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Why Choose Management Consulting As a Career – 2023 Guide

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Every consultant had a moment when they wondered: “Why consulting?” “ Why did I choose this?”. This feeling is pretty usual, especially if you are going through the struggle of case interviews.

Yes, other jobs usually have a more straightforward hiring process, which doesn’t require months of preparation. On the other hand, consulting is a career with a wide range of opportunities.

Whether you are not sure if this is the right career for you or are in the middle of the hiring process and you get the question “ Why consulting” a lot, we are going to help you.

In this article, you will find the top reasons why management consulting is a great choice for a career.

Getting Into Consulting

Before we even start telling you all the benefits of this job, it’s important to say that getting into a consulting firm is quite hard. You can find out more about it at        myconsultingcoach.com/news/why-consulting.

Like in any job, certain skills are required. The competition is heavy but if you prepare yourself well, work on your skills, you will have a chance.

With the right preparation, getting into consulting is actually quite straightforward. In order to pass the interview and get a job in one of the consulting firms, you need to stand out.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your resume and cover letter. A cover letter is a bit different than a regular one, so make sure you spend some time writing it since it’s not something you can write in a couple of hours.

If you have decided to get into consulting, one of the key things is networking, you need to network all the time.

Building a networking funnel, talking to partners, going to events, meeting people from the industry is necessary, not only to get into consulting but to be successful in it,

As we already mentioned, the interview process is slightly different, so you need to be ready to crack case interviews and show your structured and analytical thinking.

Even though getting in is not that easy, it will definitely pay off. So, let’s give you an answer to the famous question: “Why Consulting?”

Different Jobs

If a routine scares you, consulting is definitely a job for you. There’s no routine in consulting because you always work for different clients. Which means you will probably end up working on different projects in various industries.

If diversity is not your cup of tea, then this job is not for you. But if this is what you have been looking for, get ready to experience many different things.

Even if you are not exactly sure what you are passionate about, working as a consultant can help you discover it. This is why consulting is so interesting. It can help you broaden your horizons and discover your passions.

Consultants love their job

Another reason why consulting is so fascinating is the fact that people working in this industry actually love it. I’m sure everyone is aware of how rare this is.

Consultants find their job interesting, and they enjoy working. When you like what you do, you will more likely do it better. Feeling meaningful is what a lot of people are searching for.

Since this is a job that requires a lot of work, traveling, being away from your home and family, you need to have something that drives you, and in this case, it’s usually the job itself.

You will often feel the adrenaline rush while doing this job because of the difficult situations you will find yourself in.

You Will Travel the World

When it comes to consulting, traveling can play a big role. Sometimes your clients are from another country or even a different continent which gives you a chance to explore.

The amount of traveling depends on the firm you join, how well you network, but the chances for you to travel around the world are much bigger than in other industries. Unless you are a rock star, of course.

Another benefit of traveling a lot is accumulating air miles, which you can use for your personal travel.

Always Learning

First of all, consultants learn fast, and they never stop. It’s essential for their careers. While working for different industries, having all those business challenges, they learn a lot.

Having the chance to try different things helps them find their perfect fit. They usually experience some business situations way before others, which gives them much-needed experience.

Many consulting firms invest money in their knowledge and training. That’s why consulting is perfect for all those people who like and enjoy learning.

Finally, consultants learn very quickly through different evaluations and feedback cycles. Since companies often have some of the best performance management processes in the world. 

High Salaries

Some of you probably now think: “Aham, that’s why consulting”. Salaries can be very good, that’s true, but of course, this is something you have to earn.

Compared to MBA programs, consultants do earn more when you add all the bonuses, profit sharing, and all other benefits.

Good Subsequent Opportunities

Maybe one of the best reasons to choose this job is that you will have a lot of opportunities even as an ex-consultant.

Ex- consultants have good odds of getting a job in business schools. All the strategy departments are eager to hire former consultants.

It’s not a secret that consulting provides a rather good resume stamp that can give you many opportunities.

Wrapping Up

Management consulting is the right choice for anyone who would like to learn a lot and is not sure which industry excites them the most. 

If you are willing to work harder than people do in average jobs and don’t like routine, this is the right job for you. Long working hours, adrenaline, different clients, traveling, everything is a part of this exciting job.

Finally, when you get asked the common interview question: “Why consulting?” try to focus on the worthy reasons for your interests and relate them to your career.