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How to Get Rid of Vape Smell in 9 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

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Like smoking, vaping also leave a strong odor on everything around a vaper due to the presence of chemicals. The bad smell depends on the vape liquid you choose. Generally, the vaper does not get any odor because he is into it. But all other people who enter your room will know that you are vaping. Therefore, it is important to hide your secret from them.

In the following write-up, we will discuss various ways to get rid of vape smell in some easy steps. If you are struggling with such a problem, then it is important to look for effective solutions. Smelling marijuana is quite disappointing and irritating to others. Therefore, it is crucial to get rid of it.

If we talk about the time that lasts for the smell is quite long if you are doing it indoors. The smell will vanish if you are vaping outdoors and therefore, you have to do a lot of things to eliminate the odor. Click here to get e-liquids for the less vaping smell. Let us start discussing easy ways to get rid of the vape odor.

1. Consider Low VG Vape Juice

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A ratio of VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and PG (Propylene Glycol) is mentioned on every vape juice. When you look for the desired juice, you must consider this ratio. It is found that VG is quite thick than PG, and it can form thick clouds.

If you are struggling with the smell issue, then you must consider low VG, so that your room can easily ventilate out the clouds. Thin clouds are easy to dissipate from the air, and hence, surrounded people will not be affected by you.

2. Choose a Mild Flavor

You get plenty of vape juices in different flavors with different smells. You need to buy the one with a decent or mild odor. One should avoid the tobacco ones because these are quite strong and anyone can detect that you are vaping easily.

The mild ones are well-tolerable, and hence, you should prefer such ones. If you can prefer the vapor with a no-smell flavor, then it will be better for you. But the major problem is that unflavored one does not taste good. But you can choose this one to get no-odor smoke.

3. Low Heat

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If you want to reduce the smell, then you have to vape at low heat. Generally, high heat can make large clouds, which are difficult to dissipate. You have to adjust the wattage of the mod by lowering the temperature of the coil.

You have to adjust entirely when you are smoking. Take long breaks, instead of chain smoke to prevent the accumulation of vape smell in the room. Let it cool down whenever you are taking the next puff.

4. Operate a Good-quality Air Purifier

You should install a good air purifier in your room to eliminate all types of smell easily. It can also eliminate the strong odor of vaping, and hence, no one will detect that you are vaping. The vapor release micron particles, which can be absorbed by the purifier. It is quite advisable to install the device to get rid of the smell.

5. Use a Room Freshener

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It is another common solution to get rid of bad odor. You can spray a good freshener to fill your room with a pleasant fragrance. Consider the strong air freshener to provide relief to people around you. Your neighbors will not complain about the bad odor in your apartment. Whenever you are done with vaping, spray it at all the corners of the room.

6. Consider E-cigarettes for Small Clouds

You can choose e-cigarettes with small coils to produce small clouds. The vape juice is consumed less to generate small clouds. The odor is also less as compared to other vapors. You can get plenty of e-cigarettes that fulfill your smoking needs and get rid of the irritating smell.

7. Choose a Perfect Ventilated Room for Vaping

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It is important to choose a perfectly ventilated room to get rid of vape smoke. If air is passed properly, then it can blow the produced clouds along with bad odor. No one will notice what you have done before they visit you. It is quite crucial to improve the airflow of the place.

You must open all the windows and doors if you are sitting indoors. The main aim is to remove the entire smoke out of the room. You can also use ventilating fans to release smoke out in open space. The process is not that difficult, but you have to make certain preparations to accomplish your goals.

8. Use Scented Candles

You should light up scented candles in your room, which helps in releasing a pleasant scent even when you release a bad odor. It is a time-consuming thing, but after some time, your room will smell good. You can also use a dispenser to release good fragrance in your room.

9. Clean Surfaces

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The odor gets stick to various surfaces. You must clean them to get rid of the bad smell. You must vacuum the carpets, wash clothes, rugs, bedsheets, etc., to avoid the smell. If possible, you must take a bath to get off the bad odor. After completing the cleaning, you can also spray a good room freshener to make things right.

The Bottom Line

Vaping is not acceptable for every person around you. It is important to hide your vaping from such people. You can do many things to get rid of bad odor. Generally, people get confused and do not know what things they can do to eliminate the bad smell coming out of their room.

If you are also struggling with the same problem, then it is better to try out all the tips mentioned earlier. Within a few efforts, you can easily freshen up your space, and no one will notice that you have done vaping. It is a good option than smoking cigarettes, but you can avoid it in the future. You must keep your indoors smell good for other people.