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Do PC Games Have Better Graphics than Console Games – 2024 Guide

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The world of gaming is now more divided than it has ever been. People are arguing about which platform is better, PS or Xbox. In the history of gaming, there were many debates about should people use PC or consoles for playing. However, we can say that desktop PC is now highly underrated. For quite a lot of years, consoles were more popular than PCs and laptops.

Even though all the marketing was towards consoles, there were quite a lot of people who remained loyal to PC gaming. The reason being many genres are impossible to play on consoles, like real-time strategies. At the same time, some genres are much easier to play on consoles than on other platforms.

One of the most frequent arguments people have when discussing these two platforms is that PC doesn’t have any exclusives. We agree that this is a rather strange argument, but some people consider it highly important. The main point of the divide among gamers was this. So, the decision about which one of these concepts you will use depends on your personal needs and preferences.

But, as you can understand, we are talking about two completely different concepts. All-in-all, it needs to be said that PC gaming is now more affordable than it has ever been. Surely, these movements in the market have changed it a little bit. People are once again returning to PC gaming. The main reason why PC once again takes prevalence is graphics. We would like to talk about it a little bit.

Which Platform Has Better Graphics?

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What needs to be said is that the main advantage of PC gaming is that you can always upgrade your hardware to take more out of the game, mainly in terms of graphics and performance. Meaning, we are talking about the question of flexibility. You can either create your configuration or you can upgrade the existing one. Different from consoles, when you are working with what you have and you cannot make any changes, the PC is much more flexible.

At the same time, you can easily use hardware from other PCs and use it for your own. We are talking about power supplies and hard drives. Sure, you need to have technical knowledge of the components. But you cannot apply this rule when it comes to consoles. Surely, you will have the best possible performance for quite a lot of years. However, after some point, the requirements of the newly-released titles will be higher and the console you have will not meet all of them.

Deciding on which of these platforms offers better graphics to its players is pretty hard. Almost impossible. If you are interested in taking a look at PS4 game graphics, be sure to take a look at thegameslover.com. However, we can see that desktop gaming offers many more opportunities for gamers, especially when it comes to hardware. Plus, buying a configuration that can be equal to the console’s performance doesn’t require too many investments.

PCs have More Versatility

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PC’s graphic capacity cannot be decided and placed above or below consoles. The reason is that it is customizable. First, you will need to decide on how much money you can available and what you want to have from the configuration. Are you looking for playing games in the highest possible resolution and with the highest details possible? Furthermore, if you are looking for smoother gameplay and a higher FPS, you should opt for PC rather than consoles.

When you buy a console, you are getting the whole package without an option to insert some new hardware. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot buy some features that can enhance your gaming experience. But it is impossible to improve graphics. Therefore, we can say that PC is a more powerful solution simply because you can add some new hardware to enhance the performance of your computer.

What are the Components You Should Upgrade for a Better Graphics?

Now, we would like to talk about the components you need to invest in to enhance your desktop PC’s performance, mainly in terms of graphics.


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A graphic card, or a GPU, is a component that has the task of sending signals to the monitor. As you can presume, if you would like to have a high-resolution on your monitor, you will need to have a powerful graphic card. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to obtain the newest ones. If you take a look at the market, you can see some GPUs are old, but still can provide you with all the best features and characteristics. At the same time, you will be able to find some cheaper solutions who can provide you with equally good performance.


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When you don’t have enough memory, then there you don’t have any use of high-resolution, right? Therefore, you will need to invest in RAM. Gamers with a lower budget usually opt for 4GB and 8GB, and those with a higher budget opt for 16GB and 32GB. If you take a look at the requirements of the newest titles, you will see that they require higher amounts than older titles. Therefore, if you would like to run these games, you will need to buy as much as you can along with GPU. Investing in just one of these will not provide you with too many good things.


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The last piece of hardware we would like to talk about is SSD or solid-state drive. Different from a hard drive, it will make your PC run much faster. Remember, this is a place where you will have all the data stored. In case you are interested in having the best possible experience while gaming, you should buy SSD, without a doubt. Different from a hard drive, SSD provides more durability, more speed, and it reduces power consumption.

The Wrap-up

We can see that there are many people interested in a proper answer to the question “do PC games have better graphics than console games”. While there we cannot say that PC games have better graphics, it needs to be said that they offer much more flexibility. Ultimately, it all depends on the gamer’s needs and preferences.