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Do Gaming Chairs Really Make a Difference – 2024 Guide

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I am sure you have heard of the jokes going around the Internet about buying a gaming chair to “improve FPS” or “make you better at games”. Of course, that is only a joke and there will be no difference in your gaming skill no matter what kind of chair you have. However, there is definitely a huge difference when it comes to your back, neck, or overall ergonomics. Remember, the spine might be the single most important of every human body. You need to protect it as best as you can.

The best way you can do that is by constantly keeping a correct posture. But, maintain a proper posture is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, recent studies have shown that almost 80% of the people in the United States suffer from some kind of back-related problem. This is usually directly associated with bad posture.

Since most of the modern human life is quite sedentary, you will have to worry about keeping your back straight while sitting down. Once you make the habit of sitting straight, you will also keep your back straight while standing, walking, etc.

Unfortunately, proper ergonomic office chairs are usually very expensive. A proper product in this product costs around $300 and up. Even the $300 price tag is usually for chairs on the lower-end. But, thanks to the many companies that started becoming a part of the gaming world have started to make cheap, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomic gaming chairs.

In other words, you can finally obtain proper support for your back for an affordable price. If you want to know just how much of a difference gaming chairs make, make sure you read through the entire article.


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Experts from Daamify tell us to remember, ergonomics do not equal comfort. A chair can be very ergonomic, but if it has cheap and stiff materials for your legs, thighs, and your back, it will not feel good at all. That is why it is so difficult to find a product that has reached a balance between comfort, ergonomics, and pricing.

For office chairs, that balance does not exist most of the time. The level of comfort and ergonomics might be okay, but the price almost never is. That is why most office sitting equipment is so expensive. Brands such as Herman Miller have products that cost well over $1000.

Fortunately, companies such as Secret Lab, Corsair, Maxnomic, Nokaxus, and more broke the market’s monotony, and things are starting to taking a turn. Products on this market are becoming more affordable for the average citizen while offering impressive performance, durability, and features. For just under $200 you can get something that will be equipped with the most comfortable materials and with all kinds of different features.


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We talked about the comfort, now let’s get into the different features that can be found on gaming chairs such as the one from Nokaxus which can be found on gamingchairz.com

In my experience, every office seat I have owned was very poor in features. It always had something missing. It would have great height adjustability, but then it had no proper armrests. Some were great all-around, but the height-adjustability was too low which made it horrible for my posture.

It seemed like the only way I could get something that will fulfill all of my needs could happen if I paid more than $300 or even $400. But, that was simply too much for me. I assume that it is too much for you too and for most people.

Well, a good thing for all of us because gaming seats come rich with tons of different features. Even the ones that cost around $100 come with fully adjustable armrests, huge difference in height adjustment, several levels of leaning, and a lot more.

Better posture equals more energy

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One of the main benefits of proper sitting or overall proper back health is more energy throughout the day. Yes, that is true. Your back’s health actually has a huge impact on many other aspects of your life. If you have problems with your spine, you will also have issues getting a good night’s sleep. Less sleep equals less energy throughout the day.

But, if you get yourself a proper sitter, you will improve your posture considerably. After that, I assure you that you will start waking up rested in the morning and ready to take on the day.

Better sleep also leads to more focus and ability to concentrate. Even the most complicated tasks can become easier and clearer to you. In other words, there might even be an improvement in your gameplay performance if you get yourself a brand new chair. That increase in focus will definitely help to line-up your shots in-game better than before.


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When it comes to looks and design, it is all about the subjective taste of people. However, when looking at these gaming chairs objectively, I think most people would say that they look quite good. Naturally, not everyone will like the “gamery” look with strong red, blue or yellow accents. But, there are always models without any kind of accents or additional colors other than black.

Objectively, the shape of most gaming seats is also quite aesthetically pleasing for most people. The form or shape is simple in design while maintaining a look that represents quality and long-term durability.

Keep in mind, a lot of brands are using this same formula for shapes and designs which means you can easily end up with a lower-quality chair. You will still have to do enough research to find the right product for you. Go through all the cheap alternative and fakes that are putting a bad name to all the gaming seats in the world.

As you can see, the jokes circling around the Internet about gaming chairs make you a better gamer might actually be true. Of course, it does not directly influence your gameplay, but it does have a certain effect on your body which can have an influence on how you play your games.