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6 Things To Do If You Are Feeling Exhausted at Work – 2024 Guide

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We all have days when we’re too tired to function, no matter how hard we try to get enough rest the day before. Of course, feeling tired is not a good excuse to miss work, so most of us are stuck just trying to survive the shift. You’ll have to get your job done somehow, so how can you make it a bit easier?

Well, in this article, we’ll give your our top tips on how to manage feeling overwhelmed at work! It won’t make your tiredness go away, but it will at least help you get through the day with minimal trouble.

So, without further ado, let’s help you finish your shift so you can finally get some rest!

1. Talk with your co-workers

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Taking a short break to catch up with your colleagues can be a great way to regain focus and energy. You can vent to each other and release the negative emotions you’ve been bottling up. Nobody can understand you better than your co-workers, as they’ve probably been in the exact same situation before.

So, remember to take a short break during your work-hours and talk to your work colleagues. You’re certainly going to feel better afterward, and building relationships with the people you’re spending half of your days with is always a productive thing to do.

If you’re feeling stuck at a task or a project you can ask them for advice and assistance. It can be super helpful for getting that motivational boost to get through the day.

2. Use your lunch-break wisely

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Use your lunch-break to get some fresh air if you can.

Plan your meals and make sure to eat something refreshing and healthy. Whatever you do, make sure not to skip breakfast! Stay away from sugary foods as they can make you feel even worse. A well-balanced breakfast that’s high in proteins can give you the necessary strength to finish your daily tasks at work. So, try eating some eggs and oats, and start your day right.

When it comes to your lunch, make sure not to overeat as it can make you feel even sleepier. Of course, you shouldn’t eat less than you need to function, so make sure to balance it all out.

All in all, eating right can improve your focus and give you enough energy to survive the day. Whatever you do, make sure to have a proper meal plan at your disposal, and drink loads of water.

3. Coffee

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Caffeine is generally not the best solution for tiredness, especially in the long run. It cannot, and it shouldn’t ever act as a replacement for sleep. Still, in situations like yours, a cup of coffee can be extremely useful to get you through the workday.

Of course, you’ll need to schedule your coffee breaks smartly. While caffeine can give you a short energy boost after it passes you’ll likely feel worse. So, do not drink the coffee the moment you’ve opened your eyes, as it can do you more harm than good.

Other than that, make sure to increase your water intake if you’re drinking coffee, to avoid the risk of dehydration. Do not take caffeine too late, since you do want to get good sleep after you’re done with working. Make sure to dose it properly, as too much of it can give you headaches.

4. Take a day off

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Sometimes we’ll feel so overwhelmed and tired that we’ll dread the thought of working that day. If that’s the case, you can always find a way to skip work for the day. If you have any vacation days stacked up, it’s time to use them! Talk to your boss about it, and ask for a personal day if possible. You’d be surprised at what you can get by simply asking nicely!

Still, if your boss doesn’t seem to be very understanding, then, as a last resort, you could fake being ill to skip work. Of course, this should be a one-time-only thing, since you don’t want to risk losing your job over it. Your job will probably require you to get a doctor’s note, so use services such as bestfakedoctorsnotes.net to your advantage.

All in all, taking a day off when you’re feeling extremely exhausted might be the fastest way to regain your strength. Make sure not to ask for personal days too often though, since it’s deemed to be unprofessional.

5. Take short walking breaks

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Sitting around the whole day will make you feel stiff and uncomfortable. So, taking a minute or two just to walk around for a bit can help you relieve these symptoms. Take time to stretch and do some slight exercise if you’re able to. Some people recommend working while standing up, but you should probably switch between sitting and standing instead.

A couple of stretches will help you feel more energized, so you won’t feel as sleepy anymore. Whatever you do, make sure not to spend the whole time sitting in your chair as it’s horrible for your back and it can cause muscle soreness.

If you’re able to, you can try doing some slight exercise before heading to work. The way your day starts will determine your energy levels throughout it.

6. Make a to-do list

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Proper planning and organizing will help you stay productive and time will pass quickly when you’re busy. Make sure to prioritize the most important tasks, because your tiredness levels will only increase during the day. Being productive despite your exhaustion will certainly make you feel better about yourself and it will motivate you to keep going.

So, if you haven’t already, create a to-do list and organize your time properly. Take breaks when you need them, but make sure to finish everything as early as possible. Try not to procrastinate, as tempting as it might be. Of course, don’t be too harsh on yourself! Sometimes, even on our best days, we don’t manage to check everything from our to-do lists! Unexpected things happen, and there’s no point in beating yourself up for something you can’t control. Just make sure to try your best, and everything is going to be okay!