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Best Website Like Canva in 2024

Website Like Canva

Canva Alternatives: Graphic Design Tools

If you are looking for a website like Canva which is, in my opinion, the best graphic design tool for social images, especially for Pinterest and Facebook you are in the right place. Graphic design was always interesting for many people, but require skills.

How the internet comes Website like Canva is available to all and is very easy to use, it doesn’t matter what kind of skill you have and where you live, all you need to have is imagination. But like everything, there is the alternative. That way I decide to show you alternatives to a site like Canva, below in this article you will find the best design website similar to Canva in 2024.

The Best Website Like Canva in 2024


stencil website like canva

Today we’re gonna talk about stencil and you may be asking what is get stencil. Get stencil is a website similar to Canva but I’m gonna show you some of the things that it does that Canva doesn’t. It just gives you an opportunity to compare the two systems.

But today we’re only gonna go over a stencil, basically, it’s a simple image creation tool for social media marketers, now you might say but I’m not a social media marketer. I just want something to create my graphics when I post on Facebook or when I post on Instagram or Pinterest.

I’m not really a marketer but I have fun creating images and I’d like to look at the tool, Get stencil has free, pro and unlimited version, in my opinion, I don’t care if you even know how to use something you should always start with the free version before you put money out and make sure it’s what you want. Start out with free because if I start out with the free product and then I know I really am going to use it and I want to upgrade.

I always go with the annual fee because you save money that way if you go monthly you’re gonna pay a little bit more but that’s the way to go if you’re not sure but I think you would be able to decide once you use it for free in the free account, you can only save ten images a month so it absolutely is just a test product because if you’re not in social media marketing and you’re just using it for fun ten might be enough.

In The Pro version, definitely, if you’re in social media marketing you’re wanted you’re gonna want to be able to do 50 images a month which is a good almost – two images per day you’re limited to the photos which are not a big deal because there’s so many in there you’re limited to icons but again there’s a lot in there. The price 9$ per month annually, and they have an unlimited version where you can do all future unlimited upload and download images bat price is 12$ when paying annually.


snappa website like canva

Second sites like Canva for all the social media influencers and YouTubers out there is Snappa, which is an online graphic designer. Is it worth it to pay so that you can make cool thumbnails and other things? So first let’s talk about what Snappa is, well if you go to Snappa probably a lot of people have never heard of it right so I came across this because I was looking for a better way to make thumbnails and basically social media posts.

One of the biggest problems that people have is you don’t know the specific dimensions of the post and you run into all these problems and then it crops it or it doesn’t come out right etc. So I came across this program and like I said it’s called Snappa.

And it is basically this optimized online social media graphics creator, so first and foremost how much was it well I went ahead and paid $120 and got an entire year subscription, what does that get me unlimited access to free graphics and posts, and also an online library where I can save my graphics and create folders.

Start a team so you can do collaboration and it’s you know it’s pretty cool so you’re like. I don’t know I make my own thumbnails so right off the bat, let me go over what it has so basically if you arrive at this main page after you buy a subscription.

You’ll see the different sizes of Facebook Instagram post-Instagram story YouTube thumbnail so like I said these sizes for social media are already optimized to be perfect when you upload them, which is a very cool thing, now is it extensive? that’s not too bad it doesn’t have D tubes got some twitch SoundCloud headers to display ads and that’s about it.

But that’s really not the most important coolest thing, and they also have YouTube channel or which is always a pain in the butt to make you know if you want to get your basically your banner to show properly so that’s basically number one. The number one Pro is for ten dollars a month you get access to all these templates and you’re able to save them and they’re perfect every time.


designbold site like canva

I have previously presented to you tools such as Snappa.com and Trello for graphic and photo design editing. And this time I will show you a website like Canva which is called designBold.com this tool is free to use, however, if you want more advanced features you will have to choose a plan that you have to pay.

This tool works in similar ways as Canva or Trello meaning that you can either choose from a series of templates or use your custom dimensions and what is interesting about the collection of layouts and templates design both offers is that they have more than 8000 layouts available for you to choose.


picmonkey alternatives to canva

I am a huge fan of PicMonkey which is a website like Canva I’m going to show you some new features that PicMonkey has and is what I love so much about PicMonkey is it is like and ipiccy.com and a Canva all-in-one.

Canva recently came out with some new features that you have to pay for in order to get access to them and you can have a 30-day free trial before you start and I think it’s like $12 a month and with PicMonkey for $7.99 a month you have access to all of their features and I really like it because it is exactly like an, I picky and a Canva combined in one.


Piktochart website like canva

Another website like Canva free is Piktochart the unique thing that Piktochart offers that those other tools do not are some interesting ways to visualize data. Piktochart is kind of a graphic design tool similar to Canva but it’s the ability to add data and create graphs and charts, within Piktochart that I really think makes this a good tool for the classroom.

Piktochart is a freemium product you can sign up for a free account there are no limits timewise to that account there are some features within Piktochart that you’re not able to use with the free account but I don’t think that any of those features would hinder your ability to use this tool effectively.


Crello site like canva

I’d like to introduce you to one more alternative to Canva called Crello. Crello is a really cool tool that you can use for graphic design purposes, you can use it to create designs free digital ads for social marketing for print marketing.

As you can see with this carousel and even for animated posts so it’s really cool. Now with that out of the way, Crello let us take a look here, I mean Crello is are the really popular tool I’m surprised I didn’t even find out much about it until right now.

You can use it to create pretty much any kind of design for any type of audience it could be Facebook Twitter Instagram it’s site like Canva but it’s a bit more upbeat so to speak and it’s actually quite popular as you can all don’t see here and the cool thing is that it’s actually free.

Adobe Express

adobespark website like canva

Adobe Express is one of the best choices if you have the same contents of the same images in the same text but you want to post to different social media in a different format. Adobe Express which is a similar website like Canva is a web application, but you can also use it through an app for your iPhone or iPad.

And the best thing is Adobe Express is free if you have a Creative Cloud membership you actually can unlock some of the extra features for Adobe Express but for general use Adobe Express is free. When you come to a home page you have options to create a post a page I always create just a post because that’s really what we want to create here when you create a new post.

It will give you an option to either create from scratch or you have a very big variety of templates that you can choose from as a starting point or you can just change the text, and you know you can really do it really fast. For me when I create my social media graphics I always start with the previous templates that already somebody either created or I used in the past.


pablo website like canva

If you don’t have the budget for a design crew or somebody to kind of help you in this department I have one resource that is amazing. They’re super intuitive and you can use them for a lot of different things that’ll kind of help you along the way with your website.

One of the best alternatives to Canva is Pablo by buffer so Pablo is a social media scheduler, you can upload and access all of your social accounts and then you can kind of customize and schedule posts for each of those accounts.

So what’s cool about buffer Pablo by buffer is that if you create an image you can share and download so you can just download the image if you want to share it a different way or use it for a different purpose or you can directly open up in your Pablo and customize it for sharing that way which is kind of cool.

One of the Pablo main benefits is all of the stock images are free if you chose one, for example, for your graphic and it automatically has a contrast over it so you can add a message if you would like, so you just click on body massage.

You can do a header message or a caption at the bottom so you have an opportunity to do all of these and then you can change your font the boldness italicize the size of the positioning and even the color which is pretty cool. You can have different sizes of graphics based on your social media outlet like the Facebook Twitter size you have an Instagram size which is the square and then you have a Pinterest size which is a nice long portrait.


befunky website like canva

Are you just getting into photography or just enjoy taking photos and need something to edit those photos on well I’ll be covering an all-in-one creative app that similar to Canva and has an image editor collage maker and graphic design tool.

The Befunky, I know that sounds funny but it’s actually a quite powerful app it has three apps built into one it has a graphic design tool it has an image editor and has a collage maker all wrapped up into one easy to use app, this allows you to make awesome creative graphic really quickly and easily without having to open up multiple different apps.