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Top 5 News Aggregator Sites Like Digg on Internet

Sites Like Digg

Sites Like DiggTop 5  Sites Like Digg

Top 5 News Aggregator Sites Like Digg – Have you ever thought about where to find the most shared and valuable information on the internet? What people are doing on the internet? To know about trending now and most engaging content you will come across different news aggregator sites.
If you don’t know what news aggregator site is? sites that bring in most engaging content from other popular websites in one place. One of the sites that are getting more popular on the internet is Digg.

What is Digg and how it works?

Digg is a platform that brings all the top stories from the internet that are trending now. This process of bringing content from the internet to one place is also called Curation and the website that does so is known as curating websites.

Basically Digg is a curating site aggregating the latest news and trending stories from popular media platforms in one place. Digg uses its own content aggregator technology to select the best of best content looking at various factors such as social signals. Some of the most features categories on Digg are news, technology, entertainment, sports, science, and dialogue.

Why should you look for Sites alternative to Digg?

There is no doubt to question the rapid growth and progress of the site. But we know that the internet is the best place to find tons of similar sites. If you are a big fan of news aggregator sites, do not only sticky to Digg there are dozens of platforms that are doing well to spread the news in its own appropriate way.
Websitelike.com team have collected quite a few website similar to Digg that will provide you exactly what you have been looking on the internet.

Top 5 News Aggregator sites like Digg on the internet


One of the famous and popular sites when it comes to viral content. Called as the front page of the internet. Now you do not need to visit any website to know what is happening in the world. Reddit comes with thousands of subreddit dedicated to every field you may be interested in.

You can also submit links, images, and post on any related subreddit. Best place to know about the internet and the most trending news. A great example of a news aggregator site like Digg.


If you want to find the latest news and stores that have most shares on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. BuzzSumo is the best place to stop by. It provides you with the latest news on time. Providing you the option to check which news stories are trending from two hours. Allowing you to easily track all the stories of your interest. One of the best news aggregator site you will ever find.


It is another best example of a news curation website providing you the most shared and viral content on the internet. A one-stop place to find all the information you have been looking for. Grabbr looks a bit more focused on the networking and community side as compared to the aggregation of news content. You will have to sign up first to explore the website features fully.


Ranked on the top of the list of Lifehacker list news aggregator sites. Feedly is the most widely used website when it comes to discovering interesting content on the web. It comes with its own mobile application available both for IOS and Android that keep Feedly above all other websites lacking their mobile app. You can also use their extension for major browsers, that will be notifying you about the latest and fresh news instantly.

Google News/Reader

Google news another cool place to stop to find the latest news happening right now. You simply have to click on the news button when you open the Google home page. Google provides you a number of filters helping you to find the latest and oldest news across the world in a matter of few clicks.

Google is the world’s largest source of information can help you find anything. You will be having more chances to find what you are searching for on Google as compared to a similar website, Due to the giant Google database and powerful crawling features.