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6 Most Common House Problems That Are Caused by Clogged Gutters – 2024 Guide

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You have many different responsibilities every day. You have to go to work, to the grocery store, to pay the bills, to take care of your children and much more. On top of all that, if you live in a house, you have another very big and demanding task. Anyone who has lived in a house for at least a year knows how many more different things you have to take care of compering to when you live in an apartment. Every part of the house and yard you have to maintain. And then all those accumulated obligations on a daily basis lead to us being careless about certain parts of the house.

Gutters are among the three most common things we tend to forget. Sometimes we forget about gutters because they are not constantly in front of our eyes, and it also happens that we simply think that they do not need maintenance, at least not often. This is a big mistake we can make, much bigger than, for example, not mowing the lawn. What are these most common house problems that are caused by clogged gutters read bellow.

1. Gutter damage

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So let’s start with what is the most logical problem that causes irregular maintenance. As more leaves and other things accumulate inside the gutters, and it will damage them more and more. Different types of damage will occur. It will rust first, which will create holes through which water will leak. And then there will be damage to the auxiliary parts, which are often made of wood. This will lead to rot, which will disrupt the stability of the entire structure. A clogged gutter and rotten wooden girders will eventually lead to a fall during a storm when a large amount of rain falls and a strong wind blows. In addition to the material damage it will cause, it can also injure someone.

2. Roof damage

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The next part of your house which will suffer very soon from clogged gutters is your roof. The roof is what covers your house and protects you from all weather conditions. Although it is constantly exposed to external conditions, if maintained properly it can last for decades. But it can also very easily deteriorate quickly as a result of constant water retention. The first damage that will be seen is damage to the timbers that serve to hold the whole structure. As the timbers deteriorate, problems with the balance of the roof will occur, which will damage the tile. In addition to the water that will damage the roof, the extra weight will also have a bad effect, because imagine all those tons of water that the roof and the whole house have to withstand.

3. Destroyed garden

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The garden is a place where we all like to spend our free time and that is why most people try to make it very nice. A neat lawn, then lots of flowers, maybe even a few trees will provide the ideal shade to sit on your garden furniture and relax. All your effort and money invested can be ruined during just one heavy rain. If your gutters are clogged, the water will not be able to drain properly and it can happen that a huge amount of water spills on your flowers, furniture and lawn, making a swamp out of your garden. You will need many weeks and lots of money to repair it, while you can prevent that by just calling gutterspecialists to perform regular maintenance.

4. Infestations

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As you probably know, there are a large number of insects in humid environments. All wet parts of the planet have problems with mosquitoes and similar pests. You can create just such conditions, ideal for their life and reproduction, if you do not clean your gutters. Mosquitoes will not damage your house, but they will bite you, which is very unpleasant and also transmits various diseases. Many other insects can also appear due to moisture. This is something you absolutely must not allow to happen, because once a large amount of mosquitoes and other insects appear, it will be very difficult to exterminate them.

5. Cracking of foundations and walls

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Even when people notice cracks in their walls, they will think of various causes, but they will not think of clogged gutters. And they are one of the most common reasons for cracking walls and foundations for two reasons. The first reason is the weight that the walls and foundation will have to bear, which we have already mentioned. It will be thousands of gallons of water and it will simply be heavier than the walls and foundations are designed for. And then due to improper drain of water, the water will end up in your walls, basement and foundation instead of in the drain. This can be dangerous if nothing is done for a long time, because the house can become unsafe due to disturbed balance.

6. Driveway problems

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Driveway is another place that is not intended to be covered with water, and this is exactly what will happen if the gutters are not able to perform the task for which they are intended. Water that stays on the driveway will damage any material you use for that part of your property. Cracks will appear, from which grass will begin to grow, which will further damage the entire space. Also, everything will be very slippery, which is very dangerous. You may lose control of your car, especially in winter when the water will freeze. When ice appears, it can easily happen that someone falls there and suffers a serious injury such as a fracture. It could be someone in the household or a passerby, to whom you will have to pay compensation then.


As you can see, carelessness in the maintenance of gutters can cause various, very dangerous problems. That is why it is important to clean regularly, as well as to adjust the position if necessary. If it seems dangerous to you, because it is high or you do not have the necessary adjusting tools, be sure to call a professional. Don’t put yourself at risk.