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Report: LG Lands Exclusivity Deal For Apple’s iWatch, Mass Production: July-September

Most of you should already know that Apple is currently working on its first smartwatch – at least according to the rumors that have continued to pour in during these past 12 months or so. We’ve first learned about this gadget a long time ago, and we’ve dug deeper and deeper for more information regarding this wearable device ever since. Today, we’ve stumbled across an interesting report, indicating that LG will contribute to the production of the Apple iWatch. More so, we’ve also been given a time-frame in which the device will allegedly enter mass production. Are you a fan of Apple and/or smartwatches? Then join us below and learn the details.

LG Strikes a Deal with Apple – Will Produce the iWatch’ Display?

According to the Korean media, LG has landed an exclusivity deal with Apple, which makes the Korean company the sole manufacturer of iWatch displays. This isn’t the first time we hear about a possible collaboration between the two giants, as the first rumors hinting at a partnership between LG and Apple have initially surfaced back in October 2013.

The source also suggests that LG will produce the iWatch panels (which are allegedly going to measure in at 1.52 inches) using its flexible display technology (P-OLED, as in Plastic OLED, the same tech introduced by LG with its G Flex smartphone), so we’re most likely looking at a curved design. In addition, these rumors indicate that LG will start mass producing the iWatch screens within the July-September 2014 timeslot, and that the initial production volume will be set at 2 million units.

We should also mention that this information has been initially posted on ddaily.co.kr, but in the meantime and for unknown reasons, the aforementioned website has pulled the report. The source indicated by us below shows a cached version of the original article. That being said, we advise you to treat this report as you would any other unofficial rumor: grain of salt and all that.

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