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Top Swimming Pool Upgrade Ideas – 2024 Guide

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Have you just moved into a new house with an existing old-style pool? Or is your poolside unsafe for your children, pets, and guests? Maybe you want to make your pool parties more exciting with a great ambiance. It might be time for a pool upgrade, and the good news is you can install these ideas into your existing swimming pool. Here are a few best pool upgrade ideas at Blue Haven Pools Blog to improve your pool experience.

Spa Installation

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Having a spa in your pool allows you to go from one relaxing activity to another. After a cool swim, a hot spa is just what the doctor ordered. The bubbling, hot water creates a calming environment to unwind physically and mentally from a long day. It’s a refreshing and stress-relieving experience, without the cost and hassle of traveling to an outside facility or exotic resort.

As long as you have enough space and no physical limitations, a professional pool company can add a spa to your existing pool. The easiest way to do it would be to install an attached or spillover spa adjacent to your pool, allowing you to step from one into the other conveniently. You’ll only need one pump and circulation system for both the pool and spa, reducing maintenance costs.

Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers are a worthy upgrade as they keep the pool clean by limiting dirt and debris, reducing the effort and cost of maintenance. The covers also limit evaporation, mostly caused by direct sunlight, especially during summer, leading to water loss. Automatic pool covers help you save money as it keeps the pool warm, significantly lowering pool heating costs, especially during the colder seasons.

Adult supervision is possibly the best way to prevent drowning. However, you might not always be able to watch your children’s every move. That’s where an automatic pool cover comes in. The safety of your children and pets will give you peace of mind. Also, if you have to sell your house in the future, buyers will be willing to make an offer on it quicker because of the pool cover. Some buyers avoid homes with pools because of the risk.

LED Lighting

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Lighting sounds like a simple concept, but it has the power to turn your dull poolside and backyard into a magical showcase. Most importantly, lights around your pool and on pathways leading to the pool provide safety for your family and friends. You can change LED underwater pool lights to any color and create whatever theme you want, from romantic to a pool party theme.

If you’re not into colored lights, you can use LED white lights that are safe for night swimming. LED lights last longer than traditional lights, up to 50,000 hours, meaning you won’t have to replace them any time soon. This reduces maintenance costs. They also consume less energy and are more eco-friendly. They are easy to install.

Glow in the dark tiles

Somewhat similar to the LED lights glow in the dark surface tiles are a new hit. There will be a solar energy system that will let the tiles glow after a full sunny day. The energy absorbed by these tiles is sufficient for 6 to 8 hours. So you can enjoy a peaceful pool view during night time.

Although these tiles are not that expensive the cost will increase when you replaster the pool. So if you are planning to upgrade, you may consider this idea. It will look calm and lovely. Furthermore, these glow in the dark tiles come in various designs. So if you want mosaic art or some flowery lighting, you can choose them. Moreover, you can get a simple starry night view too, it will let you enjoy the night view.

Gas Powered Firepots

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You can create a luxurious living environment with the installation of gas-powered firepots. Furthermore, even if your outdoor settings are not that good, a single firepot will make it a sanctuary. In addition, the design of the firepot can change and its location. For instance, if you have a stoned design, having a metallic pot with stones will complete the look.

Likewise, if you love to spend your time in the pool, you can place this firepot in the center of the water. Moreover, you can also design a seating arrangement around the fireplace. This will give you a perfect outdoor and enjoyable setting. There are several designs for the placement of firepot and that is why you might need to consult s designer.

Gas or wooden firepits

Similar to the gas-powered firepots, wooden and gas firepit is also an amazing addition in the living space. Contrary to the firepots, the firepits have various uses. Furthermore, you can manage the location and size of the firepit. In addition to this, firepots are used for recreational purposes. On the contrary, firepits can be used for keeping you warm and to roast meat during social activities.

The burning place will be covered with stones or tiles to give a nice finishing. Furthermore, you will have the option of selecting the style of the stonework and also the color of the tiles. Moreover, you can also decide the placement of the firepit as it can be designed wherever you want. Therefore, if you are a party person and use to socialize often with your friends, implantation of firepits is the best choice.

Final Words

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A swimming pool is more than just a vessel that holds water. It’s an experience that everyone should enjoy. So, why not put the fun back into swimming for your family and friends by trying one of these cool upgrade ideas? Upgrading your pool will improve the ambiance, increase its functionality, and make it a safe outdoor space.