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10 Best SMS Apps for Android

SMS Apps for Android

SMS Apps for AndroidBest SMS Apps for Android

10 Best SMS Apps for Android: With technological advancement, our world has transformed into a global village. Communicating with your loved ones situated thousands of miles away from you is no longer an issue anymore. There is a number of ways in which you can communicate with your loved ones and one of the most popular ones is through text messaging.

Mobile devices have taken over the world and become the preferred communication device for most users. The most popular operating system, Android cater to user’s demands by offering them a wide variety of SMS apps to make text messages a hassle-free affair. In this article, we will take a deeper look at some of the best SMS app available for the android platform.

  • EvolveSMS
  • Textra SMS
  • Chomp SMS
  • GO SMS Pro
  • Handcent Next SMS
  • Google Messenger
  • MySMS
  • Hello SMS
  • Sliding SMS

Evolve SMS

Heavily inspired by Google, Evolve SMS took the game to the next level and surpassed Google’s own hangout app in many aspects. If you want a feature-packed SMS app that can do it all, then Evolve SMS is the best choice. The stand out feature is its compatibility with smart-watches, which is a rare feature in any text messaging app. This also makes it future-ready too.

Although, the orange interface looks good if you think otherwise, then you can also get your hands on other themes as well. The app is easy to use and the navigation between chats is a hassle-free experience. The wide range of customization features and support for multimedia messages and even GIFs will bring a smile on most user’s faces.

Users can easily send audio and video through a multimedia message to their loved ones thanks to Evolve SMS. To ensure that all your messages remain private and safe from prying eyes, there is a password protection feature as well. Best of all, Evolve SMS is free but has in-app purchases to satisfy the needs of those who want additional features in their text messaging apps.

Textra SMS

SMS Apps for Android – Talking about future-proofing your app, Textra SMS manages to hit the sweet spot with material design and. Android Wear compatibility. When it comes to features, this app is head and shoulders above the rest.

Whether it is notifications, reply pop-ups signatures or themes, users get plenty of choices here. This makes is one of the most customizable text messaging app out there. It is available as a free download for android users.

What makes this app stand out its compatibility with Android Wear and Push bullet. If you are an android wear owner or want to buy android wear in the future, then Textra SMS is a text messaging app that you must have on your phone.

With Pushbullet support, you can easily view messages on your PC and receive notifications for it. This will save you from missing important messages and notification from a friend. The default darker theme will ensure that you can easily type messages without putting a strain on your eyes and battery.

Chomp SMS

One of the oldest SMS Apps for Android players in the text messaging domain, Chomp SMS is also one of the most popular text messaging apps for android. It is one of the pioneers that have brought text messaging to smart-phones. Chomp SMS combines security features and customization options in a single app.

Although, the app is not designed with security in mind it has added more features such as a passcode, app lock, message lock and blacklists to the app to keep your messages safe and secure.

Similar to Textra SMS, Chomp SMS also offers support for Android Wear and push bullet, which will not only ensure that you don’t miss out on any important message no matter where you are but also adds some future-proofing. The number of customization options available will make any user who wants to change things to suit his or her needs happy.


SMS Apps for Android – If you have an unlimited SMS plan and want to utilize it to full effect, then download and install GO SMS Pro. GO SMS Pro is widely famous for its themes and stickers. The best thing about these themes is that they integrate perfectly but you will have to download each theme individually from Google Play.

On the brighter side, most of these themes are free but if you want paid themes then you might have to go through its coin system which is not that efficient.

After downloading the themes the setup process is hassle-free. Delay to send feature is an innovative feature offered by this app, which allows users to delay the sending process and this can come in handy if you have made a mistake in your message.

To keep annoying people at bay, there is also a blacklist feature that can give you the peace of mind you are looking for.


QK SMS is one of the SMS Apps for Android and most beautiful android text messaging app by a long distance. It takes advantage of material design along with a wide variety of themes to score more points on user interface attractiveness. The number of customizations this app offers is a big plus.

Although the basic version of the app is free if you want more advanced features, then you have to pay $1.99 for it. It is in the form of an app purchase, which will unlock many new features.

Quick replies allow you to send instant replies of messages but the best feature of this app is the ability to schedule your text messages to a later time. It also offers group messaging facility.

Handcent Next SMS

SMS Apps for Android, This text messaging app might take a little longer to set up but the wait is well worth it because this app has some pretty interesting customization options up its sleeve. If you want a personalized experience from a text messaging app for android, then you will be hard-pressed to find a better app than Handcent Next SMS.

It takes a different approach as compared to other similar apps and borrows a lot from instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat so if you have been using these apps, then you won’t find any difficulty in using this text messaging app.

The clean and simple interface is a delight to use. The customization options make it one of the best text messaging app available on android. The wide variety of choices in the themes means that you won’t get bored with this app. Dig a little deeper and you will find a lot of useful features in this app.

Google Messenger

If you are one of those who are not satisfied with Google hangouts because it made a simple thing complicated, then you will surely love this SMS Apps for Android Google Messenger. The best thing about Google Messenger is that it picks the best features of Google Hangout and leaves out the clutter.

With an easy on the eye interface, Google Messenger makes sending text messaging and photos a hassle-free activity. Apart from that, users can also record audio messages and send them to their loved ones, a feature that is missing in many text messaging apps. It looks great and works great too.


If you are looking for an SMS Apps for Android text messaging app that provides unparalleled cross-platform support, then mySMS is for you. It got excellent reviews by users and media but there is a reason for that. It is available on any platform you can think of. Whether it is Windows, Mac or android, mySMS makes sending text messaging a whole a lot easier.

Add to that the multimedia message support and message export and backup options, you get an all in one text messaging app in mySMS. That is not all; users can also connect their Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive accounts with this app.

The free version offers standard features but if you want to make the most of its advanced features than you will have to pay $10 per year fee, which is quite reasonable. As a user of a text messaging app, you could not ask for more from any app.

Hello SMS

For those looking for the best SMS Apps for Android texting experience on their android phones and tablets, Hello SMS should be their top priority when it comes to selecting the text messaging app. One area where Hello SMS leaves the competition in the dust is its user interface.

The clean, clutter-free user interface ensures that you don’t have to spend hours to learn how things work before actually using this app. Neatly arranged in tabs, navigating through chats is a breeze.

Unlike other apps, users can easily send pictures through their data connection rather than MMS. It will blow you away with its extensive customization option, which would certainly please personalization focused users.

Hello SMS does a fantastic job on most fronts. If you are looking for the best combination of speed, ease of use, customization, and reliability, you won’t find it anywhere else other than Hello SMS. You can also follow their support team on Twitter which is quite efficient at releasing performance-enhancing updates.

Sliding SMS

If you are looking for a Google Hangout alternative that makes text messaging a simple and enjoyable affair, then slider SMS is for you. Despite its odd name, the app delivers exceptional results in different aspects. It borrows its name from sliding convo mode that was initially made famous by Google Hangout.

Sending quick replies is no longer an issue as you can easily reply to the message from the notification bar. There are a bunch of themes and message colors available so that you can choose what you like the most. The clean interface loads quickly which not only gives it an edge over its competitors in user-friendliness but also in speed.

The developers are quite active at rolling out updates so that users can get the best messaging experience on their mobile devices. Users can expect even better results in the future, which is a good thing if sliding SMS wants to compete in an overcrowded text messaging market.


The market is flooded with hundreds of text messaging apps but choosing one that suits your needs is not easy. If you are looking for a simple clean interface and don’t want many features, then Google Messenger is the best option for you but if you want cross-platform support and a wide variety of text messaging features, then there is no app better than mySMS.

If you are more beauty conscious and want an eye-catching interface, then QKSMS is the app for you. Users who are seeking personalized experience can try out Handcent Next SMS. If you are a text messaging freak with an unlimited plan that you want to utilize fully, and then GO Pro SMS will be your best bet.

For those looking for an all-rounder text messaging app, Textra SMS, Evolve SMS and Chomp SMS will meet all your text messaging needs with support for smartwatches. The choice of text messaging usually comes down to usage and personal preference but it is important that you choose the right app to keep in touch with your friends and family.

Text messaging market has grown tremendously over the past few years so expect to see more apps coming in the market and competition to heat up. There are many other apps that are not included in this list but you can try them as well such as Yaat SMS, Google Hangouts or Signal Private Messenger to name just a few.

Until then, you can try some of the aforementioned apps to meet your text messaging needs. Most of these apps are quite capable of handling text messaging and also offer some unique features as well that makes text messaging an enjoyable activity. After reading this article, you might be able to select the best text messaging app according to your needs.