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Epson EX3220 Projector Inexpensive Best for Presentations – 2024 Guide

Epson EX3220 Projector

A lot of reviews and questions have been asked on the web about the Epson EX3220 projector and how it rates. For the most part, this model which is specifically made for business and classroom presentations receives high ratings from current owners. However, the model has also received more than a few pokes and prods and low ratings as well.

Best used For: Business and classroom presentations

Epson EX3220 LCD SVGA Projector Review

If you have had your eye on the model, the following review will explain the key features include and also attempt to answer what has led some customers to have a not so favorable opinion of this Epson projector.

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The following information will help you decide if this is the right model for you or not.

We want to tell you what people are saying both the good and bad before going into the list of features included with this model.

Comments from Current Owners – Good and Bad

Positive remarks left in reviews

“I use this for business presentations in large conference rooms. The projector produces bright easy to see images. The room doesn’t need to be completely dark to see the screen images!”.

“Epson is my company of choice when buying a projector. I use the Epson EX3220 in both church services and bible study classes. The images are bright and have yet to replace the bulb”

“I was looking for a model under $400 which also included a HDMI which would allow me to easily connect my laptop and other sources. Works great and recommend it!”.

Epson EX3220 projector for presentations
Business and Classroom Presentations

Not so Positive Opinions

“Easy to set up and use. However, the resolution was not what I was looking for. Returned the model and spent an extra $100 on the Epson EX5220 which has higher resolution.”.

“I was looking for something inexpensive for home movies in a small bedroom. The Epson EX3220 didn’t perform as I hoped. I returned it for a more and bought a different model which works great. But I did ended up paying nearly double”

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The take away from the comments above

We could go on and on citing comments from more buyers but overall what people say both good and bad, adds up to just about the same common denominator.

The customers who are satisfied seemed to have had a better understanding on what they were buying compared to those who we left disappointed and unsatisfied.

For example, take the last comment from the customer who bought this model to use as a home theater projector.

This person obviously didn’t read up very well on the model before buying. As stated at the beginning of this review, this model was specifically designed for presentations, not as home movie projector. It’s no wonder the person was disappointed but it was their mistake since they didn’t take the time to understand what they were actually buying.
Is the resolution SVGA (800 x 600 pixels) not mentioned?

The other listed complaint concerned the level of resolution provided. This is a fairly common complaint from dissatisfied buyers, who then proceed to give the model a low rating. What we don’t understand, the resolution level of the Epson EX3220 is stated in the product description. This is another example of customers not taking the time to understand what they are buying.
It’s sort of peculiar, the majority of customers specifically mention in their reviews how satisfied they were with the image resolution. But then at the same time, others are complaining about the exact same thing.

This points to customers who were dissatisfied either: Didn’t take the time to research before buying, didn’t understand the differences between different resolutions or expected too much from a $400 projector.

About the Resolution SVGA (800 x 600) and other features

SVGA (800 x 600) stands for “Super Video Graphics Array”. The 800 x 600 stands for the number of pixels the projector uses to produce the image, up and down the screen.

SVGA is not considered high-definition and are less expensive. Unless you’re on a budget, SVGA projectors are not the best to buy for home theater use.

From the beginning of this review we have tried to make it absolutely clear the Epson EX3220 projector model is made for presentations. It’s up to you but do you really need to spend an extra $300 or 400 for high-definition just to give a business or classroom presentation?

With the HDMI port included this allows you to connect different devices to the model for movies and also gaming consoles and will provide a decent viewing and gaming experience.

But if you are looking for a model for best for these types of use, unless you are on a very tight budget we would recommend buying something with higher resolution. At least on the level of XGA. But 720p or 1080p resolutions are ideal for movies and games. But these are much more expensive.

Brightness, Contrast and Colors Provided

Epson Presentation ProjectorThese attributes are very positive about this model. The less expensive EX3220 comes with the same 3LCD 3-chip technology found inside of the most expensive Epson projector models.

This technology provides Epson projector models the ability to produce brighter images when compared to the image brightness of competing brands.

The amount of light put out from the projector to produce both whites and colors is extremely high at 3000 lumens.

The contrast ratio of this model is up to 10000:1 which means darker colors will appear 10000 times darker than the light colors in the images produced. This is higher than many projectors on the market. This is an excellent ratio and greatly enhances presentations.

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Easy to Set up Audio and Video

With the HDMI port located on the back this provides easy set-up. All that is needed is one cable to connect both audio and video from sources such as a laptop, blu-ray or gaming console.


The Epson EX3220 is a low priced projector specifically made for presentations. It can be used for home movies and gaming but we don’t recommend this model being bought solely for these purposes.

The projector has received high ratings and positive reviews from the majority of customers who have bought it. The model is by no means one of the top models on the market, the resolution is a bit low but high enough to perform well for presentations made in classrooms and business meetings.

It seems as those who have rated this model low either had misplaced expectations or didn’t fully research the level of performance before making their purchase.