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Crenova XPE600 LED Video Projector – 2024 Guide

Here we will go over a few important points you should be aware of if you are thinking about buying the Crenova XPE600 LED Video Projector. Both the good and bad!

When we say bad: we want to provide the most honest review as possible so we will be mentioning some of the shortcomings of this model. With that said, understand this is a “very” inexpensive budget model (See the Price at Amazon) so while it may not compare well to models costing hundreds of dollars more it is a very strong performer at its price point. Another positive is it is receiving very high marks and reviews from current owners.

What are the biggest positives

After testing the Crenova XPE600 LED Projector we were very impressed with some of the qualities and features provided for a model at this price point. If you watched the video above you will see what we are talking about.

The first thing we want to start with “excellent brightness” this little inexpensive model runs on a LED light source and is able to kick out 2600 lumens of brightness. This is going to give you a nice bright screen picture and you will not need to have every light in the room off in order to have a enjoyable home move environment.

We mentioned above that the unit runs on a LED light source. This is another positive. This light source provides up to 20,000 hours of life. This is HUGE compared to the lifetime of traditional bulbs.

The second big reason we would recommend buying this projector is for connectivity. When buying a projector it is very important to know whether or not it will be able to connect to the external devices you need to use. As you can see from the image below this model has very wide connectivity capabilities.

How does it connect? Cable and Wireless

Located in the rear are two HDMI inputs which can be used to connect to external devices seen in the image above (TV, laptop, camera, DVD, gaming consoles, etc) there is also the option to use the Mobile High-Definition Link (requires a HDMI adapter) to connect wireless to mobile devices, such as smartphones and iPad.

Considering the low price, we have to say the connection capabilities this Crenova projector provides are outstanding! We will have to research this more but at this price point in 2016 its hard to recall other projectors providing wireless capabilities.

More we like

It can produce up to a 200 inch screen image. This is huge compared most TV’s. Although, we will say, in order to get the best possible image quality for your room environment you will want to spend time testing different screen sizes.

The product dimensions are 13 x 11.2 x 7.9 inches (L x W x H) it’s not ultra-small but its not big and sloppy either. Its not as thin as an iPad but about the same length and width dimensions as the standard iPad. Its definitelt small enough to be considered portable.

It comes with a decent remote control with provides the ability to control many functions of the projector. One control on the remote we like a lot is it allows you to zoom the image up to 8 times from the normal.

The last thing we want to point out as a postive reason to buy this model. Earlier on in the Sprin we tested this in our backyard for outdoor movies. Of course there are better more expensive options but for the price the Crenova XPE600 LED Video Projector surpassed our expectations for outdoor use. Plenty bright enough!

We sat under the stars projecting a 150 inch image onto our garage door enjoying a movie with kids from the neighborhood.

What could be better

So far we have little bad to say about this Crenova XPE600 LED Projector and we do honestly believe this model is a great bargain for someone who is looking to buy something cheap.

Its not going to provide the same levels of colors, contrast or sharpness you will find in models costing hundreds of dollars more. However, this should be understandable when buying a model at this price point.

The native resolution level is 800 x 480 this is not what most people would consider high-definition. But take a look at the video review at the top of the page. In it you will find good examples of how the projected image looks. For the dollars we can’t complain. If you want something a little higher in resolution and better in colors and contrast, this is going to require spending a bit more.

The fan is a bit loud and the built-in speakers could use some work. However this is a common compliant with all projectors. It does provide an audio jack allowing you to connect an external audio source. We would recommend doing this for the best experience!

Overall we do think this is a good choice for the money, visit here, if you would like to see other best option in this price range.