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10 Things to Know Before You Hire A Web Designer- 2024 Guide

We all know how important the Internet is today and how a good presentation is crucial for business success. That is why such work should be entrusted to real people, educated Web developers. Being online has become an inalienable part of our daily lives. Not only do more and more companies and individuals have their websites on the Internet, but the web has become our source of all information, a great deal of entertainment, and a place where we spend most of our time.

Several types of experts need to be hired to create a quality Web presentation. Although at first glance, it seems that these are the same skills, they are not. In general, we can divide them into Web designers, developers (programmers). Their jobs are intertwined and complementary.

What is certain now is the fact that the competition online is fierce- incredibly fierce. Every self-governing organization today has a website. The number of pages on the web has considerably exceeded, and today, there are more than two billion pages, which means that only extremely functional and attractive sites manage to become and remain popular. Everyone wants to hire the best there is, and for those who want more info on this topic, need advice, or want to hire the best web designers for a fair price, visit this website.

Hiring a professional web designer with vast experience is crucial, but before that, there are some things to consider that everyone should know.

1. Recommendations

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In every sphere of our lives, good recommendations from people we trust (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) are crucial. That is why doing proper and quality research for the best web designer is so important because you want people to understand your needs and wishes. Although most of us want or prefer doing business with someone that we can meet in person, if there is a better and cheaper solution online, that is the correct answer. There are plenty of excellent web designers in the world, and why should one limit their search only to those nearby.

2. Priorities and goals

Establishing goals depends on the type of the business, and whether the site will only be about providing information or will it also be for selling services or products. Here is where a web designer could also help, but everyone can do a simple online fact check themselves by looking at the website of their competition with a similar business profile.

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3. Create a budget

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The price for the complete development of the site usually includes hosting for the site (space on the Internet), domain (site address), professional design, and working hours of the developer and can vary in costs. That is why creating a sufficient budget to cover all these expenses, and making sure you stay on that budget is crucial. Of course, you can make the website yourselves, but for those with not that much experience, and with all the things that either way you will need to pay for, hiring a professional is the better and safer option.

4. Choosing a good hosting provider for the site

Hosting is the fundamental thing because a lot depends on the hosting on which the future site should be located. For example, for blogs, presentation websites, and smaller online stores, a good start is with shared hosting. For more serious projects, online stores that have thousands of products and sites that require unique software environments, plan a VPS or Dedicated server.

5. Choose the CMS that suits you

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It doesn’t matter if it is WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or some other platform because each CMS has its way of working and needs maintenance regularly. Choose the CMS (content management system) carefully because the future of your site may depend on it. Inquiring about the benefits of different platforms and then making a decision is advised.

6. Wish list

Making a wish list is not only about having 10 or 20 somethings to achieve or have, and it represents the right number of web pages, what buttons to chose, what kind of menu you want, and all other visual elements of your future site. Online promotion is very significant for both the website and the company, and to do so, including social media buttons is a must. There are so many things to choose from, which is why making a wish list is necessary, as it speeds up the process and makes it much easier.

7. The purpose of each page

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Having the right number of pages is essential. There is no need for making all kinds of pages that, in the end, do not offer anything of importance, and in most cases – the simpler, the better. Home, About, and Contact are the pages that every site should have, and depending on the structure of your business, one can add and have more pages about the details that your company provides. But be aware that most web designers charge per page, which can also be a good thing, as it will stop you from having more pages than you need.

8. The creating process

Every website needs to have texts, images, and specified content, which will be posted on your new site. It’s a good idea to have videos as well if they make sense for what you want to show online. It will also increase the amount of time visitors spend on the website, which will lead to a higher rank in Google search.

9. Mobile and tablet friendly

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More than 60% of searches and purchases online are via mobile phones and tablets. This information is enough to allow your potential customers to find you right from the start, even on the go. The site needs to be adapted to different screen sizes and to do all that automatically.

10. Testing

Testing all the links on your website along with grammar checking is vital for future business because no one wants or likes to spend their time on something which is not adequately designed or spelled. Only when everything is tested and checked you are ready to go and hire a web designer.


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The more research we do, the more informed we will be, which will lead to making better and less expensive decisions. In this modern age, being present online can only be beneficial for your business, and to present your company in the best possible way, hiring a professional web designer is what everyone should consider, but only after considering all the things mentioned above.