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6 Tips for Moving Out Of State from Southern California – 2024 Guide

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So the time has come for you to move out of state and look for another home. That’s not anything unusual in our day and age, but moving out of Southern California can be rather heartbreaking.

For all the flaws it might have, this beautiful part of the country is unique in its way. But the time for resettling is here so what do you do?

It’s important to note that endless tips and tricks exist on how to successfully move out of state with minimal costs and no issues.

To give you that, you will have to continue reading. So, with all that said, here are our 6 tips for moving out of state from Southern California.

1. Secure Housing

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The first thing to do when moving from any place is finding a house or an apartment where you’ll stay. This can be temporary housing or permanent.

But regardless of what you choose, having a roof over your head when resettling is of utmost importance. This is why we recommend you have saved at least three months’ worth of living expenses in your new environment. Maybe you haven’t found the perfect home to resettle, but you have to move out of your existing ones.

You can use up the saved money to find temporary housing whilst going house hunting.

2. Secure Employment

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People usually move out of state because of better employment opportunities. This isn’t anything new or anything unusual and is the hard truth for many.

Unfortunately, this includes Southern Californians and the ongoing pandemic. As you might know, California is in a pretty rough state with many businesses closing down.

This has forced Southern Californians to look for employment opportunities elsewhere. And unless you happened to be okay with going out of state for work and making the same trip all over again, then you will need to resettle.

If this is the case, then you have already ticked one out of the two most important boxes. Securing housing and employment are the two most important things when moving out of state.

3. Create a Check List

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The easiest way to keep track of things is to create a checklist. On this checklist, you will write down all the things you need to do before the move itself happens.

Have you found employment in your new area? Then tick the box. Have you found housing? Then tick the box, and so on. But what are the things that you need to add to this list?

Well apart from housing and employment, other important things include your budget, packing, and so on. It’s important to note that out of state moving can be rather difficult and complex to do on your own.

So you should consider hiring a moving company that will carry your belongings out of state and into your new home. That’s why a checklist is important. There is a big chance that you won’t make it on your own, and hiring a moving company costs money.

So this is why you create this list. Depending on your budget, allocate an amount that will cover the costs and expenses of hiring a moving company.

If you need a California moving company, then make sure to visit https://gpsmoving.com/ cross country movers.

4. Ship Your Car

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When moving across state lines, not a lot of people want to drive their vehicles. So instead, they ship their vehicles through the help of another sort of moving company that specializes in vehicle transportation.

If you don’t want to drive all the way to your new home, then this is a pretty viable way to go about this issue. Do know that this also costs money so you should allocate another portion of the budget on it.

5. Update Your Mailing Address and Other Accounts

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You’re waving goodbye to your old home and are ready to start a new one cross state lines. But, there is one thing you shouldn’t absolutely forget and that’s updating your mailing address and other accounts.

Updating the mailing address is pretty simple as all you need to do is to forward your new address to the United States Postal Service. There are a few steps to complete, but the thing to note is you should do it before the actual move happens.

Other accounts include utilities and home services, among others. But we do this so we still get bills and don’t miss paying them. If you fail to pay your bills, then you’ll be in a whole lot of trouble.

6. Always Pack Savvy

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The core basis of moving to a new home is that you have to pack your belongings and transport them with you. We already established that you can hire a moving company to transport your belongings, but you will still have to pack them.

This is one area where you can save a lot of money on. For instance, instead of buying moving boxes, why not go to your local supermarket and ask them to give you any leftovers they have. They will be more than willing to assist you as they have no use of them. They will throw them in the trash anyway and only pollute more.

Another way to go about this one is to pack savvy. What we mean by this is ensuring that all of your belongings are safe during the duration of the transport.

For the more precious and easily breakable items, always use bubble wrap to lower the risk of breaking mid transport. If you have plenty of valuables and plenty of electronics, always take a picture prior to the move to have solid proof of the fact that you have indeed take n these items with you.

You never know as there is a very real chance that the moving company might be one to avoid in the future.