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Top 10 Evernote Alternatives

Evernote Alternatives

Evernote Alternatives

Evernote Alternatives – Technology has revolutionized the way we used to perform our routine task and taking notes is not an exception. Gone are the days when you have to keep a notebook along with you to note down important points. In today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world, it is very tough to keep track of everything.

That is note-taking apps come into play. The first name that pops up in the mind when we hear the word note-taking apps is Evernote. There is a solid reason for that. Evernote is one of the most popular and feature-rich note-taking apps out there.

The cross-platform support is an added bonus but if you are looking for formidable Evernote alternatives or want to know more Evernote like apps than this article is for you.

Here are some of the best Evernote alternatives everyone should try

  1. Springpad
  2. Microsoft OneNote
  3. Google Keep
  4. Simplenote
  5. Nevernote
  6. Catch
  7. DEVONthink
  8. Fetchnotes
  9. SpringSeed
  10. Circus Ponies Notebook


If there is one tool that can give some tough competition to Evernote in terms of features, then Springpad is the one. It is the only competitor that came very close to beating Evernote. You can do just about anything with this tool from organizing recipes to managing shopping lists and more.

Springpad offers everything you need. Its collaboration tool allows users to work on a complex project at any given time. Supporting a wide variety of platforms, there is a kindle app and browser extension along with android and iOS apps.

The website itself is a joy to use. There is some automation involved to facilitate the user even more. For example, if you save information about a recipe, this program will automatically provide you with a shopping list.

These are the features that help Springpad stand toe to toe with Evernote and head and shoulders above the rest of the software. Springpad takes the edge with extensive support, many useful features, and usability. You will have experience of how good this tool is to believe it.

Microsoft OneNote

You cannot keep Microsoft out of the game, especially when it comes to office and productivity apps. Formerly known as Microsoft Office OneNote, has now available as a part of Microsoft Office 365. Users can download the app separate on their mobile devices free of cost.

It is available on a wide range of mobile and desktop platforms including the Web, Mac, PC, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android and iPad. This cross-platform nature of the app makes it stand among Evernote competitors.

OneNote is not as feature-rich as Evernote but it does what it promises. The clean layout and smooth responsive will make note-taking a breeze with this app. It also supports many third-party applications which further enhance its effectiveness.

If you are accustomed to using Microsoft services on a regular basis, then this note-taking tool is a must-have. If you are looking for a free alternative to Evernote, then Microsoft OneNote fits the bill perfectly, especially if you are a Microsoft user.

Google Keep

Google made its entry into the note-taking apps domain with Google Keep. It proved to be a mixed bag initially but the ease of use of this free Evernote alternative means that new users won’t need much time to get accustomed to it.

Add to that some unique features such as text grabbing from an image or dictating voice notes, and you get an ideal replacement for Evernote.

Another advantage of using Google Keep instead of Evernote is its close integration with many Google services, which you won’t find in Evernote. The simple interface and layout give Google Keep an edge over Evernote and other programs like Evernote.

There is also a web-based extension for Google Chrome browser that will ensure that you don’t miss out on making notes even when you are online via your computer.


If you are looking for a hassle-free way of making notes in today’s digital era, then there is no better app for this purpose than Simplenote. Simplenote is light on features, but more than makes up for when it comes to platform support and ease of use.

Simplenote is available on all major platforms such as android, iOS, Web, Kindle, and Mac. The sync feature makes Simplenote a perfect tool for note-takers on the go. Users can easily take notes; jot down ideas, organize tasks through a clean distraction-free layout.

What makes Simplenote stand out from other tools is the innovative versioning feature. If you have made a change to your notes that you want to undo, then you can step back in the past and restore the previous versions.

Simplenote also has a note sharing feature but it pales when compared to sharing features offered by other similar apps. If you don’t want any extra features and want an app that is similar to Evernote but adds the simplicity factor, then Simplenote will win your fancy. It is also an excellent choice for those who are not happy with the Evernote free offering.


By far the best Evernote alternative for Linux, Nevernote was initially developed as an Evernote open-source alternative and managed to impress Linux users with its impressive set of features.

The color code distinction makes using this tool a breeze. Users can share their notebooks with one another. It is a godsend for Linux users who are waiting for something similar to Evernote.

Nevernote is a free, Evernote open-source alternative that brings the important note-taking features to Linux users. The interface is a little different from other similar software, so it might take some time for users to get used to the software but once they do, it is a smooth ride ahead.

It is also available on Windows and Mac. Thanks to Nevernote, Linux users can now jump on the note-taking bandwagon as well.


The catch is the best Evernote similar web app out there. Although it also has a dedicated app for android and iOS users it is basically a web-based note-taking software. If you are sick and tired of looking at the same user interface offered by most note-taking apps, then its time to try Catch.

It has a unique interface, where users have to use a capture wheel to accomplish any task. The voice note feature along with the conventional text note feature ensures that there is something for every type of user in this app.

One unique feature is hashtags, which can make organizing your notes very simple and easy. Users are free to organize tasks or add pictures as well. With this app, users can easily differentiate tasks related to work and home, which is brilliant for busy professionals.

Dig a little deeper and you will find many useful features to organize things. Want to organize notes, reminders and tasks and ideas in one place, then Catch will not disappoint you. The catch is available on iOS, android and web platforms.


DEVONthink is not purely a note-taking program but a virtual assistant with other features including bookmarks, notes, documents and much more. What separates DEVONthink from other similar software is the number of plans it offers to customers.

Users can choose between DEVONthink Pro Office, DEVONthink Pro, DEVONthink Personal and DEVONthink To Go.

The superior search feature and AI-based processes are advanced features you won’t find in any other software on this list. Mac users can combine all their notes and documents in one place. The only downside of this software is its steep price tag.

The personal package will set you back by $49.95 and the pro version will cost you $79.95. This handy program is available for all Apple devices including Macs, iPad, and iPhones.


One of the latest entrants in the note-taking domain, Fetchnotes has managed to make early inroads and captured a loyal customer base within no time. It offers some brilliant features to keep the users interested.

Whether you are a quick note-taker or want additional features such as adding documents from different cloud storage services, Fetchnotes offers a perfect combo of ease of use and useful features. Fetchnotes users can also invite their friends to join in and share notes.

If you open a Fetchnotes along with box cloud storage service, you can take advantage of 25 GB free cloud storage to store your files in the cloud. Available on the most popular mobile platform as well as the web, this tool will please Evernote fans for sure.

Although, Fetchnotes is nowhere near to cause any serious worries for the market leaders things are moving in the right direction for Fetchnotes.

Google Docs/Drive

Surprised to see Google Docs, Google Drive and Google voice on this list If yes, then you are not alone, because most of the readers might not be aware of the note-taking feature offered by Google. Yes, you read that right.

Google Docs has some other tricks up its sleeve and can do more than helping you collaborating on documents with friends. Google just sprayed its collaboration magic over note-taking and took note-taking to a whole new level.

Surprisingly, Google Docs note-taking feature is powerful than some of the dedicated note-taking software on this list. Users can take advantage of Google Drive OCR and extract text from a PDF document.

The search feature, Google is known for can also benefit users when using Google Drive. Sharing your notes with other friends as easy as one two three. Additionally, collaborators can ask questions with one another when working on the document.

Circus Ponies Notebook

OneNote fans who want an equally good alternative on their Mac have got what they are looking for thanks to Circus Ponies Notebook. The ability to export the whole notebook to different websites along with the feature.

To create detailed indexes of all the notes makes this program one of the best note-taking software available for Macs. The notebook-like interface and wealth of features will surely bring a smile on Apple fans who love to jot down notes on the move.

In addition to this, there is a functional iOS app to turn your iPhone and iPads into a notebook. Sharing notes with your peers is not an issue anymore with innovative sharing features of this tool.

All this and much more comes at a steep price. Buying this software for your whole family will cost you approximately $100 while the version for the individual will set you back by almost $50.

Even though, some users might never spend $50 or $100 dollars for a note-taking software, especially when there are many free and equally good alternatives available.

The premium features and the clean layout will force users to shell out the cash to get the best note-taking experience that you won’t get by using any free tool.

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There is no doubt that Evernote is still the king of note-taking software but there are many other competitors that are looking to dethrone Evernote. Springpad came very close to achieve that feat but fell short due to minor issues.

All the big names such as Microsoft, Apple and Google have their dedicated note-taking apps, which goes to show the importance tech giants are giving to this domain.

The edge Microsoft OneNote, Google Docs/Drive, and Google Keep has over other similar software is the strong integration with their respective service. This plays a vital role in enhancing the effectiveness of the tool.

If you are looking for a stress-free way to take notes, then Simplenote is the best option to go for. There are some platform-specific apps available as well for both popular platforms such as iOS and android and not so popular platforms such as Linux and Mac.

The note-taking industry will evolve in days to come and companies that continue to innovate and focus on customer requirements will take the lead in this race.