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Epson 3020 Projector Replacement Bulb – V13H010L68 – 2024 Guide

Epson 3020 projector replacement bulb

Being aware of the choices in front of you. Quality vs Price

It was the best of times, now its the worst of times after the bulb/lamp in your Epson 3020 projector burnt out. Now, you need to spend money on a replacement but first must make sure you buy the correct bulb.

If you are currently confused and looking for information on which is the correct replacement bulb for the Epson 3020, we have looked at this projectors specifications. We found, Epson, recommends the ELPLP68, specifically, Bulb V13H010L68 for this projector.

So where is the best place to buy it?

Cheap vs. Expensive
Cheap vs. Expensive

You have 2 choices (or 20)

This is where you need to decide which is most important to your current situation. Are you willing to spend top dollar to buy the highest quality bulb? Or are you looking for a cheaper, less expensive option?

You can either buy the bulb from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) which will be much more expensive compared to other options (find the OEM here at the Epson Company Website) but a higher quality choice. Yes, we were also very surprised at the high price.

Or there is the route of buying a cheaper generic bulb. If you search a site like Amazon for “bulb V13H010L68” the results will return many different options.

The results will return company names, you probably never heard of in your life. For example just to name a few of these companies: Electrified, Awo-Lamps, AuroBeam, A Shine.

If we had to guess, these a “private labels” and not manufacturing the bulb themselves. More than likely, all these sellers are buying a cheap imitation from China and reselling the bulb for a profit on Amazon.

Where to buy the Epson 3020 projector replacement bulb

Honestly, after seeing the price of the OEM on the Epson website we probably would be more than tempted to buy one of the cheaper generic bulbs, especially if we were strapped for cash. With that said, we do not have any personal experience with the quality of these generic bulbs provide. If you do decide to go the generic route, as we mentioned you can find many different options at Amazon we would recommend finding a seller who has reviews left by customers that you can read.

The one option we would recommend taking a look at is the Electrified ELPLP68 / V13H010L68. This one has a decent amount of reviews which should help you decide if you want to take the chance on a cheaper replacement.