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Top Sites like Megashare

Sites like Megashare

Sites like Megashare

Top Sites like Megashare: The Internet has made a huge impact on the entertainment industry and has forced them to rethink their strategy. With faster broadband connection getting cheaper and easy access to all the free movies and music, the internet cant asks for anything more.

On one hand, it is like a heaven for entertainment lovers because they can easily download movies for free but artists are getting robbed of the financial gains that they use to enjoy before the advent of the internet.

Piracy is also on the rise and in some countries, more than 80 percent of the download is illegal with no check on it. This further makes the situation worse for all the people attached to the film and music industry. Steps have been taken to curb this habit and websites which offer movies and music for free comes under scrutiny time and time again.

Megashare is one of the big names in the online world when it comes to free movies and TV shows. The popularity of Megashare has forced other smaller players to jump into the domain and get their market share. This has given rise to completion and now there are many websites like megashare that many of you will not be familiar with.

Some of the best sites like Megashare is as follows

Tube Plus

One of the best sites like Megashare is TubePlus. It is quite similar to Megashare and quite popular as well. Enjoy one of the biggest selection of TV shows and old and new movies for free. You can choose the videos from one of the most extensive video collections you might ever come across. This is a must-visit site for those who want to watch movies and TV shows for free.

Movies Data Center

As the name suggests, this website hosts a comprehensive collection of the latest and most popular movies online. You can watch and download movies and documentaries and also has Hollywood, Bollywood and other movies all of that for free. What more can a movie lover ask for? The download option makes this website stand out from the crowd. Quite similar to Megashare and has a loyal user base like Megashare.

Watch This Free

Get access to thousands of movies at your fingertips. This site offers both watch online or downloads to watch later option to their users. It offers one of the best selections of free online movies on the web. Not quite popular as another website like Megashare but worth a visit.

Movie Watchlist

Another popular alternative to Megashare is Movie Watchlist. If you want to stream or download the best quality movies as far as audio and video are concerned then this site is perfect for you. It offers high-quality movies with no virus and malware threats. All links are genuine and verified. You can download your favorite movie in a few clicks from this website.


Are you in search of the best Bollywood movies online? Check out this website. This website will give your daily dose of the latest Bollywood movies. Enjoy Bollywood movies in its full glory for free. You can either stream and watch it online or download it to your computer for free. Many Bollywood movie fans know about this site and visit it frequently.


If you are bored of all the similar sites like Megashare then try momomesh. It brings a refreshing change to the concept of free movie download sites. It is a web portal which offers you plenty of option that other website like Megashare don’t offer such as you can review, comment and criticize movies. Give your opinion about movies and discuss with other users and see what they have to say about movies.

TV Duck

This one is for all the TV fans out there that are itching to get their hands on best TV shows. This site will give you the daily dose of the favorite TV shows online. This site gives you access to full-length episodes of your favorite TV shows. Not only that, there is a lot more in the form of online videos and you can also review TV shows and give your opinion.