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Free Photo Sharing Websites Like Flickr

Websites Like Flickr

Websites Like Flickr

Free photo-sharing websites like Flickr: Welcome to the 21st century where everything is done online. You don’t have to even move to perform a task that was not possible a few years back. The footprint of the internet is everywhere and you cannot neglect its presence. Even the critics accept this fact. The Internet has revolutionized the way we used to do things.

Flickr, the world’s most popular photo-sharing site broke all records of popularity after being acquitted by Yahoo. Yahoo changed its interface and offered a whopping 1 TB storage space to its users to save their photos and files which blew away the competition.

Why you should look for Flickr alternatives

One cannot deny the fact, that Flickr is on top when it comes to photo sharing online. But still, it lakes the professionalism and the look that every photographer would like pointing fingers to the interface of the website. And now been sold to yahoo, has brought more questions in mind of people, largely criticized by the online community, thought Yahoo has brought some advancement to the platforms.

Some say Flickr should focus more on innovating Flick’s product rather than integration with others. Last but not least, having no mobile app photography app shows their lack of spirit. There are many other sites like Flickr on the web but they don’t get enough attention from most of the users. But they can still do much better and may become your best photo-sharing website.

Uncover top 10 Free photo-sharing websites like Flickr

Instagram photography sites like Flickr

One of the best websites and the most famous platforms for more than 300 million users. The man behind the platform is Kevin Systrom (@kevin) who is not only the CEO but also the founder of Instagram. Having worlds mostly like mobile app used for free photo sharing. Some of the cool features include having no limit for uploading images.

When it comes to videos Instagram do allow uploading videos to the network having a length of 15 seconds. Other key features search with Hashtags, explore tab, Sign up with social websites like Facebook, Gmail, twitter allowing users to share images on them.

One can also upload images captured from mobile phones directly to the Instagram network using a mobile app. check out Instagram to create your website for free photo sharing.


PhotoBucket deserves the top spot due to its popularity among the netizens. It is one of the best photo sharing and video sharing sites that also provide you the option to arrange your photos into a photo album. Sharing features on this website makes sharing a hassle-free experience. What separates this website from Flickr is its different interface. PhotoBucket works in the same way as Flickr does.

Features of PhotoBucket includes:

  • Providing initially 2GB space as a free user, for more storage you can always upgrade to the premium version.
  • 10 Billion hosted images
  • supporting all major file formats
  • Privacy options for Private, public and password-protected images.
  • price and plans ranges from $2.99/$4.99/$8.99/$16.99/$39.99 /Month
  • Top category options
  • visit the website PhotoBucket


If you are looking for a photo-sharing site like Flickr with some extra features then SmugMug is the site to check out. With printing, customization and advanced features, this site is one of the best websites that you find on the web for photo sharing. That is not all, you can upload in bulk and link your photos externally. Another feature that makes it more interesting is that you will not have to see annoying ads. This is not the case with other photo sharing sites.

Some of the keys feature the will catch your eyes includes:

  • Also, Best for those looking for premium photo sharing sites to sell their photos.
  • Right-click protection
  • unlimited space for premium users.
  • Digital storefront, with a domain name.
  • Price and plans range from $5 to $35/month

Google photos

Google as the most famous company in the world has the best platform for free photo sharing. Providing a very nice and fast interface for managing your photos. If you have a Google+ account you already have Google photos options. The cool part is you have unlimited space to upload your images without any restriction.

Except for the feature that is not acceptable to most of the professional photographers is Google will compress your images if it exceeds 16MP limiting your high-resolution pictures. But other then this you will really enjoy creating picture galleries.


Shutterfly is best for those who are looking for printing options along with photo-sharing features. It facilitates the users in bringing their digital photography classics to prints. You can also email it directly to your loved ones. These are the features that make this site stand out from another website like Flickr and Flickr itself. Although, not as popular as Flickr but not a bad website by any means.


A photo-sharing site that diverts its attention to screensaver and wallpapers which makes it a little bit different from Flickr but other things are quite similar to Flickr such as the layout and other features. Photo sharing features are also available for users. You can easily download wallpapers and screensaver by using this website.


Fotki is quite a similar website to Flickr in many aspects and but it also offers a printing service. It also has an android app. The website is way back when it comes to popularity and does not have many users like Flickr. It is slowly trying to win users, hearts, by offering better quality printing services.


This site put major emphasis on expanding their reach by offering diverse features for a wider audience. T-shirts, mugs, mousepads, calendars, and many more things are available from this site which makes this site unique from other websites like Flickr. You can also send a free photo through a multimedia message. Upload and share photos and create albums for free. They also offer digital printing services.


If you want to enjoy something unique in the domain of photo-sharing sites then head over to BubbleShare which takes a little different path as compared to websites like Flickr. Users can create slideshows by stringing many photos together and you can add that slideshow to your own website, blog or social media sites such as MySpace. Create an account for free and share your photos with BubbleShare.


If you are looking for a single website that can do it all, visit DotPhoto.com. Share, print, upload and organize your photos has never been that easy. You get all of the options in a single interface that works well. Users can also create personalized photo gift which is a unique feature that very few photo sharing sites offer.


Create your own account or look at the images uploaded by others. You can also add a caption and other information to the images you upload. PBase is also quite popular among the photo-sharing community online.


Although quite different from Flickr as far as looks are concerned and not very well known but this site offers some exciting features such as personalized gifts for your loved ones and E-cards for your loved ones using your photos to make it more special. SnapFish got it?s place on this list due to such innovative features.