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How to Start a Trash Removal Business – 2024 Guide

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Trash removal will always be a necessity, which makes it a great business opportunity! It’s something that will always be profitable. Of course, starting a new business is never easy. There’s a lot of things you should know before you get started, and in this article, we’ll discuss the topic in detail to help you get to the best possible results!

So, if you want to find out more about starting a trash removal business, keep on reading!

What do you need to get started?

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Well, first, you’ll need a good truck! Of course, in the beginning, you don’t need the biggest truck. A van is enough if you can’t afford to immediately purchase a large vehicle. As you develop your business you can always invest in a more robust garbage truck.

Other than that, you’ll have to make sure you get proper insurance on your equipment. Regular insurance usually doesn’t cover vehicles that are used for commercial purposes, so make sure to do some research before you get on the road.

Lastly, get tech equipment like a quality mobile and laptop. You’ll need these to communicate with your clients and properly manage your business.

Decide on a price for your services

Pricing is one of the most important parts of running a business. Of course, getting to the optimal price can be a daunting task. You’ll have to put a substantial amount of effort into researching the market. First, look at your competitor’s prices to get a better sense of your future prince range. After that, calculate all of your costs, including gas, insurance, truck maintenance, employee salaries, and everything else.

You have to make a balance between costs and potential revenue. If you set your prices too high, your potential customers will probably switch to your competitors instead. On the other hand, if you set them too low, you might lose profits and run out of business. Your price should be such that it covers all of your expenses, but still creates some profit.

Form a company

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To be able to conduct business legally, you should decide on what kind of company to form. Is it going to be an LLC, DBA, or maybe a corporation? Choose the one that best fits your needs and business goals. Make sure to consult a lawyer who’ll help you prepare the necessary paperwork.

Once you’ve formed your company, you’ll also have to register for taxes. A legal professional will be able to give you the best advice and help you get through the process with ease.


You wouldn’t be able to gain customers if nobody has ever heard of you. So, make sure to invest a little of your funds into marketing. If you can afford it, build a website, and try to advertise on social media. Of course, never underestimate the power of personal referrals, especially if you’ll be conducting your business in a small town.

Whatever you do, make sure to let your potential clients know about your services. Always be transparent with your prices, and slowly build your brand.

Make sure to have a strong online presence, and develop your customer service as much as you can. Make sure to find creative ways to stand out from your competitors, and once you start earning some profits, hire a professional to do it for you.

Obtain a license

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Depending on your place of living, you might be required to get a license before you get to work. Make sure to do your research and acquire everything you need to start your business.

So, ask around your town’s office, and never leave anything to chance. Also, make sure to open up a business bank account, since mixing the company’s assets with your personal ones is never a good idea (ask your lawyer).

All in all, the most important thing for starting a junk removal business is that you get all the documents needed to make it legal.

Choose the type of junk you’ll be removing

When you’re starting your own trash removal business, you’ll have to focus on certain types of waste. This will also determine the type of equipment you’ll have to purchase, so make sure to decide this early on.

Also, do not forget to specify the types of junk you’re equipped to remove, just as seen at the junkremovalftcollins.com. Your future customers have to know whether they should call you or not.

Other than that, do not attempt to accept jobs you’re clearly not equipped to deal with. When you’re just starting out, your reputation is all you have, so try to keep it as clean as possible. The more customers decide to stay with your business, the faster will it develop and grow.

Build a long-term business plan

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Once you acquired all the essentials, it’s time to devise a proper business plan. Your long-term goals should be measurable and realistic, and you should be able to devise a detailed tactic for achieving them.

Try to stick to your plan as much as you can, but do not hesitate to make the necessary improvements and changes. Be disciplined but flexible, and learn everything you can about the market.

Listen to the customer feedback, and be prepared for some criticism. Running a business is not easy, so expect to run into some challenges at the beginning. Still, try not to get discouraged, and always keep on learning and improving your knowledge.

All in all, having a clear plan ahead of you is the best way to start increasing your profits and developing your business quickly.

The bottom line

Junk hauling can be a very profitable business. You won’t require outrageous amounts of capital to start out: you only need a truck and a proper plan. Of course, make sure to consult a lawyer to deal with your legal obligations as a businessman, and you’re good to go. Remember to invest in important things like marketing, branding, and promotion.

All things considered, as long as you follow this simple guide, you’ll certainly succeed in creating a profitable trash removal business.