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5 Best Retro Toys And Games For Kids In 2024

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Children love to play because toys are an indispensable part of childhood. We often say playing complements free time. However, we often forget that playing with toys is an extremely significant part of children’s development. Through play, children develop, learn, grow, and gain invaluable experience. Great help and encouragement is choosing a quality and appropriate toys that suit the child’s age.

But how to choose it today? In the era of technology, we face the problem that our children know how to handle a Smartphone better than performing some simple actions. Therefore, the choice of toys is sometimes invaluable. Do you remember your toys and the way we parents played when we were kids? Try to offer the same to your little ones. These are our 5 suggestions for the best retro toys and games for children in 2024.

Playing Is A Spontaneous Activity We Should Encourage

Children’s play is very large and it could be said of irreplaceable importance in the overall development of a child. The difference between play and other activities is that play is a free and spontaneous activity. The pleasure that results from play – is the only conscious reason why a child plays. When we talk about children’s play, it is an activity that is both – play and work. It is because play affects all aspects of a child’s development: Sensorimotor, cognitive, emotional, moral, social – as well as speech development.

Playing Means Preparing Your Child For Life

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The importance of a child’s play for his complete development is multiple. It contributes to the development of all psychophysical functions of the child, his abilities – and his knowledge. The games create conditions for the formation of an emotionally stable, socialized, and creative personality. Socially and emotionally, playing is a kind of preparation for a child for life in society and with others. At the same time, the child liberates and develops his feelings – by constantly experiencing a new attitude towards various activities, towards friends in the group, towards the outside world – and himself.

Best Retro Toys And Games For Kids

Developing imagination and creativity through playing is an important part of growing up. It is an everyday and indispensable activity for every child that develops intelligence, moral – as well as emotional abilities. Playing is the most interesting part of every child’s day. Unfortunately in the age of technology – our children are increasingly exposed to modern gadgets, rather than toys that develop imagination and creativity.

This is very different from the period when WE – parents, were children. However, according to MultiToys, if you want to develop the imagination and inventiveness of your children – try something different. Offer them the best retro toys and games you have ever loved.

Best Retro Toys And Games For Kids

1. Modeling Clay

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Modeling clay or plasticine is one of the best toys after your child’s second birthday. Playing with modeling clay stimulates the development of fine motor skills, affects the strengthening of arm muscles, stimulates imagination and creativity- and learning various colors. Also, it has a calming effect – so it is great for both children and parents. Here are ideas to help you use it for the game. In the beginning, children usually make figurines of what is in their lines of sight, such as mom, dad, sister, or brother – to pets. Later, through various activities, children’s fat spreads, and so various figurines of household items, trees, flowers, etc. are created. Plasticine is grateful for the development of your child and should always be an integral part of their upbringing.

2. Lego

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Lego, with their appearance on the market until today, has maintained the primacy of leading toys in the development of children from 4 years and up. Legos are perfect for your child’s small hands, which are slowly beginning to accept various shapes and objects. Lego is also developing the imagination and creativity of your child by learning how to make one of the figures. When you give your child Legos that he can put together in many ways – you will inspire him to use his imagination and play longer.

3. Chalk And Blackboard For Writing And Drawing

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Try to apply this type of game with children when they are in groups – because they will need to excel in some knowledge or drawing skills. This way of playing is great when preparing children for school, but it should be continued later – so that the child, in addition to playing, also learns something and develops an awareness of behavior at school. By using chalk and blackboard – the child expands his needs to find out if he can draw or calculate or compose a sentence. Even if they make mistakes, it’s nothing scary – because they can wipe everything with a sponge, and start from the beginning.

4. Ludo Game

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Ludo is a social game that encourages the development of logical and mathematical thinking, prediction, and inference in children. By respecting the rules of the game, children learn to control their feelings, to be patient and persistent, and to socialize. Playing board games helps develop morality, accept social rules of life, notice and understand relationships between people, cooperation, and competition. Motoric skills are not dominated in this game. This game is looking for different qualities. That is why it draws the attention even of shy children, or those who don’t want to be in the center of attention. Even the children who are not having the best motoric skills can equally participate and win in it. And of course, the one who loses can always get a little angry.

5. Monopoly

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Old sets of board games that collect dust somewhere at the top of the shelf could be the key to spending time with your family, mental activity, and intellectual health – and even developing some new habits for your child.  A monopoly is certainly one of the most popular board games. What is important and common to all board games is that they offer much more than just fun. Fun, good mood, and laughter are the main benefits of board games. Strengthening memory, learning the value of money, and initiating logistical moves – the most important things that the game Monopoly will teach your kids.