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Do Online Gambling Sites Cheat on Their Players: A 2024 Guide

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Online gambling websites are extremely dicey. Many veteran players advise the freshers to exercise caution while gambling online. Many online gambling sites like NZd Casinos in New Zealand are reputed for their honesty. Similarly, the gamblers must check the reputation of a site before they start playing. Not all online gambling websites are genuine.

The reputed gambling sites are afraid of losing their valued customers if they cheat. So, they go to any length to maintain their reputation. Now, let us follow the guide mentioned below to find out whether an online gambling site is cheating the customers or not.

1. License:

A genuine online gambling site will have a license. An individual should check out the license before playing there. The license number is ideally displayed on the landing page. So, a licensed gambling site will be afraid of getting embroiled in legal trouble, after cheating. Both the registration number and the license number prove the authenticity of an online gambling site.

2. Transparent Policy

The policies of a genuine online gambling site should be transparent. Say, for example, an online gambling site may change the policy after denying the player his or her earnings. It is the duty of the people who are in charge of the site to make sure the policies are clearly explained. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the users to read the policy thoroughly before they get carried away in the game.

3. Immediate withdrawals

A genuine online casino should allow the players to withdraw their earnings immediately. The slower the withdrawal procedure is, the more dubious the site becomes. There should be no restriction that a particular sum can only be withdrawn after a certain time. The illegal websites make it difficult for the players to withdraw their earnings at an early stage. Instead, they will use the money to keep the customers hooked to the site.

4. Reputation:

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A genuine online casino will have several positive ratings. The players must do some thorough online research before they start playing on a site. They should go through the negative comments too, if any. Apart from the ratings, they need to go by word-of-mouth as well. The more positive ratings, the more trustworthy a company is.

An online casino site that has more negative ratings than positive ones is best avoided. The terms and conditions of such games should be clearly portrayed. The genuine casino sites have a dedicated comments section for the feedback of users. They constantly seek feedback to improve themselves. It is indeed a good idea to double-check the reviews as well.

5. Security

The players are required to punch in their personal information and their banking details. There are high chances of such information getting hacked. So, online casino sites should be securely encrypted so that hackers cannot get through them.

6. Variety of games:

It is natural for players to demand a variety of games. However, there is no point in playing slow, shoddy games. Genuine online casino websites will have a variety of card games.

7. Efficient customer-service:


A genuine online casino website must have active customer service. The customer service executives of a genuine website are knowledgeable and happy to help. It is a good idea for prospective gamblers to check out the customer care before they start playing. The number and the email of the customer care should be present on the landing page of the website. Rude or unavailable customer care executives raise doubts about the authenticity of the website in general.

8. Realistic promotions:

Certain online casino websites provide such high bonuses that they often sound fake. Their welcome bonus seems too high, and is not available on time. So, the players should be careful and go for one where the bonus sounds realistic. Attractive pop-up ads, offering a lucrative welcome bonus are generally the signs of a fake ad.

9. Payment method is genuine:

Most of the payment methods should be genuine. A hint is that generally online casino websites that pay in Amex are genuine. Some online casino companies do not pay out in the card from which the customer deposits the money.

10. Age restriction for players

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The genuine online casino websites are vigilant about the age restriction. They will not allow a player who is not an adult to play. The age of reaching adulthood differs from place to place. So, the websites do not have a fixed age for their players. They go the extra mile by modifying the age limit according to the state and country of the player.

11. Software:

The software that a gambling website uses is important. A legitimate online gambling casino will provide all the details of the software throughout the website. Cryptologic and Playtech are a few dependable software makers.

12. Fairness:

The authentic gambling websites prove that they are being fair to the gamblers. They employ an auditing company to make sure that they are being fair in their judgment.

13. Web forms

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The legitimate gambling websites provide all the information about the owners and multiple ways to contact them. On the contrary, fake websites provide as little information about the owners as possible. They tend to hide the identity of the owners.

14. Deposit option:

The gambling companies which allow PayPal deposits are generally genuine. The lack of suitable deposit options is a red flag in itself. Hence, choose a service provider that allows the players to deposit money using reliable payment options.


It is always a brilliant idea to select the top brands gambling online. The higher a brand is, the lesser chances there are of cheating. It is difficult to track down cheating gambling websites.

Gradually, gambling becomes an addiction. So, the players do not distinguish between genuine gambling websites and websites that cheat. Here, it is important to be careful. Technology has reached a zenith in the 21st century. So, it is easy to misuse technology by cheating while gambling online.