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Top 10 Computer Magazines

Top 10 Computer Magazines

Top 10 Computer Magazines

Best Computer Magazines

Top 10 Computer Magazines: If you are a tech geek who wants to keep pace with all the things happening in the tech world than a computer and IT related magazines are the best option.

With a wide range of computer and IT related magazines, you can get your dose of technology news, latest releases, gadgets and much more. Here is a list of some of the best computer magazines that you should stay one step ahead.


Although not as famous as other computer magazines but Smart computing deserves its place on the upper half of this list. The quality of content, organization, and design of the magazine is all impressive.

What’s more, you get to read everything related to IT in this magazine from hardware to software. You will find someone for every IT geek in this magazine. You will not find many ads in this magazine, which is a big plus.


WIRED needs no introduction and is one of the best computer-related magazines in the world. If you are looking for some technical information, then there is no better place to find that then WIRED magazine.

It is a magazine for those who want to know about the latest technologies without going into too much detail. You will also find articles on music, movies, and TV in this magazine too. The number of ads in this magazine can put many readers off but the articles are of good quality.


You will be surprised to know that PC magazine does not have a print edition and has taken a digital route already but the problem is that even the digital version of the magazine looks more like a print version.

This may be a little problematic if you are reading it on a mobile device with a smaller screen. Content quality is good and you get to read articles on a wide range of topics but the design needs some work. The font size is too big which complete destroys the experience of reading a magazine and kills the purpose of the digital-only approach.


Don’t be fooled by its name because it can give you a whole lot of information on a wide range of IT topics. What makes the PC world stand is out is its strong online presence, which means that you can read most of the articles of the magazines online as well. The organization and design of the magazine are also good. If you are looking for a new computer, then you should take a look at this magazine.


You will find a different version of this magazine in different magazines, which is its stand out feature too. Computer Active is a comprehensive IT magazine that covers most of the IT topics under the sun. It provides you some handy tips and tricks on various IT topics and some gadget reviews as well.


If you want to read something special about technology, the latest development, and the latest concepts and ideas, then CIO magazine is for you. It will give you a sneak peek into the future of technology. The only downside of this magazine is of poor value for money.

There are few articles and so many ads that readers might think that they have made a mistake by buying this magazine but the quality of the articles and futuristic approach makes it worth it.


As the name suggests, the computer world provides you in-depth information about the field of computing and information technology. There are many interesting articles waiting for your attention in this magazine.

The design is simple and clutter-free and the content quality is also at par with most computer and IT magazines. Although, some readers might find it difficult to read the magazine due to font size and too much content on a single page but other than that this magazine deserves its place on this list.


How can we leave out a dynamic and vibrant gaming community? Here is a magazine that will quench their thirst for upcoming games and consoles and give them the idea about future development in the gaming industry.

There are more on offer here than a normal gamer needs to know but less than what will satisfy the hardcore gamer. Overall, this magazine does a pretty decent job to keep gamers happy.


If you are a supporter of Microsoft and its products, then you will love this magazine but for those who do not like Microsoft so much, they will find this magazine a little bit biased. Although, its comprehensive information is very useful for Microsoft fans. You will find product comparisons and useful information on how to build a good PC.


For all those Apple fanboys, this magazine is for you. You will find all the latest information about Apple and its devices in this magazine. It is one of the best magazines for those who are working in the audio and visual domains and possess a Mac. It is a must-have magazine for a Mac enthusiast and gives you an idea about what Apple is up to.