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Minoir Element DLP Projector Review

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If you are looking for a beautifully designed projector, you should consider choosing the Miroir Micro M75 DLP Projector. It is simple to carry around since it is lightweight.

Moreover, it also allows you to put in your pocket. It can help you share your game, pictures, videos, movies, and more with your friends anytime.

This model is ideal for 1-2 people. It works well in a dark room. Keep reading this article to get our review of the Minor Micro M75 DLP Projector.

Minoir Micro M75 DLP Projector Review

You can get vivid images with this projector from movies to gaming to presentations. It is easy to connect to your tablets, mobile devices, as well as streaming sticks.

Therefore, this product is a great way to view your content on a big screen every time you need it.

Picture & Sound

This model offers an internal 1W speaker for excellent sound. Besides, you can also connect it with your speakers or headphones to get a bigger sound experience.

If you charge it, it also operates as a battery backup for your device. Moreover, this model is portable and compact. That’s why it is a good friend to all your devices.


It is lightweight since it weighs less than 10 oz. Therefore, you can slip into your briefcase, bag, or pocket with ease.
Reliable LED Lamp

You will get up to 20,000 hours from an LED lamp of the Minor Micro M75 Projector. You have not to change any bulbs.

Two-Hour Battery Life

This projector is sure to give you up to 2-hour battery life. It means you can view constantly for about two hours.
Big Screen in a Small Space

It promises to give you up to a 50-inch screen. It allows you to enjoy cinematic, immersive viewing all the time without setting for your smartphone or laptop screen.

It ensures to provide you with a clear big screen image wherever you are.

Easy Connectivity

Its HDIM port can connect to all the high-definition sources.

It comes with the USB-A port. Therefore, you can use it as a battery backup for any mobile devices. Also, it will allow you to power your streaming sticks.

Pros and Cons


  • Small size
  • Easy to carry
  • Built-in speakers
  • Powerful connection


  • Poor display

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is DLP Projector the best?

These projectors offer sharp images. They don’t require any filters. The lamp life is about between 2000-5000 hours.

2.Are LCD projectors better than DLP?

You can get the rainbow effect with brief flashes across the screen when using DLP projectors. However, the LCD ones are lighter efficient.

Also, these projectors come with excellent color saturation. You can get a brighter image, as well as high brightness capabilities from LCD projectors.

3.How long does the DLP projector last?

DLP projectors can last from 3000 to 4000 hours. After that, you need to replace them. However, some companies give special features to make their projectors last longer.


The Minoir Micro M75 DLP Projector is a handheld model with an LED lamp. Also, it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, HDMI input, as well as 360p resolution. You can use this product for portable home theatre streaming. Also, it is excellent for outdoor entertainment. We have given you all the features you should know about this product. Consider them before making your purchase.