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Travelers Season 4 – Premiere Date, Cast, News and Trailer

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We often hear about movies or TV series that put you in a spot and even hold the power to manipulate your own personality close to one of your favorite characters. Well hold up, because Travelers is one such kind of television series and makes you feel adventurous and gives butterflies. This science fiction series has been produced by Netflix and available on the streaming platform internationally and on Showcase in Canada. Buckle up as this article about the Travelers is going to be a roller coaster ride.

A peek into the storyline

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In a world that has seen the face of massive destruction and a full blown apocalypse, people from the future take up the responsibility to save the world. These saviours are known as travelers based on the tasks they do of travelling in time from the future to the present and take over the host’s body and control them to prevent the furtherance of any destructive happenings.

These travelers have to be provided with the geographical location with referrals from latitude and longitude numbers along with the exact time to get into the host’s body. As they pass into the host body, each team which consists of five members need to work collectively towards fulfilling their mission which has been ordered by the director.

The Director communicates with these travelers with kids. Unlike the adults, these kids can be easily seen through animations and graphic imaging that could assist them in passing forward information. Along with going by the tasks the director has provided, the travelers should also abide by a few rules and guidelines. A few of those are:

  • The travelers should only protect the host’s body in case there is a retraction of orders.
  • The travelers are expected not to reproduce.
  • The mission that they have been sent for is the most primary of all.
  • Their present, which is technically our future, should be in their past and should nor monitor their actions in our present.
  • When given no direction they should not kill anyone and on the other hand not also save anyone else. Classically, they should stay put minding their own mission as a team.
  • They are expected not to engage with other teams with different missions.


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The characters of these series are played by dynamic actors and actresses who live through these roles. Grant Mc Lauren who is the leader of the team and takes over the body of a married FBI agent is played by Eric McCormack.

Mackenzie Porter, the medical professional of the team played the role of Marcy Wharton , a physically handicapped woman. Philip Pearson, the historian, is played by Reilly Dorman who is now A teenage heroin addict. The engineer, Trevor Holden, plays as a high school athlete played by Jared Abrahamson.

When do we expect the release of the fourth season?

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The series began airing on October 17, 2016 in Canada and on December 23 worldwide in the same year. The second and third seasons have been released in consecutive years with each season in a year. But back in 2019, the creators of the series confirmed that the series would no longer move ahead and they have stopped filming. So the fourth season is unavailable.

Final Words

The Travelers series is a fictional television series which is currently available on Netflix. They have three seasons but the fourth season has unfortunately been canceled leading to a halt in the show.