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Top 10 Sites like Pandora

Sites like Pandora

Sites like PandoraTop 10 Sites like Pandora: The Internet has brought about a revolution in many domains. The music industry is one of the most affected industries. On one hand, all the music is available online for free download or purchase and copyrights issue comes into the game. Artists are now focusing more on online mediums instead of launching an album. Music streaming sites and internet radio has made life tougher for artists.

They either have to use the medium to promote their album or get knocked out of the industry. Pandora is the first name that comes to your mind once you hear about internet radio and music streaming sites. Many other sites like Pandora have shaken the music industry. If you think that Pandora is the best and only service, think again. Check out free mp3 download sites.

List of top 10 sites like Pandora:

that can treat music fans according to their taste. You will find this site very helpful.


The service that stands toe to toe with Pandora in terms of functionality is Spotify. You can access Spotify from virtually any device. You can filter music by genre, artist, albums, etc. Spotify also offers a membership option similar to other sites like Pandora. The feature that separates it from other sites is that it offers integration with last.fm.


Another big name in the world of music streaming is Grooveshark. The music upload feature sets it apart from other sites like Pandora. Users can easily upload their music on Grooveshark. It has created a lot of controversy due to copyright abuse. If you love to create or share music, then Grooveshark is the best option. It has one of the largest collections of music that you can enjoy.


Similar to other sites like Pandora, last.fm follows a similar path and offers both free and paid membership options. Listen to music through multiple channels and build your music profile on Last.fm. The music collection this site has is enough to keep even the hardcore music fan happy. Some unique features are Groups and Xbox LIVE subscribers can get access to Last.fm premium services through Xbox.

Rdio site like pandora

If you hate annoying ads and want to get rid of these ads then Rdio is the best solution for you. Rdio is available on all popular mobile platforms and users can stream music from their music collection. There is a unique option to cache the songs to play offline that no other sites like Pandora offer.

It also focuses more on social sharing. Listen to the latest music as it comes out thanks to Rdio. It also offers internet radio services which host thousands of radio stations from around the globe.


Musiccovery is a uses a completely different method to pair songs as compared to other sites like Pandora. You can find more songs with the formula followed by Musicovery. It matches similar artists. Other features are similar to other music discovery and streaming sites. Filter out the results by removing genres you are not interested in search results.


Jango focuses more on internet radio aspects. Users can create their own stations for free and share it with friends. It rates songs by the frequency it is played and users just have to choose and artist or song to get started. It combines music with social networking and helps you to meet with people with similar music tastes. Jango does not have a paid membership option which makes it stand out from other sites like Pandora.


If you want some music according to your taste then head over to Deezer and you will love the music on-demand feature of this music streaming site. It is a music community that allows you to enjoy free music without the need to downloading it. It offers some unique options that other site like Pandora does not possess. It focuses more on bringing the music users wants to listen to.


If you are looking for a paid-for alternative to Pandora, Rhapsody can bring a smile on your face. The problem is that it is quite restricted as compared to other sites like Pandora. Rhapsody makes it up with a huge collection of music from different genres and artists. Another highlight is its software which tries to challenge iTunes.

The mobile version of this software will be launched soon on many popular mobile platforms. Other sites like Pandora do not offer similar software. If you are not sure whether to get the subscription or not, try the free trial of Rhapsody before making the final decision. If you like the service after using the free trial, pay for the premium service and your money will not be wasted.


High-class radio experience is what you are looking for, fine tune will provide you that and much more for free. The free version will contain ads but you can get rid of these ads by getting a premium membership. Choose an artist and leave the rest to fine tune, it will create a complete radio station that will similar music. Simple playlists sharing, and recommendation options set this website apart from a website like Pandora. It is the best free Pandora alternative for radio fans.