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How to Live-Stream a Funeral or Memorial Service – 2024 Guide

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The entire life is full of many beautiful of awful moments. People mustn’t forget that things are not always going to be perfect. Our goal here is not to be negative and demotivate you. However, bad things sometimes happen when we don’t expect them at all. 

Different situations can negatively influence our mental strength and mood. Among many things, the death of the beloved person is something that demotivates us the most. We have many memories with that person and it is hard to accept he/she is gone. Facing reality will help you a lot and that is the first thing you should do. Despite that, you should organize the funeral or memorial service in the right way.

Yet, organizing that type of service is not as easy as you might think. Relatives and friends do not always live in the same town. They simply don’t have the opportunity to come to the funeral. However, that doesn’t mean the solution doesn’t exist. The advanced technology influenced all aspects of our lives including this one. You can live stream the funeral or memorial service and allow people that live far away to be present. 

Fortunately, you came to the right place to discover how to live stream a funeral or memorial service. You will need to go through a couple of steps to organize everything in the right way. 

Pick the Right Equipment

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We believe that you do not have a lot of time to go through the stores and look for the gear. However, it is necessary to find recording devices that will allow you to live stream the funeral. Logically, we don’t want to say that you will need to spend a fortune to achieve your goal. A simple smartphone device might be the right choice if it has a good camera. If you have a professional camera, that would be even better. It might not be necessary to spend bigger amounts of money at that moment. 

However, there is another reason why smartphones are a better choice. You can live stream the memorial/funeral service directly to social media. For instance, you can create a group chat with all family members and start the stream. Despite that, you can also connect to YouTube and send the link to the video to other people. The quality of the videos might not be at the highest level. Yet, it is a more practical tool if you want to organize everything alone. 

When we talk about sound capturing, things are not more difficult. You can use the directional microphone on your smartphone. It is also recommendable that you use the stabilizer with a stereo microphone. That will raise the quality of the audio even more. 

After That, Choose the Streaming Platform

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We already said that social media can be a good platform for streaming. You can use Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Logically, communication is crucial here. Your younger relatives probably use all of the platforms regularly. However, you should know that older people usually aren’t active users. Because of that, you should talk with them and try to find a common solution for everyone. 

Social media networks are not the only solutions you have. For instance, some people like to use Periscope for streaming. That is a great platform if you plan to stream from your mobile device. The platform is free and you won’t have to possess any technical knowledge to use it. Unfortunately, there is one small disadvantage we need to highlight. It is available to everyone who has Apple TV. Unfortunately, other smart TV platforms are not available yet. 

On the other hand, Ustream is also a great platform that you can use. Indeed, the users will have to invest a small amount of money to use it. However, there is also a free 30-day premium trial that you can use. After that, you can unsubscribe from it and avoid making any additional costs. The platform will allow you ad-free viewing, HD streaming, etc. 

Our goal is not to promote these two platforms as well as social media. You should do your research and see which streaming app would be the perfect choice for you. We are sure that each individual has different requirements and expectations. 

Notify Everyone

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As we said, everyone who gets your link will get the chance to access the live stream. Because of that, you need to be sure that every person you want to invite gets it. You can do that in different ways, but you must start on time. For instance, notify everyone at least 1 day before the funeral. In that way, you will have time to check once again if every person got the link. 

How you will do that is up to you. The easiest way to do that is by using social media. You can send the message and link on Instagram and Facebook. However, some people don’t use social media, so you might send an email to them. 

In the end, we will have to highlight one important thing here. Some of your relatives might live in a different time zone. Because of that, you need to include the date, time, and time zone in your message. Despite that, some platforms require a password. Because of that, be sure all the people you want to invite receive it on time. 

Film It In the Right Way

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We know you won’t have enough strength to think about the quality of video recordings. However, people that are watching the stream would want to see everything. Because of that, it would be good to find a person that is going to be a videographer for the entire funeral. Despite that, it is recommendable that you do not make quick moves. While you (or anyone else) record the funeral, it would be good to make slow moves. In some cases, it might even be unnecessary to move a lot. The camera can remain in the same place until the end. 

The position of the camera should be close. That especially counts if you don’t use accessories that can boost the quality of audio. Set up all the important settings before everything starts. You will ensure that everything functions properly in that way. 

Ask for Help

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We can’t even imagine how you feel now. Because of that, we are sure that organizing a live stream is going to be a tough challenge for you. Fortunately, an alternative exists and we recommend every person use it. Some companies offer funeral live streaming services. They will do all the things instead of you and let you say “goodbye” to your beloved person in peace. If that seems like a good choice for you, we recommend you check schmittat.uk. There you will manage to see how the entire process functions.