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Epson EX5220 XGA Wireless Projector Review

Thinking about buying the Epson EX5220 XGA Wireless Projector? There are a few details you need to know about this model and also alternative choices to consider before making a final decision. This review should be very helpful to anyone who is currently considering buying this Epson model.

First off, price vs value. Yes this is a quality projector that offers good value for the price paid. Under the hood is Epson’s patented 3LCD 3–chip and C2Fine technologies. The Epson EX5220 also has the ability to kick out 3000 lumens of both color and white brightness.

Biggest benefits: Rich, vibrant, life-like on screen colors and overall brightness, bright enough to use with the lights on.

Epson EX5220 XGA Wireless LCD Projector review
Good product, Great picture quality, WIFI connectivity awesome

More convenient features included

HDMI Connectivity

Definitely a must have. Includes digital, audio and video. Allowing you to connect all your external devices.

Projector with WiFi

The Epson EX5220 also includes a built-in wireless module. Allowing the user to connect easily to mobile devices. This is great if you want to run your presentations off one of your mobile devices.

iProjection Projector App

Developed by Epson to specifically work with their technology.This is built into this projector. It works to provide wireless capability to mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android). Great for presenters who want to travel light allowing them to do their entire presentation from their iPhone. To learn more on what the iProjection app provides see the video below.


The product dimensions are: 9 x 11.6 x 3.1 inches ; 5.3 pounds. It’s not so small that it will fit in your shirt pocket but it’s fairly compact and light weight. It comes with a carrying case and remote control.

Vertical Keystone Image Correction – This is not as good as having a projector with lens shift capabilities but the vertical keystone correction will provide you with some flexibility when trying to fit your image to the screen.

Epson EX presentation projector models reviewed

Above you can see all the Epson EX models. These fall into the category of multimedia projectors. They are made for both communicating presentations and showing motion pictures to large audiences.

With that said, if you are looking for a high resolution home theater projector to view movies on at home the Epson EX5220 XGA Wireless Projector is not the best choice to fulfill these needs. It is capable of doubling as a presentation and home movie projector but if you want higher resolution for home viewing at an affordable price you will want to take a look at these choices for 2015.


The Epson EX5220 can be used at home, as a home theater projector. This is an inexpensive model, many people buy it to use in their homes for movies, it has great brightness and color.

However, the best use for this projector is in presentations.

It can be used in the home for viewing movies but its only XGA resolution.