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Epson VS230 Projector Review 2023

Epson VS230 Projector

Off the bat, the first thing we want to address in our Epson VS230 projector review is something we don’t like. This is a fairly inexpensive and simple projector for business and classroom presentations. Visiting the Epson website to learn about this model you are presented with a complex marketing pitch! Things could be simpler.

Epson talks a lot about certain features in their marketing pitch, “colors are 3 times brighter with Epson 3 chip technology!”. OK, that’s a nice perk, although we don’t have hard evidence to back up their “3 times brighter color claim”.

All you probably want to know is whether or not the Epson VS230 projector is quality buy for the price. Whether or not it’s the best buy at this price point is a question we will answer below by comparing it other projectors in its price range.

Epson VS230 SVGA review
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Before entering a lengthy discussion on the features provided by this model, we will give a general overview and also mention how it compares to a few alternative models close in price.

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Compared to similarly priced models

The subject of our review Epson VS230 – This is an LCD projector available in both XGA (1024 x 768 SVGA) and SVGA (800 x 600) resolutions. The higher resolution XGA version is more expensive compared to the price for the SVGA version.

For the price this model provides outstanding quality in areas of brightness, contrast and brilliant color. However, one area where it does lack is resolution.

This projector works extremely well with PowerPoint presentations consisting of normal to larger text fonts. However, if you need to use very small fonts in your presentation then you will want a projector with higher resolution.

The VS230 also include HDMI connectivity, a nice feature which you will not find on other budget projectors. If you want to use it for viewing movies in the classroom, it’s capable, but you may be disappointed if the movie is meant to be viewed in high definition. It would be great for showing documentaries and historical clips.

Compare to alternatives in the price range

VS. The ViewSonic PJD5134 – A very comparable projector. The brightness of this ViewSonic model is a bit greater. However, the Epson VS230 is already bright enough to use with the lights on. So the brightness of the ViewSonic PJD5134 isn’t providing a real advantage here.

On the other hand, this ViewSonic model is inferior in contrast and colors and equal in resolution. Winner: VS230

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VS. Optoma X316 – This Optoma model is available in different resolutions: SVGA (lowest), WXGA, XGA (highest). It provides certain benefits like 3D capabilities and optional wireless. The Optoma X316 isn’t quite as popular as the Epson model being reviewed here but has received very positive reviews from owners. This was projector was made for presentations but many use it as as a home theater projector as well. Winner: Tie

VS. Epson EX3210

There’s many presentation projectors on the market to choose from. Above we wanted to compare what we think are three quality projectors at different price ranges to the Epson VS230 model.

Review of what you get

Instead of listing all the specification and features of the VS230 projector in words we thought the video below would be more helpful. The video is a tad absurd but does a good job at showing you what you get.

If you search for it on Youtube the title is: Shocking Epson VS230 SVGA 3LCD Projector hight lumens, 2800 white lumens.