enough to trigger the bigger payouts in the game.