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What Is Discord and Why You Need to Install It in 2024

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Modern technology has advanced over the last twenty years. Although once having a mobile phone meant you had to be very rich or businessman to afford it, today it is normal for everyone to have it, from children going to primary school, over teenagers and adults, all the way to the older generations. Thanks to smartphones and wireless internet, today it is very easy to communicate with a person on the other side of the world without spending a penny for that service. There are several free applications that are used for communication. In essence, the difference between them is small but still exists. All of these apps support video calling, text messaging, sending pictures and videos, and so on, but now we’ll see what sets Discord apart from others. Although it was developed only five years ago, this application has earned the trust of many users, especially those younger and game lovers.

What is Discord?

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Discord is a free mobile application intended for exchanging videos and pictures, text messages, as well as ordinary and video calls. In addition to a smartphone, this application can also be accessed via a PC or a browser. This application is preferred by gamers, due to the fact they can create private servers they will use with their friends while playing games. You have probably noticed that advertisements appear in many applications, which is not the case with this one.

In addition to being convenient for communication while playing your favorite game, it is also very easy to use in everyday communication that you do over the phone.

Discord is very easy to use. All you need to do is log in, add friends, and join the chat server. The development of this application has replaced other VoIP programs that were used to communicate while playing games. It is important to say that it is possible to send a direct message to one of the players in the group, which makes it useful for communication in multiplayer games. For more information, you can check here.

If you are one of the people who do not respond immediately to the message or do not like complaints from the other party, if you do not reply immediately, there is a “seen” option in the settings that you can turn off.

Is Discord safe?

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Since this is an application used by children aged 13 and older, the question arises as to whether it is safe to use. The answer is yes. As already mentioned, you can create private groups that others can only access if they are invited. This will bring relief to many parents, bearing in mind that today a lot of dangers lurk for children precisely through the Internet and various social networks.

However, there is a way that the user’s IP address could be detected. Namely, if you click on a malicious link, and the content of the site is monitored, your IP address will also be revealed. Also, Discord is spyware, heaving in mind it collects all information that appears on the communication platform.

For this application to be used securely, you need to make some settings, and that is to choose for yourself who is allowed to contact or add you as a friend, who is allowed to join the server, and you can also block an unwanted person.

The application is safe to use and is designed to protect personal information and private conversations, as well as to protect against inappropriate content. Another very important thing that every user should do is to secure their account as well as possible. This involves choosing a strong password. You probably already know that passwords that consist of your name and the year you were born are very easy to break. That is why it is best to use some with a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. You are the one who can choose who is allowed to contact you, so go to User Settings and Privacy & Safety to make sure you are safe. Here is an option Who can add you as a friend, and you can click on everyone or only server members.

Still, no matter how safe the application is, it is always necessary to be careful with who do your children communicate.

The interface offers two modes, dark and light. Gamers usually choose bright ones because their eyes are less strained during long-term viewing of the screen. Also, the use of gifs and hashtags will make all communication in the game more interesting.

Does using Discord affect game performance

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Since this application was developed specifically for use while playing games, rest assured that it will not affect the performance of the game. It is interesting to note the incredibly good sound quality that suppresses noise and echo, and at the same time, the quality is so good that even the quietest sound can be heard.

Still, if sound problems appear, there are some things you should check. First, check the server status because it could happen it is offline. The next step Is to check sound settings, to check if your headphones and microphone are connected properly. Checking connection will make you sure if there are connections problems and it is running too slow. Sometimes it can happen that you have unknowingly turned off the sound, so you need to turn it on again on the applications in the sound setting. This app should be updated like any other to run at full capacity with all its performance.


Although we mentioned that Discord is an application in which you can control who you communicate with, you should still be careful, especially when it comes to children. Very often, inappropriate content may appear or be heard between players, so it is best to keep your child under control. However, this is a social network, and very often, conversations can be heard on a different topic between players.